Arrow has the best finale. The final flashback is redundant.

Criminal Minds has the repeated cliffhanger. This was not the first time they ended with a car accident.

Flash has the worst final.

AoS...the final confused me. I was glad that Ghost Rider was still alive.

The writers wanted us to feel sad, but I laughed instead. In the final, Barry entered the Flashpoint AGAIN with his mother. But I don't feel sad, I KNEW that he will come back again in first episode of season 4. In first episode of season 3, Barry walked out from the Flashpoint in less than 30 minutes. So, he should be able to walk out from the Flashpoint again and again and again. In short, nothing can trap Barry because Barry has signed contract for three more seasons.

Jay came out of nowhere, only so Barry has to take his place instead later on. If Jay did not come, the ending will not be like this anymore.

The problem i think for this season is how Flashpoint was resolved way to fast and the consequences for it weren't as dire as it should've been. Not to mention the build up of Savitar being an evil Barry was anti-cilmatic. The speed force storm was good and having Jay back. H.R. sacrifice seemed forced (redundant) but the most likely outcome.

The crystal (or Savitar) explosion in the end does NOT make sense at all, and is very confusing. In the show it has pretty much turned into contrived bullshit the writers are using to pull another over-dramatic cliffhanger, or an excuse why Jay is still around without actually being around.

I do wish these shows would stop with these cliffhangers though, we know the main cast is safe, they aren't fooling anyone. I don't know why these DC CW shows think ending with a main character disappearing or dying is a cliffhanger. We know none of the important characters died like Felicity, Dig, Lance, Curtis,etc. Even if they died, they will die in the middle of next season. And then they somehow got resurrected. :D
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The writers on the DC TV series are weird but it's better then their movies. heh heh Seriously though.
The TV series are inconsistency.

For example:
When Barry created Flashpoint, sometimes it affects Arrow's wolrd, sometimes it does not. Sometimes it affects Supergirl's world, sometimes not.
Sometimes it affects three worlds (Supergirl, Flash and Arrow), sometimes it only affects one of the worlds, sometimes two worlds.

Sometimes it brings back the dead people in Arrow, sometimes not.

Why? Never explained. boohoo
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At least in the comics for a time you could blame everything on Superboy Prime punching the dimensional wall. Retcon Punch!