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Life through Discord?
I don't know how many are left, this place  has been exceptionally dead for a while. But how many of you would be interested in a DaD Discord server or at the very least a general digimon server (viability of NSFW content can be discussed), perhaps the site needs to evolve with the times, update for the area of social media and community focus interaction. I'm willing to put in some of the leg work to get the ball rolling, but I'm just putting out feelers to see if there's any interest from the core that remains here first. I mean if I can't get any interest from you guys, I can't imagine I will elsewhere.
The artist formally known as Aeroraptor. <3
If we wanted to "keep up with the times" we probably should have done so years ago. But if anyone else was still around, Discord might work.
I'd gladly be active on discord. No point in waiting any longer, I'm creating one now. Here goes nothing:

The site itself I want to majorly update someday but real life is such a downer.
And I have no idea how to do it. So I can't help. If I could, I would have a while ago.
Aw sweet, a Discord server!

> Joins.
Discord is nice. More of you guys should join.
I have it, I just never remember it.
I used to use it, but I forgot my login...don't really care enough to sort it out