Wassup mah fellow Tamers!
Big Grin 
I'm new in town and with a few Digimon fics behind my name! So if you ever want to see them, all you have to do is ask! But anyways, I'm currently working on a juicy new series that's super mature and will feature some lemons here and there, so no worries. ;)
Hello. Just make sure to post those in the right forums.
Yay! New blood! Welcome to the group new guy, please treat yourself to our many amenities, and enjoy your stay!
Also please remember, we cannot be held responsible for any damages to your person or property as a result to exposure to any amount of the chaos that permeates this realm!
...even if we happen to indirectly, or very directly, create said chaos.
Lady Devimon's Minions
Sup dude, here's looking forward to some good fics