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My Personal Artists Collections
I figured since I've been wandering around so much these past...years? decades? millennia? Anyway as I was saying, I've seen more than a fair share or two of artists that were great in one way or another. Now that I have returned I felt I should share my bounty of creative peoples here, so that my fellow survivours can enjoy their works as I have! I meant to do this sooner but I'll be updating this randomly, so be sure to check in often for any new names.
Chaos Croc
Planet Of Junk
Lil Miss Jay
Scott The Skunk
I think this shall do for a start oui ma petit esclaves?
Lady Devimon's Minions
If I had any list of artists, I'd share too. But great idea.
Ah but probably have more than you think, all you have to do is look around. When you see stuff you like then just check out the creator's gallery, you might find more things you would enjoy, and sometimes you'll even find work connected to other artists. From there it's simply a matter of repeating the process, bookmarking the pages to keep track of them, I've got so much stuff saved up and backlogged for later viewing that it's mind blowing! And that's just bookmarked pages! With a horde like mine it's possible I might have a lil dragon in me. ^.~
Lady Devimon's Minions
Any I do is all clean and based on something no one here would have wanted to see. But that's ok. I keep lewd things in a separate thing then normal.