Third failure for DC
Suicide Squad (SS) is not good.

Looks similar to Dirty Dozen, Guardians of the Galaxy, Resident Evil and Ghost Busters (movies from 80's).

Third failure: MoS not good, S vs B sucks and now SS.

They tried to relate to Justice League AGAIN and it looked very far-fetched.

Please don't force the plots and your universal, just let it flow out slowly and gently. I know you want to compete with Marvel and you want to build your own universal quickly, but you used the wrong methods. Marvel spent more than 5 years to build his own universal, DC wanted to spend 1 year to build his own universal? this is 100% too stressed.

My first impression after watching SS was:
a group of bad guys fighting with zombies. :D

Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG) could handle the characters very well, but SS could not.

In GotG, each character was important and I cared for them. In SS, some characters were redundant (Boomerang), I did not care who dies in the end.

What was the Enchantress trying to do? Conquer the world with a bunch of zombies?

I enjoyed GotG, the story was interesting, the jokes were not forced, it talked about friendship, betrayal and romance.

Sorry, even Dirty Dozen is better than SS.

I bought GotG Blue Ray but will not buy SS Blue Ray :)
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DC makes better TV while Marvel makes better movies. ...Netflix doesn't count. I mean TV that airs on TV.

In SS, Joker was redundant. I mean, his existence did not change the plots. I was thinking he was going to help his girlfriend to beat the zombies, but he crashed and never appeared again - until the end of the movie.

In my opinion, they should make more individual movies before they launch Justice League.

Rumors: No Green Lantern in Justice League.

If this is true, the movie is screwed.boohoo

Now they just introduced the heroes from out of nowhere. Flash is a public hero, and you know where and how to find him. You can recruit him easily, you don't need Top Secret files. If Batman could find Superman's mother in less than 10 minutes, he sure can find Flash in less than 1 minute. :)

I am looking forward Flash season 3 - Flash Point !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rolleyes
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Yeah. The cast says Flashpoint should be good.
Yeah... what can I say... Dawn of Justice (League) was a chore to watch and Killing Joke was very disappointing. I did enjoy Suicide Squad but Joker had no business being there other than flashbacks and maybe in the end to break Harley out.

Not looking forward to Justice League. If Wonder Woman bombs... I'm out.
Skip the 1st 20 min of Killing Joke. And Joker did not need to be in Squad.