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Working on Tron crossover, could use some ideas
I am currently working on a Digimon Tamers / Tron Franchise crossover, but I need more ideas.

I have always wanted to do a Crossover such as this, but I didn't know enough about Digimon at the time to pull it off. Here is a link to the first draft.

This crossover is going to be based primarily on the Tron Legacy and Digimon Tamers continuities, though I am mixing in large portions of the TRON 2.0 continuity and might feature elements of the Digimon Frontier continuity.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

I currently have the document in View Only mode for visitors, but I am going to switch it to Comment mode as soon as I can switch from my iPhone to my computer. Until then, any and all feedback must go in this thread.
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