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Digimon Spectrum -- Chapter 00: Welcome to Tokyo
Story and characters by Amaroq Dricaldari
Digimon © Toei Animation

There was a droning bustle as people ran to and from the subway, and a soaring sound could be heard in the distance; a plane was about to land at the nearby airport. The towering white skyscrapers glowed in the golden sunlight, accenting the crystal-clear blue sky.

"Mr. Hennigan!"
"That's me! Ow, watch it."

A five-foot-seven teenager, Taylor Hennigan, with short brown hair and tanned skin, wearing his khaki cargo pants, blue-striped jacket and a black Wolfgun t-shirt, struggled to push his way through the Japanese crowd. He was new here, having just moved in from the Americas. Another distinctive feature were his goggles, resting atop his forehead as if he were some kind of pilot.

"Here you go, Mr. Hennigan." declared the attendant in a strong Japanese accent, handing him a subway ticket and a map. "The map will have translated signs, you should be able to find your way to the Shinjuku district from there."

~~--__--~~--__/DIGIMON SPECTRUM\__--~~--__--~~
Chapter 00 -- Welcome to Tokyo

Taylor carefully examined his surroundings; the hustle and bustle of pedestrians, accented by the overlapping conversations he could not understand; in this section of the city, it was hard to tell night from day since the skyscrapers got so tall that you could only see where you were going from the street and shop lanterns and the neon signs reflecting off the trash-littered roads every which way. Whenever he got by a rest stop, he always compared one map on the to the one in his hands to make sure he was on the right track. “This is a very roundabout way from point A to point B...”

However, he was only a few alleyways into the city when he tripped over an orange skateboard, causing him to drop the map and sending it flying off in the wind. “Damn it!” yelled the American, slamming his fist into a wall and then pulling out his phone. “Come on, subway station...” The phone had other ideas however, and the touchscreen began to spazz out instead of letting him access the GPS.

“Shit, of all the places to get lost, it had to be another country!” He sighed in annoyance and rebooted his phone, finally getting the GPS to work again, and when he told it to take him to the subway station, it highlighted a much more direct route than what was on the map. “A shortcut?” he asked himself with a grin. “It’s probably dangerous as hell, but I'll take my chances!”

The gogglehead went through a very construction heavy area, passing by a graffiti-covered building; strangely enough, some of it was in English, catching Taylor’s eyes. ‘Do digimon dream? That's interesting...’ There was the jingle of chains as a couple of men walked out from behind a dumpster in an intersecting alleyway, one of them carrying a butterfly knife.

“Hei!” Taylor stopped in his tracks when heard the voice, turning around to see the first mugger approaching with their knife. “Saifu to geitaidenwa!”

The American stepped back, his heart racing. “I’m sorry, I don't understand a word you're saying, but I believe there's some kind of mistake!” He blurted out as quickly as he could.

“Watashitoisshoni kankōkyaku o damu saisei shinaide kudasai!” yelled the mugger in response, clearly frustrated with Taylor’s inability to speak Japanese.

“Look,” began the gogglehead, backing up further. “I don't speak Japanese, okay? I’m American.” The other mugger socked him in the jaw from the side, then kicked him in the gut as the first one held the knife to Taylor's throat.

“Anata no okane ya anata no jinsei!” As the thug was about to cut into the kid’s flesh, his partner was hit in the head with a rock.

“Hitori de kodomo o nokoshi, yotte!” called a female voice. The source of the voice was a vulpine woman, around six feet tall, wearing a white cloak which accented her blue fur, fading to orange at the extremities. Her tail and ears twitched angrily as she stepped forward, two spheres of energy forming in her hands.

“Kuso! Sore wa dejimondesu!” screamed the thug with the knife, breaking into a sprint when one of the balls of energy was thrown into a single, multi-colored Bolt, burning his hand and making him drop the knife. “Chikushō! Inu no yarō!”

“Watashi wa kitsune to on'nanokodesu!” screamed the woman in response, running up a wall and drop-kicking the fleeing mugger into a wall, sending a shower of bricks everywhere. The other thug got up to run, but was then punched clear across the alleyway. “Are you alright, kid?”

Taylor just looked up at the kitsune in a mix of shock and awe, his mouth hanging slightly ajar as he sat on the ground terrified. “W-what are you?!”

The fox laughed and knelt to pat Taylor on the head playfully, helping him up. “Who, not what. My name's Kera, what's yours?”

“Taylor...” he responded hesitantly. “Please don't do to me what you did to them, I'm too young to die!”

“Aw, not even a thank you for saving your life?” chuckled Kera. “You really need to be more careful in this city. Where are you headed?”

“Okay, fine, thank you.” said the gogglehead, still somewhat shocked. “I'm heading to the subway station, trying to get to a hotel in the Shinjuku district.”

Kera smiled and grabbed the human in a sort of half-hug. “Well, I can get you there in one piece. Welcome to Tokyo.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ END OF CHAPTER ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Creator of Digimon Spectrum
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