Tri Movie 1 Spoiler Discussion Thread
Digimon Adventure Tri movie 1 is premiering today. Keep discussion of plot or ending details in this thread to prevent people from reading spoilers accidentally.

Non-spoiler discussion thread.
Tai, Sora, and Matt are still a love triangle.

Izzy and Mimi are officially being shipped.

TK and Kari are not being officially shipped.

The new Digimon is Meicoomon (how CR spelled it anyway). Tagged on E621.
I saw up to when Agumon appears and digivolves into Greymon. I'll watch the rest when I can. Still hoping the 02 cast are still alive although I'm so deep into Fallout 4 I'm having a hard time pulling away from it. On a side note, was my submission acceptable that I submitted in its current format a few weeks ago? I know you mentioned you were busy IRL and all but I'd like to know if the cloud thing I did will work so I can send the rest of my works in. Thanks.
So far I'm up to EP 4. Going good so far. I really like it. Will share more later.
This show is seriously rockin'. I didn't notice there were four episodes of the thing until H pointed it out. Whoa. This is absolutely off the hook.

I'm really surprised by how well they're translating the old characters and story to this new look. This production value is great. I love the new I Wish even more than the new Butterfly, arguably.
Thank you. A lot of it is nice. Not only does Joe have a girlfriend but there's a new girl/digimon, and more obvious yaoi jokes. Plus Alphamon and "infected" digimon.
part 2 will be available next year March.
[Image: Renamon2.jpg]
Annoying but oh well. I waited pretty long for the first one.
The plot was a bit slow bit I liked the character moments. The whole thing about Taichi being concerned about all the damage the fights causes seemed a bit drug out.

The fights are well animated like most Digimon movies. There are alot of unanswered questions but I'm sure the next few movies well explain more.
Well obviously they'll explain it later And you think it was drug out?