Triad (Digimon Tamers OC fic) - Chapter 6
We had a long string of clean chapters in a row, now for a couple that aren't at all clean in a row.

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- This story is all OCs. No canon tamers appear in this at all, and it's an entirely new story.
- This story is full of graphic sexual content. If you do not wish to read that sort of thing, do not read this story.
- The core format of this story is of Tamers, with egg hatching and the Digivolution lines adhering to the format of the MMORPG Digimon Masters Online. The history and lore of the Digital World adheres mostly to that in Adventure, including the synchronising of time passing.

Triad, Chapter 6 - The Serious Problem


An hour or so had passed since the fight that almost claimed the gang. Aside from a few popped stitches, Wizardmon had recovered, and was as well as ever. Stingmon, although he would recover with time, hadn’t ever come so close to becoing free data, and it showed in his injuries, and how he winced with every small movement. He sat on a bean bag chair next to Geea, holding a steaming mug of coffee in weak, shaking hands, sipping and lapping with his long tongue. Silence and tension were thick between the two.

Anger boiled and churned in his chest. He looked at Geea once more, to his left, glaring. She wouldn’t save herself from death? He never thought she could do something so mindless, so stupid. What was she thinking? Geea, meanwhile wouldn’t look at him. She was probably more shaken than her lover was, and she honestly didn’t know what to say. She herself didn’t know why she stayed in the firing line.

Beelzemon passed the last coffee mug to Peter, took another for himself, and sat down with the tamers and their Digimon around a vast, circular coffee table, at the far end of a dingy, yet cavernous abandoned church.

“Thank you for saving us back there,” Geea finally said, breaking the silence that had fallen. It seemed to her like such a weak sentiment... yet she couldn’t find any other words to express how she truly felt. How they all felt. “I mean... thank you so much.”

Beelzemon shook his head. “It was nothin’,” he assured her.

“You saved our lives, that’s far from nothing,” Wizardmon said to him. “There must be something we can do to show our gratitude.”

Beelzemon grinned, flashing pristine white fangs. A chuckle, so quiet, rumbled in his throat, as he set down his coffee. “Yeah... There is somethin’, actually.”

“Tell us, and we’ll do whatever we can,” Geea said.

“I’ve been watchin’ you guys for a while,” he replied. “You’re decent in battle. You could be much better, but right now, you’re strong. And you’re in a good position to do what I think needs doin’. I could do with some help findin’ out what’s happenin’ to the Digiworld.”

The tamers and Digimon exchanged confused looks.

“What do you mean?” Shelby asked. “What’s happening to it?”

“It’s a fuckin’ mess,” Beelzemon began.

“We don’t really know when it started. If I had to guess, I’d say a couple-a months ago. And then we started hearin’ rumours. Rumours… that Virus types were disappearin’ off the face of the Digi-earth. Without a trace. Not just newborns. Some who’d lived for... tens of decades... maybe even hundreds of decades!! And they’re always the strongest.

“And then we started hearin’ stories of exactly what was happenin’ to us Viruses. We were bein’ ripped apart, limb from limb, by an unseen... somethin’. Right before our eyes. And nothin’ gets left behind except our data.

“It’s only ever Viruses. Never Datas. Never Vaccines. Just us. And to be here sayin’ all this shows how damn lucky I’ve been to survive this whole time. But some of us didn’t make it.”

Beelzemon’s throat constricted painfully. He swallowed hard, and decided to leave it there.

“We travelled to every corner of the Digiworld to escape the purge, but there ain’t anywhere we’re safe. It’s gettin’ worse now. No one can stop it, because no one knows what it is. So... That’s why I bio-emerged. I thought it must be worth lookin’ at this from the other side.”

The air rang with a nagging silence as he finished. The gang could only stare in amazement and horror as they reeled from Beelzemon’s story. Geea’s thickly pencilled brown eyebrows had been tightly knitted for quite some time.

“The Datas…” she whispered to herself.

Heads turned, confused.

“That explains why so many strong Datas have been coming through,” she said, looking around at her peers as though for affirmation. “The ecology of the Digital World’s been upset, and now Datas have no natural predator to keep their power in check. Vaccines don’t have a natural prey to keep them strong. Datas are taking over!”

“Exactly,” Beelzemon agreed. “It affects everyone! Somethin’ has to be done before this thing is irreversible.”

“We’ll help you however we can,” Geea assured him. “We’ll give you anything you need to do this.”

“I’ll need a human influence to discuss the matter with hackers, who can analyse the coding of the Digital World,” Beelzemon replied. “Worst case scenario, they’ll be able to tell us if anythin’s changed, and that’s useful right now.”

“We’ll get right on it,” Shelby said, stifling a yawn. “But we need to go home now... It’s late.”

“I understand.”

The tamers and Digimon got to their feet one after the other, and made their way down the aisle of the church. Except for Stingmon, who Beelzemon helped to his feet once more, still supporting most of his weight. Beelzemon looked to Geea.

“You okay to help him home, sugar?” he asked.

“Yeah... we’ll be fine,” she said. A thick layer of foundation hid how much she blushed. “But why can’t he devolve? It’d be easier to take him home.”

“I take it he ain’t been hurt this badly before. He can’t devolve now. These injuries would kill a Rookie. If you can, make sure he stays as he is.”

Beelzemon stopped walking down the aisle.

“Speaking of Digivolvin’...” he began. “Stingmon, your power’s like nothin’ I’ve ever felt. When I took your hand back there, a surge of data flowed from your body to mine. In all your seven decades, you’ve gotten so strong. At your best, you might stand up to a Dark Master. But you’ve never Digivolved beyond the Champion level - you’re more than capable of it. ...Why’s this?”

Stingmon paused. He looked towards Geea, who also listened curiously. Clearly, she wanted to know too. This wasn’t something they’d ever happened across in conversation.

“I prefer to live my life in a single form,” Stingmon explained in between unsteady breaths. “Being a Digimon, I know that’s impossible. But I try and spend my time in this form if I can help it. Working in the forest back in the Digiworld, it never called for a fight I had to Digivolve for. So I never did.”

“You wouldn’t even Digivolve back then to save your life?”

“After all this time? I don’t think I even know how.”

Beelzemon frowned. “I see,” he said. “Well then sugar, he’s all yours for the night. Treat him well.”


“Stingmon, please talk to me.”

Geea stood once again at the bedside, holding a fresh mug of tea.

“I made you tea.”

Nothing. He was awake, she knew it. It was frustrating for her, she didn’t think her actions warranted this from him.

“At least let me know how you’re feeling.”

“I’m recovering,” Stingmon said curtly.

He said nothing else.

“Stingmon, we need to talk about this,” Geea pleaded, setting the mug down and sitting on the edge of the bed. “The silent treatment won’t solve anything.”

“Okay then, let’s talk,” Stingmon said fiercely, sitting up in bed. “What you did has damaged my opinion of you more than anything you have ever done. Forget the binge drinking. Forget all the other shit you’ve told me. I’ve been able to look past everything else you’ve done, but-”

“Stingmon, please…”


Geea took as much of Stingmon’s gauntlet-clad hand as she could fit in hers, but he pulled away like a moody teen. She just didn’t know what to tell him. She didn’t know what was happening until after it all happened. If death really was staring them in the face, maybe she was just so used to everything working out fine to believe that that was the end. Her whole childhood... her whole life playing all those video games, she thought, probably. All the movies she’d seen where at the last minute, something... someONE... came along and saved them. The fact that someone did this time was irrelevent. She was little more than a stupid child, and she knew this now.

“I’m...” she began. Her gaze dropped to a stray false eyelash stuck to the carpet. “I’m not the person I thought I was. I’m not cut out for this.”

“What are you talking about?” Stingmon could see the disappointment in her face. At herself.

“I didn’t think it was the end. I just... I dunno... I never think it’s the end. It’s like I was in denial. I need you Stingmon. If we’re gonna do this together, I need you to help me become better. And I dunno about you but I don’t want how stupid I am to end this now because I think we’ve got a fucking GREAT thing. You’re so damn precious to me.”

Stingmon’s pride was failing him fast. His moody resolve had melted away without him knowing, but that didn’t matter any more. She’d never said any of this before.

“You really feel that way?”

“Of course I do! Stingmon, I love you. I need you-”

“Oh, Geea…”

Stingmon lunged forwards and kissed Geea, catching her in a tight embrace. It was still a tight grip no matter now much Geea could feel him shaking.

“Stingmon, relax… let me.”

Geea turned her frame and kneeled over the Digimon, pushing him gently back down onto his pillow, running the full length of one of those long, waxy antennae in between her fingers. Stingmon groaned in longing, her touch ignited an aching desire in the depths of his belly as he brought one hand around to stroke Geea’s back, and the other explored the curve of her backside.

Geea smiled. She kissed again and again at his lips, moving downwards, her lips meeting his neck. Stingmon groaned with lust. Geea felt his erection pound against her inner thigh as she knelt over his form. She kissed and sucked at his collarbone, moving down until she reached his taut belly. He was breathing heavily, waiting in overwhelming eagerness for what was to come. Geea’s actions were an indication of only one thing.

Geea reached the gargantuan organ, alreadly shining at the tip with pre. She gently groped the base, squeezing until Stingmon shuddered. She bent down further over the insect and reached for the hande of her bedside table, pulling out a bottle of lube. She worked fast, squeezing a fair amount on her hand and winding it back around those nine inches, making sure every bit of that already waxy skin was slick.

She lowered her head again, now ready for the deed. She ran her tongue up the generous length until reaching the head, where she closed her mouth over the new taste of sweet bananas, and ran her tongue as fast as she could muster. Stingmon gasped. His whole body tensed in reaction. Eventually Geea plunged down, taking as much of the length of the cock as she could down her throat, flicking with her tongue all the way. She couldn’t get much of the way down, but Stingmon never seemed to mind that. As she came up, she sucked with all her strength, and Stingmon sighed in gentle agony. Geea repeated time and time again, responding to her lover’s every sound, every move, until he couldn’t take it anymore. With a surge of a bliss almost painstaking to hear, he came in Geea’s mouth. She instantly gulped down her lover’s joy, eager to avoid it touching her tongue.

Stingmon gasped for breath as though he had run a marathon, as Geea slowed her fellatio down to a halt. She let the slowly receding member fall out of her grip, smiling up at her lover. She returned to head height, and kissed Stingmon. He wrapped his arms around her body, and tasted so many sweet things on her kiss. The act lasted for several minutes, and neither of them particularly wanted to stop.

Geea broke the kiss this time, and rested her head gently on Stingmon’s tough, hard chest. She made her bed here for the night, and Stingmon wasn’t complaining. He didn’t move his arms, wrapped protectively around his love. He would keep her like this for as long as she pleased. They had a good thing. Such a good thing.
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