First Mate Mikey: Part 2 (MikeyxNene ShoutmonxLunamon)
As all the crew, including Mikey and Nene, continued to dine, eating and drinking, Olegmon, who had just torn through a massive slab of meat, looked to see his first mate and his Cabin Girl, noticed neither had joined in on the drinking, making the Dark General ask. “Be there something wrong with the drinks?”

“No. It’s just I’ve never tried something like this before.” Mikey replied, before he asked in a curious tone. “What is it?”

“That be me own pride, Oleg-Rum.” Olegmon replied. “Have a taste.”

“I don’t know...” Mikey said in a reluctant tone, looking at the orange liquid in his cup, as part of him was worried what could happen if he drank.

“It’s ok Mikey.” Shoutmon interrupted and then reassured his friend. “This stuff tastes great!”

“Yeah. And it doesn’t have any bad side effects like all the grog and rum back in your world.” Lunamon added in a reassuring tone, before taking another sip from her glass.

“Come, get some down yer gullet.” Olegmon offered, in which Mikey and Nene each picked up their glasses and looked at each other.

“Well... I suppose one couldn’t hurt.” Mikey said in reply, before opening his mouth and tipping the glass forwards, allowing the liquid to go down his throat, followed by Nene, neither of whom knew what was to happen to them.

And after dining, Olegmon and his crew had docked on a deserted island, enjoying themselves as they danced, drank and partied around a large fire, while Mikey and Nene, who had really loosened up, were locked in a lustful kiss.

Their cheeks were flushed, as they were both drunk.

“It looks like they’ve really loosened up.” Olegmon said.

“If you ask me, a little too much from the looks of it.” Shoutmon commented in reply to the Dark general, continuing to watch as Mikey and Nene kept making out and drinking.

But then Mikey and Nene stopped, only for Mikey to grab Nene’s right hand as he escorted her to Olegmon and Shoutmon, stumbling a little on the way.

“Hey Captain, me and Nene are going to my... *Hic*... my cabin for some time alone...” Mikey told Olegmon, before the pair headed back up the plank.

“Later Captain... *Hic*... Later Shoutmon...” Mikey said, before he and Nene headed down to the lower deck, ready to have some more ‘fun’.

----Upcoming Lemon----

Moments later, Mikey and Nene were back in the first mate’s quarter’s, kissing each other deeply as they relieved each other of their clothing.
However, after Nene had finished removing the last of Mikey’s clothing, the brunette tackled Mikey to the bed and began kissing him in a loving and lustful fashion, which surprised the former General of the Fusion Fighters at first, but in his drunken stupor, returned the kiss, matching the love and lust Nene was giving to him.

As Mikey and Nene continued, the brunette moved her hands, down from Mikey’s body and placed them on his manhood, causing him to become aroused and his manhood to become erect as Nene got a good grip of her Master’s cock and began stroking it, filling Mikey with pleasure.
But wanting to return the pleasure, Mikey moved his right hand down to Nene’s pussy, causing her to moan within her Master’s mouth as she could feel Mikey’s fingers rubbing her clit, in which Nene then experienced her first orgasm of the night, making her and Mikey break from their kiss.

“You are so sensitive, Nene... *Hic*...” Mikey told Nene in a drunken tone, making Nene reply in a lustful and loving tone. “It’s because I want you so much, my Master...”

Fueled by desire, and Oleg-Rum, Mikey grabbed Nene and switched positions so he was on top of her and Nene was lying on her back, in which he aimed his erect manhood at the entrance of Nene’s pussy and then inserted his manhood into her vagina, causing Nene to moan out in pleasure from feeling Mikey inside her once more.

“Nene, you are nice... nice and tight...!” Mikey groaned out as he started to thrust his manhood in and out of Nene’s pussy, causing her to moan out in pleasure.

“Oh, Master... Ah... you are... so good... I love the pleasure only you can give me...!”

“Your pussy is really good... *Hic*... It let’s me in, but doesn’t want me to come out...!” Mikey commented.

“Can you blame me for wanting a wonderful cock and Master inside me...?” Nene asked in reply, making Mikey laugh a little before he continued to make love to her.

Their love making continued on for another hour, in which Mikey sat up and pulled Nene with him, bringing her into a sitting position where the pair shared another loving kiss, moaning in each other’s mouths from the pleasure as well as the sensations of feeling their chests are rubbing each other, increasing their arousal.

As their climaxes drew closer, Nene, breaking from the kiss, moaned out.
“Master, I’m so... Ah... so close... I know I’m gonna come soon...!”

“Same here, Nene... *Hic*... I’m going to come too...!”

The pair continued for several more minutes, trying their hardest to keep their moment of love, pleasure and lust to last.

But then, both of them experienced their orgasms, causing Mikey to groan out loudly as he released his cum into Nene’s womb, while Nene cried out her Master’s name in ecstasy as she covered his manhood in her sexual fluids.

With their climaxes over, they collapsed onto the bed, Mikey fell onto his back, while Nene fell onto him.

“I love you so much, Master.” Nene then said in a heartfelt tone.

“I love you too, Nene.” Mikey replied, matching the love Nene had for him in his tone, before engaging the brunette in another loving kiss.
“Mind if I get in on some of that?” Mikey and Nene heard somebody ask, making them look over to see a naked and aroused Beastmon standing in the doorway, gazing at them with a lustful look through her spiral filled eyes.

Mikey was unsure how to reply upon seeing the naked Digimon he knew had a crush on him, but got his answer when Nene then replied. “Come in. The more... *Hic*... the merrier...”

At first Mikey was surprised by Nene’s answer, never expecting her to be ok with another female joining them.

However, Mikey was unable to say a word as the brainwashed Digimon princess pounced onto the bed and on top of Mikey.

As Beastmon started licking around Mikey’s neck, purring softly as she did so, Mikey had to ask. “Nene, are you... *Hic*... are you sure about this...?”

“As long as you are happy, than I am, my Master.” Nene replied, in which Mikey could hear the honesty within Nene’s voice and then locked lips with Beastmon, making her close her eyes and kiss Mikey back.

After breaking from the kiss, Beastmon began to kiss down Mikey’s chest, licking his nipples as she did, until the brainwashed Digimon princess reached Mikey’s fully erect member, which made her blush at the sight of it, before she started to lick around it, causing Mikey to groan out in pleasure.

And his pleasure was heightened as Beastmon took Mikey’s manhood into her mouth and began to lovingly suck him off.
As Beastmon continued, Mikey groaned louder, feeling Beastmon’s tongue dancing around his shaft and her fangs softly scrape his length, followed by the added sensation of her twin tails massaging his balls, caused the former General of the Fusion Fighters to groan out in pleasure. “Ah, yeah, Beastmon... That’s it... That’s amazing... Don’t... *hic*... don’t stop...!” Beastmon was more than happy to obey.

Taking more of his cock into her mouth as she continued her actions with her tails for several more minutes, until Mikey could feel he was reaching his climax and groaned out in warning. “Beast... Beastmon, if you keep on going... I’m going to... Ah... Going to cum soon...!”

But hearing Mikey’s warning only encouraged Beastmon to continue her blowjob, and it wasn’t long until he came, filling Beastmon’s mouth with his cum, which she happily swallowed, while the former Red General removed his manhood from the brainwashed Digimon princesses’ mouth, causing a final load of his cum to spurt from his cock, coating Beastmon’s face, breasts and some even getting in her hair.

Shortly, after Beastmon had wiped Mikey’s cum off of her chest and face, licking her claws clean as she savoured the taste of Mikey’s seed, Beastmon moved to the end of Mikey’s bed and repositioned herself on all fours, giving him a nice view of her buttocks and pussy, which was quite wet with her sexual fluids. “Oh, Mikey, my Champion, I’ve wanted you for so long. Please, mate with me.” Beastmon begged, swaying her hips as she did, in which Mikey, through his hazy mind, complied as he moved behind Beastmon, grabbed her hips and then pushed his cock into Beastmon’s vagina until he was all the way inside her, causing the brainwashed Digimon princess to moan in pleasure as Mikey’s manhood began to enter and exit her.

As Mikey and Beastmon continued to mate, Nene watched from the left side of her Master’s bed, happy to see him enjoying the pleasure he was experiencing and giving to Beastmon.

And heightening her pleasure, Mikey placed his hands on Beastmon’s breasts and began to fondle them as he continued to pound his cock into her pussy, causing her to purr out in pure pleasure. “Yes, Mikey, yes... Ah... How I’ve dreamed of us... Of this... It never felt so good...!”
However, as Mikey continued to thrust inside of Beastmon for another hour, Beastmon’s moans soon turned into loud screams of ecstasy as the brainwashed Digimon princess could felt herself reaching her climax, making her moan out loudly. “Oh, my Champion, I can’t... I can’t hold on much longer... I’m going to cum...!”

“Me too, Beastmon... I’m... Ah... I’m cumming too...!” Mikey groaned in reply, before, just like him and Nene, the pair soon reached their orgasms.
Beastmon was unable to contain herself as she reached her climax, causing the brainwashed Digimon princess to cry out erotically as she then released her cum all over Mikey’s manhood, causing him to reach his peak and let out a loud groan of pleasure as he came, releasing his warm seed into Beastmon's womb.

With their orgasms over, Beastmon collapsed onto her stomach, lying on the bed with a satisfied smile on her face, while Mikey managed to keep himself from collapsing on top of the brainwashed Digimon princess, removing his cock from out of Beastmon’s pussy.

“That felt so good. You are amazing...” Beastmon then said in a warm tone, smiling at Mikey through her hypnotized eyes, before she moved around and rested her head on the right side of Mikey’s chest, followed by Nene, who rested on the left side of his chest.

“I am so lucky to be your Cabin slave... *Hic*... I mean Cabin Girl...” Nene then said in a drunken tone, chuckling as she spoke, before she and Beastmon engaged Mikey in a deep and passionate three-way kiss.

----End Lemon----

After breaking from their kiss, Beastmon smiled at Nene, who smiled back.

“Thank you.” Beastmon said as the brainwashed Digimon princess got back up, before she and Nene turned at Mikey.
Looking at Mikey, sweet smiles appeared on their faces, as the combination of energy he used making love and the Oleg-Rum in his system had taken its toll on him.

To which he had passed out and was now sleeping with a peaceful look on his face.

“Good night.” Beastmon then said, before she got out of the bed and left the cabin, leaving Nene alone with her Master once more.
Resting her head on Mikey’s chest, Nene snuggled up to her Master, closed her eyes and let sleep consume her, dreaming of the love they had made.

Meanwhile, as Mikey and Nene were sleeping, Olegmon remained beside his ship.

His arms crossed, while a smirk remained on his face, as he watched on with joy to see Shoutmon had begun to get in on the party and was dancing around with Lunamon, while the rest of his crew continued to drink, dance and party.

But, unknown to Olegmon or the rest of his crew, something was approaching from the other side of the ship.

At first glance it looked like a mere massive array of plant life, but taking a closer look it was actually Deckerdramon covered in branches and shrubs, for Christopher had Deckerdramon camouflaged to look like an island, part of his plan for a sneak attack.

“You guys ready?” Christopher, who was hidden within the fauna, asked his Digimon allies within his Fusion Loader.

“We are. But I don’t understand, why make us wait until night or why not send MailBirdramon out to scout the area?” Greymon had to ask.

“An aerial assault would be expected from us after our last attack. And the cover of night gives us the element of surprise.” Christopher explained in reply.

“We’re here.” Deckerdramon then whispered as he had arrived by the side of the ship.

Christopher nodded in reply, before saying. “Alright then. Let’s begin.”

From Deckerdramon’s missile launcher, Christopher climbed his way up the side of Olegmon’s ship, until the blond had reached one of the gun ports and entered the ship.

“Return.” Christopher whispered, returning Deckerdramon back into the Fusion Loader, before he called out for Dracomon to join him on his mission to save Mikey, Nene and the others.

“Ready Dracomon?” Christopher asked, making Dracomon smile and nod in reply.

Several minutes later, and a trip down to the bilge, Dracomon had returned and now the pair were walking through the lower decks, searching for any signs of Mikey or Nene.

Only Dracomon was in front of Christopher, holding the end of a rope, while the other end was tied around Christopher’s hands, making it look like Dracomon was leading along Christopher like he was a prisoner.

“Remember, Dracomon, look for any signs for Mikey or Nene.” Christopher instructed, before the blond asked. “And if you encounter any of Olegmon’s minions, you know what to do, right?”

“Right Christopher.” Dracomon replied.

Only to be then put on the spot, as Christopher and Dracomon heard a voice call out. “Hey you!”

Turning around, Christopher and Dracomon looked to see two Depthmon approach them.

“What’s going on here?” One of the Depthmon asked.

“And what is that human doing aboard?” The other questioned.

But following Christopher’s plan, Dracomon quickly replied. “Uh... The Captain caught this here scoundrel snooping around his quarters and told me to take him to the brig.”

The Depthmon only stared at Dracomon, making him worry that they had seen through his ruse.

“Yo ho ho on the golden sea, a pirate's life be the life for me...” Dracomon then said, thinking off the top of his head, which caused the Depthmon to look at each other, before they turned back to face Christopher and Dracomon.

“Keep up the good work.” The first Depthmon replied, before both walked off, making Dracomon let out a sigh of relief.

“That was too close.” Dracomon commented.

“Yeah. But who knew thinking like Mikey would have its benefits?” Christopher replied.

While Christopher and Dracomon resumed their search for the others, the former General of the Fusion Fighters was still sound asleep in his be with Nene.

But after several minutes, Nene stirred a little as she awoke, her head felt a little fuzzy as to what had happened, until she looked down and smiling to see her beloved Master sleeping.

The memories of her and Beastmon making love with Mikey came back to her mind, which caused her to smile, knowing she had done good and her Master was happy.

Leaning down, Nene then kissed Mikey on his forehead, causing him to let out a small groan as he slowly awoke.

“Hello Master.” Nene greeted.

“Hey there, Nene.” Mikey replied, glad to see Nene warm smile, only for him to then say. “Listen, about what happened...”

However, Mikey was stopped midsentence as Nene silenced him, pressing her lips against his in a loving kiss.

“It’s ok Master. I told you, as long as you are happy, I am too.” Nene replied reassuringly, engaging her Master in another loving kiss, which he then returned.

After breaking from the kiss, Mikey suggested. “I think we better get back to the Captain and see how the others are doing.”
Nene nodded in reply as she got up, picked up her scattered clothing and began to redress, followed by Mikey, who too got out of his bed and redressed.
However, Mikey then started to look around his quarters, making Nene ask. “Master? What is it?”

“I can’t find my goggles.” Mikey said.

“Do you wish me to help you look for them?” Nene offered, in which Mikey turned to Nene, shook his head and replied in a kind tone. “That’s alright. You go meet up with Shoutmon. I’ll catch up.”

“Yes Master.” Nene replied in a loyal tone, nodding her head, before she left the room.

With Nene gone, Mikey resumed his search for his goggles, getting down on his knees and feeling under the bed.

But he then was interrupted when a familiar voice asked him. “Looking for something?”

Turning around, Mikey saw his goggles being tossed to him, which he caught, before seeing who was now standing in the doorway.

“Christopher?” Mikey questioned in a surprised tone as he put his goggles back on. “What are you doing here?”

“What do you think?” Christopher asked, before saying to the former General of the Fusion Fighters. “I came to save you.”
In reply, Mikey told his friend. “Christopher, I can’t.”

“I know, you made a deal with Olegmon to spare us, but you’re coming with us. One way or another.” Christopher replied, revealing the rope he had used for Dracomon to deceive Olegmon’s lackeys.

And before Mikey could react, Christopher and Dracomon leapt at him, catching Mikey off guard as they held him down and tied him up.

While chaos was brewing inside his ship, the atmosphere outside remained cheerful as his crew continued partying, before Olegmon, who had joined in on the celerbrating, then turned and smiled to see Nene walking down the plank, making the Gold Pirate ask. “Where be yer boyfriend?”

“He’s getting redressed.” Nene replied, making Olegmon smirk and ask. “So I take it you two had yer fill of pleasure?”

Nene nodded and replied happily as she approached the Dark General. “To his heart’s content.”

Olegmon continued to smirk from haring Nene’s reply, before the Dark General then surprised her as the giant barrel attached to his right arm opened up, and emerged her Fusion Loader, which he handed over to the brunette.

“But why?” Nene had to ask.

“You have been looking after me first mate with all yer spirit. And I no longer see you not as a mere Cabin Girl, but as a friend.” Olegmon replied, smiling at the brunette, who was unable but to smile back.

“Thank you, Captain.” Nene said in a respectful tone, bowing her head as she spoke.

“You are most welcome.” Olegmon replied, surprising Nene a little at his kindness.

“Hey Captain.” One of his Depthmon then called out, the same ones who had bumped into Dracomon and Christopher while retrieving more Oleg-Rum for the crew.

Olegmon and Nene looked to see two the Depthmon carrying a barrel full of Oleg-Rum down the plank, in which the lead Depthmon said. “Great work on your latest capture.”

“Yeah, that landlubber should’ve known better than to mess with you.” The second Depthmon stated as the pair placed the barrel down, ready to start drinking again.

However, before they could, Olegmon questioned the pair, confused by their words. “What are ye talking about?”

“The Blue General.” The second Depthmon then replied, before explaining. “Some Digimon below decks told us you found him sneaking around and was ordered by to be locked in the brig.”

Olegmon’s eyes widened upon hearing that, making him yell. “You fools! They be stowaways! Find them immediately!”

“No need for that.” Everyone heard Christopher say, ending the mood of the party, as everyone looked to see the Blue General standing aboard Olegmon’s ship, while Mikey was standing next to him, his hands tied up behind his back.

“Mikey!” Shoutmon called out in a concerned tone.

“Master!” Nene called out, her tone too concerned for the one she loved.

Unsure why Nene was dressed so promiscuously or why she had called Mikey her Master, Christopher had bigger things to deal with.

“So are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way?” The blond asked, making Olegmon grit his teeth in anger.

Stepping forward, DarkVolumon asked. “Master, shall I destroy him for you?”

“Hold your attacks, DarkVolumon!” Olegmon replied in command, before saying in a tone that made it sound like he actually cared. “Your power could hit Mikey and I cannot afford to lose such a valuable friend.”

“Leave this to me.” Mermaimon said, before turning to Olegmon’s crewmate and called out. “Get them and save your first mate!”
Obeying Mermaimon, those who willingly joined Olegmon’s crew and those he had brainwashed charged at Christopher.

“He won’t know what bit him!” Mervamon stated as she readied her sword and snake arm, as she was prepared to strike Christopher down.

“You’re going down, landlubber!” Cutemon stated as he and the others all leapt at Christopher.

But then, Christopher called out suddenly. “Now MetalGreymon!”

With that command, MetalGreymon shot out from the lower decks, letting out a fearsome roar as he blocked the Gold Pirate Crew, before Christopher held out his Fusion Loader, which began to glow with gold coloured energy, filling MetalGreymon with the same energy.

“MetalGreymon Digivolve!” Christopher exclaimed in a strong tone.

“MetalGreymon Digivolve to... ZekeGreymon!” ZekeGreymon roared, before jumping off the damaged ship, ready to face Olegmon and his entire crew.

“Hyper Launcher!” He roared, striking down many of Olegmon’s minions, turning them into Data particles.

However, Cutemon, Coronamon, Spadamon, Lunamon and the PawnChessmons suddenly jumped onto ZekeGreymon, hitting him over and over.

“Stop it! Get off!” ZekeGreymon yelled, managing to shake the entranced Digimon off, causing Christopher to call out. “Try not to hurt them. Remember, they’re being controlled.”

ZekeGreymon turned and was about to reply, but then, several Depthmon and MarineDevimon emerged from out the hole MetalGreymon had caused, and were about to strike Christopher.

“Hyper Blaster!” ZekeGreymon roared, unleashing blast after blast from his gun hand that struck all of Olegmon’s minions, reducing them all into nothingness.

“Thanks.” Christopher said, before he called out in warning. “Behind you!”

Turning around, ZekeGreymon then brought his left arm up to shield himself from Knightmon, Mervamon and Mermaimon, as they tried to slice him with their bladed weapons.

“Have at thee, seadog!” Knightmon announced, as his blade continued to clash against ZekeGreymon’s armoured arm, before ZekeGreymon charged forward, knocking all three back.

“Mermaimon!” Olegmon called out as he rushed over and caught her.

“Be ye alright?” He asked in a concerned tone.

Mermaimon smiled at her Captain’s concern for her, making her nod, before the she-pirate said in a serious tone. “But he is proving more trouble than expected.”

Setting Mermaimon down, Olegmon’s fist began to shake as his anger began to intense.

“First, ye try to invade my ship. Next you try and steal me first mate. And now you hurt me friends!” Olegmon yelled, as the giant barrel attached to his arms opened up and he retrieved his axes.

“Sorry Mikey, but it looks like I’ll have to go back on part of our agreement.” Olegmon told Mikey, who pleaded. “Olegmon don’t!”

“I have to. To save me friends.” Olegmon replied in a serious tone.

“Listen here, yer scurvy dog!” Olegmon called out to ZekeGreymon, before he stated. “This Land be fit for only one Gold Digimon, and that be me!”

“Two-Fister Scuttle-Buster!” Olegmon exclaimed, charging at ZekeGreymon, before he swung his axes down upon ZekeGreymon, slashing at him over and over.

“ZekeGreymon try to hold on!” Christopher called out.

“You should be more concerned about yourself.” A dark voice told him, making the blond look around to see a group of Dephtmon and MarineDevimon circling him.

“Hand over Mikey before things get messy.” One of the MarineDevimon said in a wicked tone.

However, Christopher only smirked, before he replied. “Sorry, but I don’t take orders, I give them.”

“Like this. Reload, Cyberdramon!” Christopher then called out, holding out his Fusion Loader, before Cyberdramon appeared by Christopher’s side.

“Spinning Stingers!” Cyberdramon roared as he began spinning on his tail, slicing the enemy to pieces with his Twin Lancer.

Seeing Mikey was in trouble, Shoutmon called to DarkVolumon. “Ballistamon, we have to save Mikey!”

“I don’t take orders from you.” DarkVolumon replied, before he stated. “And I am DarkVolumon, not Ballistamon.”
Unable to hold himself back, Shoutmon suddenly leapt onto DarkVolumon, causing him to try and shake Shoutmon off.

But it was no use.

“C’mon Ballistamon, snap out of it!” Shoutmon yelled.

“Why do you keep calling me that?I am not Ballistamon! My name is DarkBallistamon! Oh, wait, I mean DarkVistamon! I mean DarkVolleyball!” DarkVolumon replied as he began to short-circuit from Shoutmon’s annoying interference.

Back on Olegmon’s ship, Cyberdramon continued to fight fiercely, using his Twin Lancer to take down Olegmon’s crewmates.

“Keep it up Cyberdramon!” Christopher commanded, before calling to ZekeGreymon, who was still trying to defend himself against Olegmon’s axe slashes. “ZekeGreymon, hit Olegmon with everything you’ve got!”

ZekeGreymon nodded in reply at the command, before his tail loomed over his left shoulder and began to charge with energy.

“Tail Gun Fire!” ZekeGreymon roared, firing the energy within his tail right at Olegmon, who was unable to escape and was consumed in a powerful blast.

But that wasn’t enough to take down the Gold Pirate.

“Twin Broadsword Boomerang!” Olegmon exclaimed as his axes, combined as one weapon, emerged from the dust and struck ZekeGreymon, causing ZekeGreymon to stumble back from the surprise attack, before the axes retreated back into the dust, but only for a moment, as Olegmon shot out into the air, wielding them once more.

Slashing down, Olegmon brought both his axes down upon ZekeGreymon, making him roar out in pain.

“ZekeGreymon!” Christopher called in concern, while Cyberdramon was doing his best to fend off Dorulumon without harming him.

Enraged by the attack, ZekeGreymon span around and struck Olegmon with his tail, slamming the Dark General around as he skidded through the sands.

“That does it!” Olegmon snapped as the plates on his shoulders slowly opened up, planning to rid himself of Christopher and his treacherous Digimon with Surtr and Jomungangandr.

But before Olegmon could call forth his fiends to do his bidding, ZekeGreymon’s body was encased in yellow energy.

“Final Trident Strike!” ZekeGreymon exclaimed powerfully, launching himself forward, before slamming Olegmon with a powerful blow, knocking the Gold Pirate back and into the water.

“Help! Mon overboard!” Olegmon shouted desperately as he began to sink, his armour weighing him down.

“Olegmon!” Mikey called out rushing over to the other side of the ship, followed by Christopher, Cyberdramon and the Digimon Cyberdramon hadn’t yet defeated.

“Well, look at that. For a Dark General, he can’t even swim.” Christopher commented in an arrogant tone, watching as the Gold Pirate slowly sunk.
However, with Christopher distracted, Mikey took the chance to free himself, in which he pushed back against Cyberdramon’s Twin Lancer, cutting through the ropes and freeing his hands, before pulling down his goggles and, to Christopher’s shock, jumped off the ship.

“Mikey!” Christopher shouted, watching as the former Red General dove into the water, which alerted Shoutmon, making him look away from trying to rewire DarkVolumon, to see Mikey just diving into the gold coloured sea.

Meanwhile, as Olegmon continued to sink deeper and deeper, holding his breath as best he could, but knew his chances of survival were growing thinner with each passing second.

That was until he could see a figure coming down towards him, making his eyes widen to see it was Mikey.

As Mikey reached Olegmon, he grabbed the Dark General’s left hand and tried to swim back up to the surface.

However his armour was just too heavy for Mikey, making the Gold Pirate wonder why Mikey was continuing to put his life in danger to save his, knowing Mikey could stop anytime he wanted to save himself.

But then Olegmon and Mikey could feel they were beginning to rise, making the pair look up to see Shoutmon, who had a firm grip on the right horn attached to Olegmon’s armour and was using all the strength he could to pull them back up.

‘If I can lift Greymon and MailBirdramon and save them, I can do the same for you guys!’ Shoutmon thought in a determined tone as his kicks intensified, followed by Mikey, as the pair tried their hardest to reach the surface and save Olegmon.

Back on the land, Nene could feel her heart racing, worried about the well-being of her Master.
That was until she, along with Christopher and the remaining members of Olegmon’s crew watched as Mikey, Shoutmon and Olegmon were washed onto the shore.

The three coughing up as their bodies craved oxygen.

“Master!” Nene called out, rushing over before she embraced him, followed by Lunamon, who embraced Shoutmon, while Mermaimon was by Olegmon’s side to check on her Captain.

“You saved me? But why?” Olegmon then asked, before stating. “Had ye let me sink down to Davy Jones' Locker, you’d be free from our deal and allowed to become a General again.”

“I know. But I promised to remain by your side as your first mate. And I promised myself to help those in trouble, no matter what.” Mikey replied as he stood up, placing his goggles back on the top of his head.

“And I may not like working with a Dark General, but I couldn’t let Mikey down, or anybody Mikey sees as a friend.” Shoutmon added, before he too arose to his feet, leaving Olegmon amazed and speechless at Mikey and Shoutmon’s determination, bravery and loyalty to their friends.
But then, black lightning shot down from the sky, before a portal cracked open before the Dark General.

And out stepped AxeKnightmon.

Things were about to take a change for the worse.

With the arrival of AxeKnightmon, Olegmon quickly got to his feet, kneeling before the leader of the Seven Dark Generals, before grabbing Mikey and forcing him to bow too.

“Lord Axeknightmon, what honour do I have for ye to be here?” Olegmon asked.

“I had heard rumors you had succeeded in capturing the Red General.” AxeKnightmon replied, before taking in the sight of what was left of Olegmon’s crew, Christopher and Mikey bowing by Olegmon’s side. “And I see those rumors were true.”

“Indeed. Mikey be part of me crew now.” Olegmon said in a proud reply.

“Not anymore.” AxeKnightmon then replied as he held out his left hand, creating an aura of darkness around it, before launching it at Mikey.

“Mikey!” Shoutmon called out in a concerned tone.

“Master!” Nene called out too, watching in horror as the darkness wrapped around Mikey, pulling him over and into AxeKnightmon’s grasp.

Confused, Olegmon asked. “My Lord, what be ye doing?”

“What the other Generals failed to do.” AxeKnightmon replied. “I’m destroying Mikey Kudo once and for all.”

“But Mikey be on our side. He’s me first mate and friend.” Olegmon said, trying to reason with AxeKnightmon.

However, AxeKnightmon ignored Olegmon’s words and replied. “Don’t be a fool, Olegmon. All around you just mindless Digimon who do whatever you tell them to say and think. And as for Mikey, I know he couldn’t care less about someone like you. You have no real friends.”

Olegmon was shocked by AxeKnightmon’s statement, making the Gold Pirate think that maybe AxeKnightmon’s words were true.
“Don’t listen to him.” Mikey suddenly called out, before saying in all his honesty. “Listen Olegmon, you may be a Dark general, but you put your friends above everything and that makes you better than you are a good guy. And even that’s why I can honestly call you my friend.”

“Such noble words.” AxeKnightmon commented as he readied his Twin Spear. “And the last you will ever say.”

“Oh no ye don’t!” Olegmon suddenly yelled, charging straight into AxeKnightmon, causing him to release his hold over Mikey as the wielder of the Dark Stone skidded back from the strike.

“Thanks.” Mikey said, looking up at Olegmon, before he smiled, making Olegmon smile back, until Mikey, Olegmon and Shoutmon turned to face AxeKnightmon.

“Olegmon, what is the meaning of this?” AxeKnightmon demanded.

“Mikey’s right. I be a friend first and a Dark General no more! So I’m taking no more orders from a black hearted scoundrel like you!” Olegmon replied as he withdrew his axes, ready to fight against AxeKnightmon.

“You dare challenge me? My power is infinite. Treason Vortex!” AxeKnightmon exclaimed, spinning the Twin Spear that created a dark vortex that began to shoot blasts of darkness at Olegmon’s crewmates, destroying countless Depthmon, MarineDevimon and Scorpiomon, while Shoutmon, ZekeGreymon and the Digimon still under Olegmon’s mind control were lucky enough to avoid being destroyed.

But with the defeat of most of his crew, Mikey told Olegmon in a determined tone as Shoutmon stood before the reenlisted General. “Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.”

“And don’t forget me.” Christopher said, making them turn to see the blond and his Digimon partner approaching Mikey.

“Be it a truce you want?” Olegmon asked, making Christopher smirk and reply. “Don’t think this makes us friends. I’m only helping you for Mikey.”

“Thanks Christopher.” Mikey replied in a grateful tone, making Nene smile that their team had reunited.

“Now what do yer say we take down AxeKnightmon?” Olegmon asked, in which Shoutmon replied. “Sounds like a party.”
Olegmon then called out in a commanding tone. “DarkVolumon, turn your power to the maximum and blast that blaggard with your Doomsday Woofer!”

“Yes Master.” DarkVolumon replied, standing before his creator, before he called out. “Doomsday Woofer!”

DarkVolumon then fired a blast of sonic energy right at AxeKnightmon, devastating the land as it struck and consumed AxeKnightmon.

But AxeKnightmon just dispelled the attack with a simple wave of his arm, shocking Olegmon.

“He survived against my super weapon?” Olegmon questioned, before stating. “Impossible!”

“Man, what does it take to defeat this guy?” Shoutmon asked, making AxeKnightmon state. “You cannot defeat me. And those who stand in my way will only meet their destruction! Twin Spear!”

As AxeKnightmon charged forward, the blade began to spin at an intense pace, in which he planned to take out Shoutmon first.

However, to everyone’s shock and confusion, DarkVolumon got in the way, trying his best to hold back the blade, before AxeKnightmon pushed forward, causing it to stab into DarkVolumon, who then collapsed.

“Why Ballistamon? Why did you do it!?” Shoutmon yelled as tears began to fall down his face.

“I don’t know... It just felt like the right... the right thing to do...” DarkVolumon replied, before, with the last of his energy, told Shoutmon. “And I told you I am DarkVolumon...”

“Ballistamon? Ballistamon!” Shoutmon cried out, shaking the machine Digimon, desperately wanting him to wake up, before he said. “Mikey, Digifuse me with Ballistamon.”

“But Shoutmon...” Mikey tried to say, only for Shoutmon to turn, showing he was still crying. “Please do it. It’s the only way I can think of to save him.”
Unable to deny his friend’s request at the chance Shoutmon could save his best friend, Mikey nodded, before he withdrew his Fusion Loader and called out. “Digifuse!”

“Digifuse!” Shoutmon called out as he merged his Data with the fallen DarkVolumon and became Shoutmon X2, who remained on the ground, showing little signs of survival.

While the exterior of Shoutmon X2 remained motionless, inside, Shoutmon’s body was swimming through what he guessed was Ballistamon’s mind.
As Shoutmon swam deeper, he could hear crying and sniffling, which he recognized.

“Ballistamon?” Shoutmon called out, before he could see the machine Digimon curled up in a corner, making Shoutmon call out his name again in a happier tone.

“Don’t waste your time Shoutmon.” Ballistamon said, too ashamed to look at his best friend, who then sat beside him and had to ask. “Hey, why are you crying?”

“It’s just a fluke you found me and changed my wiring. All it did is made me forget who I really am, a weapon designed to destroy things.” Ballistamon replied.

However, Shoutmon smiled and told Ballistamon in all honesty. “That was no fluke, ya dope. You know why I found you that day? Because it was meant to happen, it was destiny. We found each other when we needed each other. You were meant to be my friend and I was meant to be yours’. And you’re wrong about another thing, nobody decides who you really are, except you, which means you choose who you’re gonna be. Ballistamon or DarkVolumon, which of those is the real you?”

“Thank you, Shoutmon.” Ballistamon replied, wiping his eyes, only to say, before stating, referring to the damage from AxeKnightmon’s blade. “It’s too late for me, Shoutmon. I’m as good as finished.”

Refusing to accept that, Shoutmon then placed his hands on top of Ballistamon’s, confusing the machine Digimon as to what Shoutmon was doing.
“Here. All the times we’ve Digifused you’ve leant me your power, now it’s time I did the same.” Shoutmon said as he began to glow a bright yellow that transferred to Ballistamon, filling the machine Digimon with energy and happiness, knowing he had such a caring Digimon to call a friend.

Back outside of Ballistamon’s mind, Olegmon and ZekeGreymon were doing their best to hold back AxeKnightmon until Shoutmon had returned, but AxeKnightmon’s power was just too great.

“Hold on guys, just give Shoutmon a little more time!” Mikey called out, only for AxeKnightmon to state in arrogance. “Your friend is a fool if he thinks he can save that rust pile. Anyone that dares face me doesn’t survive.”

However, the same bright light Shoutmon had used to give his energy to Ballistamon began to encircle DarkVolumon.

“What’s this?” AxeKnightmon questioned, watching as, not only had Shoutmon reemerged, but also the injuries to DarkVolumon began to fade as DarkVolumon’s body changed, turning back into Ballistamon.

“DarkVolumon?” Olegmon asked, amazed that Shoutmon had revived him.

“Sorry Olegmon but I go by Ballistamon these days. You might’ve created me, but that was just a beta version. Shoutmon made the final release version of me, the real me.” Ballistamon replied, before asking the Gold Pirate. “No hard feelings though?”

Olegmon shook his head in reply.

“I might’ve lost my super weapon, but so long as I have you, my friend, I be smilin’.” He replied.

“Alright, we’ve got our old Ballistamon back!” Mikey cheered.

“And it’s good to be back. But my original programming did give me a new gift. Check this out, Doomsday Woofer!” Ballistamon suddenly announced, amazing Mikey, Shoutmon, Nene, Christopher, ZekeGreymon and Olegmon, not only from the new attack, but also from its power.

Ballistamon’s blast of sonic energy devastated AxeKnightmon, causing him to drop to one knee and question. “What? It’s even more powerful? But how?”
“Thanks to our friendship is how.” Mikey replied, before asking. “Ready Shoutmon?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” Shoutmon replied in a determined tone, before Mikey withdrew his Fusion Loader and exclaimed. “Shoutmon Digivolve!”

“Shoutmon Digivolve to... OmniShoutmon!“ OmniShoutmon announced, standing proudly by Olegmon and ZekeGreymon, ready to face AxeKnightmon, before the Red and Blue generals combined their power.

“Double Fusion!” Mikey and Christopher yelled in unison, slamming the ends of their Fusion Loaders together.



“Double Fusion!” The duo called out, before combining their power and exclaiming as one. “Shoutmon DX!”
Remaining down, Mermaimon shot behind AxeKnightmon, her blade drawn at the leader of the Seven Dark Generals.

“It’s over.” The she-pirate stated, only for AxeKnightmon to reply. “You are right. But, I shall not be defeated. This however is where you meet your demise!”
Confused for a second, Mermaimon suddenly gasped out loud and looked down to see AxeKnightmon’s penetrated her body, causing her to place her hands on the wound and collapse.

“Mermaimon!” Olegmon yelled out, his axes drawn, as he charged forward in a blind rage.
Only to then stop, as AxeKnightmon suddenly teleported and appeared inches before Olegmon, who too then looked down to see AxeKnightmon’s Twin Spear embedded in his chest.

“Olegmon!” Mikey cried out, watching as Olegmon fell to his knees and then onto his stomach, enraging Shoutmon DX as to how many Digimon had suffered or fallen to AxeKnightmon.

“DX Double Blade!” Shoutmon DX yelled, shooting at AxeKnightmon an incredible speed, attempting to slash him half.

But AxeKnightmon brought up his Twin Spear to protect himself, in which Shoutmon DX’s slash clashed against AxeKnightmon’s Twin Blade in an incredible display of power, before knocking the wielder of the Dark Stone back several feet, giving Shoutmon DX a clear shot.

“Victorize Complete!” He exclaimed in all his might, firing V-shaped blast after blast from his forehead that consumed AxeKnigtmon in an array of explosions.
And, as the dust from the blasts faded, Shoutmon DX could see AxeKnightmon was down, his armour scratched and badly damaged, in which he summoned another portal.

“Listen, Mikey. You may have bested me this time, but next time we meet, I won’t hold back, not that I doubt we’ll see each other again. My last two Generals will do what that barnacle brain couldn’t.” AxeKnightmon said, letting out a wicked laugh as he retreated.

With AxeKnightmon’s departure, the darkness that had plagued around the land faded, as had Olegmon’s control over the entranced Fusion Fighters.

With his strength slowly fading, so to had his chant, in which all those the Gold Pirate had brainwashed were returning to normal.
Getting to his feet, Spadamon looked around to see Coronamon and many of the Fusion Fighters in the same predicament.

“What’s going on?” He asked in a confused tone.

“I don’t know, I can’t remember a thing and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know.” Cutemon said in reply.

“Cutemon!” He then heard Mikey call out. “We need your help.”

Facing Mikey, Cutemon was confused further to see Mikey, Nene, Christopher, Shoutmon, Lunamon and Ballistamon standing beside the fallen forms of Olegmon and Mermaimon, who were now lying together.

“Did I miss something?” Cutemon asked as he approached his friends and the fallen General.

“I’ll explain everything later, but right now they need you.” Mikey replied.

Trusting Mikey, Cutmon nodded and was about to use his ‘Healing glow’ technique on Olegmon, only for Nene to say. “Wait. Treat Mermaimon first. Her injury looks more severe.”

Hearing that Nene, the same Nene she had abused and humiliated, wanted to help her left Mermaimon stunned for a moment, before the she-pirate spoke, trying to summon the strength she needed to say what she had.

“Listen, Cabin Girl... I mean Nene... I’m sorry for the way I treated you... Just promise me you’ll look after your Master... or whatever you decide to call your love...” Mermaimon said to Nene, placing her hand on top of Olegmon’s as she turned to face her Captain, who looked back at her.

Knowing that even with Cutemon’s healing, they would soon digitize, Olegmon faced Mikey and Shoutmon, saying from one General to another. “Don’t worry about us. You can revive us once you and Shoutmon create a better Digital World.”

“Don’t say that.” Mikey said as he cried a little.

“Alas, we be goners, but it wasn’t a total loss. You might’ve been me first mate for one day, but you helped me realize more about myself than I have me whole life, that’s why I leave me Land, ship and title to you. Captain.” Olegmon told Mikey proudly.

“Olegmon...” Mikey could only say.

“And Shoutmon.” Olegmon then said, turning to face the red dragon Digimon. “I know we had our squabbles, both as enemies and as pirates, but I know you have what it takes make a fine Digimon King.”

“Make me proud boys. And remember that friendship’s the greatest treasure of all, and I’ve done plenty of treasure hunting so I should know.” Olegmon ended, before he and Mermaimon’s bodies digitized and faded away, giving the Fusion Fighters United Army victory and control over another Land.

However, it didn’t feel like a victory to Mikey as he lowered his head.

“So what now, Captain Kudo?” Christopher teased, only for Mikey to remain quiet.

“Master?” Nene asked, worried for him.

“I think we should all get some sleep. That way we’ll be more energized for the next Land.” Mikey then replied, before walking off, back up the ship and to his quarters, while Nene, still concerned, followed him, remaining close by his side.

Watching the pair leave, Christopher was confused.

But before he could ask or say a word, he saw Lunamon and Shoutmon heading up the plank, with lustful looks on their faces, making the blond now understand and smile slyly.

‘Something tells me you won’t be getting much sleep tonight, Mikey.’ He thought, before joining the rest of the Fusion Fighters United Army Digimon as they turned in for the night.

----Upcoming Lemons----

Back in his quarters, Mikey was lying on his bed, completely naked, while Nene, who was naked too, expect for the black collar she had around her neck, was kissing her Master all over his neck, making the Red General groan in pleasure.

But as much as he was enjoying Nene’s kisses, he still had a solemn expression on his face, making Nene stop and ask. “Master, what’s wrong?”

“I still can’t believe Olegmon is gone. I know he was a Dark General, but he turned out to be a good guy in the end and didn’t deserve what AxeKnightmon did to him.” Mikey replied, saddened at the loss of an enemy, turned friend.

Feeling her Master’s pain, Nene told Mikey in an honest reply. “Master, I vowed when I became your slave, that I would ease your pain. And no matter what, I will do that, because I love you with all my heart. So please, don’t be so hard on yourself.”

Mikey smiled at Nene as her words were comforting to her, in which she smiled back, before the brunette wanted to continue making the General of the Fusion Fighters feel better, in which Nene then moved her had down Mikey’s well-developed body so that her face was inches from her Master’s erect cock, which Nene then took into her mouth and began to suck on it, causing Mikey to groan out in sexual excitement and pleasure.

“Nene, you... you're so good... Ah... Please keep it up...!” Mikey groaned out, loving the pleasure Nene was giving him.

Nene continued for several more minutes, making Nene mentally smile, knowing she was helping in pleasing the one she loved, before Mikey was unable to contain himself as he could feel he was close to his climax and groaned out. “Nene... I'm about to cum... Ah... Nene, I'm cumming...!”

Mikey then groaned out loudly as he groaned out loudly and had his orgasm and came, releasing his sexual fluids into Nene’s mouth, which she happily swallowed.

"How did that feel, Master?" Nene asked.

"That felt great." Mikey replied in a satisfied tone as a smile graced his face, which made Nene smile, knowing that her Master was satisfied by her blowjob and seeing him smiling again, before the brunette then crawled away from Mikey, moved in front of him on the bed and shook her ass enticingly. Mikey smiled as he got the idea and moved behind Nene, placing his hands on her hips and asked her. “Ready?”

“Always, my love.” Nene replied.

With that, Mikey nodded in reply, before he then slowly and gently pushed his member deep into Nene's pussy, making her moan in pure pleasure. “Oh yes... Ah... It's inside of me... It's all the way inside of me... Oh, Master...!”

The room was filled with the sounds of their pleasure as Mikey continued to thrust back and forth inside of Nene's pussy.

“Oh, Nene, you're so nice and tight... Ah... It's so good... you're incredible...!” Mikey groaned out, causing Nene to moan out in reply.
“This feels incredible... Oh, Master, please give more... Ah... Please, more...!”

Listening to her cries of pleasure, Mikey increased Nene’s pleasure as he continued thrusting as fast and as hard as he could inside of her, while moving his hands from her hips, to her breasts, which he began to massage and fondle, causing Nene’s pleasure to heighten as the brunette cried in pure erotic pleasure.

Mikey and Nene continued making love for two more hours, but soon, both of them were reaching their climaxes, in which Mikey groaned out. “Nene, I can't hold on... I... I’m going to come soon...!”

“Me too... Ah... Oh, Master, I... I can't contain myself... I... I’m cumming...!” Nene moaned in reply, before their movements turned frantic.
And, with a loud erotic scream of ecstasy, Nene had her climax, releasing her cum all over her Master’s cock, followed by Mikey groaning out as he then had his orgasm, filling Nene's womb with his seed.

After removing his member from Nene’s womanhood, the Fusion Fighter’s General collapsed on the bed, smiling as Nene then crawled up to him and rested head on his chest.

“Thank you for another wonderful night, Master.” Nene said, making Mikey smile in reply.

“I'm glad that you enjoyed it. And you can stop calling me Master.” Mikey said, before he then placed his left hand on the collar around her neck and tore it off.

Nene smiled at Mikey’s gesture, but replied. “I don’t think I can. I’ve grown accustomed to it.”

“How about I just call you Master whenever we make love?” She then asked.

“Whatever you like, Nene.” Mikey replied as he pulled her closer in his loving embrace, making Nene smile, before she and Mikey shared a final loving kiss for the night.

Meanwhile, Shoutmon and Lunamon were in his room, locked in a loving kiss.

But after breaking from the kiss, Shoutmon had to ask. “Lunamon, are you sure you want to do this?”

Lunamon smiled at Shoutmon’s concern for her, in which the rabbit-like Digimon replied in a loving tone. “Shoutmon, I know that you are concerned about me when I was brainwashed. And while I can’t remember everything I did, but my feelings for you will never change. I truly love you. So, please mate with me.”

Staring into Lunamon’s beautiful, and spiral free, eyes, Shoutmon smiled, before leaning his head down and kissing Lunamon once more, which she happily accepted.

As Shoutmon and Lunamon continued their loving kiss, the red dragon Digimon moved his hand up to the straps of Lunamon’s gown and gently pulled them down, revealing her breasts and hard nipples, before Shoutmon broke from the kiss and pulled Lunamon’s gown down her legs and off her petit, but beautiful body, leaving her completely naked, making him say in a loving tone. “You are so beautiful.”

Lunamon’s cheeks flushed at Shoutmon’s honest words, before they deepened as Shoutmon moved his hands down to her breasts and began to massage and fondle them.

“Oh, Shoutmon... That’s so... so good...!” Lunamon moaned out as Shoutmon continued to pleasure the rabbit-like Digimon as he started to kiss around Lunamon’s neck, before he pinched her nipples, causing Lunamon’s moan to increase in pleasure.

And Shoutmon then trailed his kissing down from Lunamon’s neck to her breasts, landing a series of kisses down her waist, licked around her navel, and then went down to her pussy, before the red dragon Digimon give it one long lick, causing instant pleasure to fill Lunamon’s whole body.

"Shoutmon... Ah... Shoutmon... Please...More... Please more...!" Lunamon could only moan out, loving all the pleasure she was getting, before Lunamon was unable to contain her excitement and let out a loud cry of pleasure, releasing her sexual fluids into Shoutmon’s mouth, which he licked up, happy that Lunamon was too.

After Shoutmon finished licking Lunamon's pussy, he sat up and told her. "You taste so sweet."

"Thank you." Lunamon replied, before she said lovingly. "But now, I think it's my turn to please you."

Not wanting to leave her love out of the pleasure, Lunamon gently laid Shoutmon beside her, sat up and started to gently rub and massage Shoutmon’s sheath, causing his manhood to emerge, before Lunamon continued her pleasure as she began to lick the tip of Shoutmon’s member, while she massaged his balls with her right hand, making Shoutmon groan in pleasure.

“Lunamon, that feels really good... You’re amazing...!” Shoutmon stated as he continued groaning out, making Lunamon happy and encouraged her to move her mouth over Shoutmon’s dick and give him the best blowjob she could manage.

But holding on for as long as he could, Shoutmon then groaned out in warning. "I... I can't hold it... Ah... Lunamon, I... I'm going to come...!"
And with a loud groan of pleasure, Shoutmon was true to his word and groaned loudly, releasing his load into Lunamon's mouth, with some of it trailing down her face and landing on her breasts.

"Oh, Lunamon. That felt so good." Shoutmon said as he regained his breath, making Lunamon smile at him and reply lovingly. "I'm glad I could please you."

"And you taste very sweet too." Lunamon then added after wiping some of Shoutmon’s cum off her chest with her fingers and licked clean.

"Thanks." Shoutmon replied, before Lunamon then turned around and got on all fours, presenting herself to Shoutmon, who, even though had mated with her before was still concerned.

“It’s ok.” He then heard Lunamon say in a reassuring tone, before she smiled warmly at him, showing how much she wanted him inside of her.

And unable to deny the Digimon he loved, Shoutmon got behind Lunamon and pushed his cock into her vagina, making her gasp and moan in pure pleasure.
Their mating continued long into the night as Shoutmon's member went deeper and deeper inside of Lunamon, her moans eventually turned into loud screams of ecstasy.

But eventually the pleasure of Shoutmon's cock entering and leaving her made Lunamon moan out as she could feel herself build up for an orgasm.
“Shoutmon... I can’t hold it... Ah... I’m going to cum...!” Lunamon moaned out, making Shoutmon groan in reply. “Same here... Ah... I can feel it...!”

Both Shoutmon and Lunamon’s movements became frantic as they both reached their peaks and then, unable to take anymore, Lunamon cried out erotically and released her cum all over Shoutmon's cock, which was caused Shoutmon to groan out loudly in reply as he then had his orgasm and filled Lunamon's womb with his seed.

After his climax wore off, Shoutmon pulled out of Lunamon and fell back onto the bed, along with Lunamon, who then wrapped her arms around her beloved’s chest.

"Thank you for such a wonderful time. I love you, Shoutmon." Lunamon said, smiling, as it was more wonderful now that she could think clearly and not under any forms of mind control.

Shoutmon smiled back at her and replied. ”I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I love you too, Lunamon. And I will never stop.”

----End Lemons----

The next day, as the Fusion Fighters United Army and their allies repaired the damage Christopher, Cyberdramon and MetalGreymon had done to Olegmon’s ship, Mikey had explained how Olegmon had brainwashed most of his allies, being his first mate and Olegmon switching sides, amazing them at the tale.

And as they sailed across the gold coloured seas, Sparrowmon stated. “I can’t remember anything that happened while I was under that spell. It’s weird.”

“Nothing, huh?” Nene asked as she glared at her.

Seeing Nene’s expression, Sparrowmon asked in worry. “What is it, what did I do?”

“Don’t worry Sparrowmon. What happens in Gold Land stays in Gold Land.” Ballistamon reassured, before turning to his best friend, who had his mate embracing him.

“Right Shoutmon?” Ballistamon asked.

“Right.” Shoutmon replied, before he felt Lunamon’s embrace tighten a little.

“Well, most things.” He corrected, making Lunamon smile, as well as Mikey and Nene.

Curious, Shoutmon asked Lunamon. “So what are you going to do now?”

“After we drop you off, we’re going to help the Digimon of Gold Land.” Lunamon replied. “And I know I’ll make you proud.”

“You always have.” Shoutmon told Lunamon, making her smile again and kiss his left cheek.

“Right. Full speed ahead!” Spadamon then called out as they ventured to the entrance to the next Land. “All hands to deck and prepare to dive!”

“Off to the next Land!” Mikey announced, feeling Nene’s hand take his as they prepared to head to the next Land and its General, knowing they had their friends and each other to combat any evil they would encounter.

The End.
That was pretty good. Nicely wrote and the right amount of lewd. Great job.