Triad (Digimon Tamers OC fic) - Chapter 5
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- This story is full of graphic sexual content. If you do not wish to read that sort of thing, do not read this story.
- The core format of this story is of Tamers, with egg hatching and the Digivolution lines adhering to the format of the MMORPG Digimon Masters Online. The history and lore of the Digital World adheres mostly to that in Adventure, including the synchronising of time passing.

Triad, Chapter 5 - The Fight


Geea drained the last in her mug of tea, savouring the powerful taste of nettle. Give it an hour or so, she thought, and she’d make another.

She’d woken up at noon, and had been studying most of the day. She’d passed all the important exams in the past summer, but she’d always promised herself a year out, just to relax, and be lazy for once. Do whatever she wanted to do. As it happened, the boredom became too much, and to her, taking another A-level was the only option. And so, she studied at home. After this year, her destination was university. Geea would become a journalist if everything went to plan, and somewhere in the middle of all this, she wanted to travel the world.

She could only begin to imagine her life after this year. Leaving Winchester - the city she was born in, and spent her entire life. Things would be very different at university. But she couldn’t help but wonder, more and more as time went on, what would become of her partnership - and even more, her relationship, with Stingmon, when she left. She’d been able to hide him at home with the help of her parents, but in a single room of a shared flat? That wasn’t happening. Not only would it be impossible in practice, but it wouldn’t be fair on him. Being shut in this big house most of the time must be bad enough. The only realistic plan, when the time came, was for the two to abandon their duty protecting the area, and for Stingmon to go back to the Digital World.

Geea looked up from her Mathematics textbook, from her flash cards on the table, out the window at the dying day. From here, she could see right down the hill into the high street. In the near distance was the spire of the cathedral. Everything had fallen into place over this last year. She’d always had a great life, of course, but this year things had become perfect. And she’d miss what she had here.

She turned her head, looking across the bedroom to her right, to her bunk beds. Stingmon had crashed on the lower bunk, on top of all the covers. He was exhausted. He deserved to rest - he’d had to fight today, and Geea wanted him to recover properly. She watched him for a while, affection overwhelming her. The day they parted was coming closer and closer. Right from the start, she knew that what they had couldn’t last.

She wondered how he would feel when that day came. He always had seemed more into things than Geea. He even said he was in love with her.

Geea knew she wasn’t the first tamer to become involved romantically with her Digimon. Tamers were always there, behind the scenes, all over the world. In England alone, there may have even been hundreds. And they had their forums online - if one knew where to find them. Geea had discussed the topic at length with other tamers - and Digimon - online, and the general consensus was that Digimon were more open to those kinds of relationships than their tamers were. Where a tamer might see restrictions, Digimon saw things differently. They had evolved to consider all situations, because they used relationships to physically survive in their world. Barriers of gender, age and species didn’t exist to Digimon when it came to sex or relationships.

She sighed away her nagging troubles for the day, and returned to her work, one arm slung over the desk in concentration. Barely an hour had passed before she saw the glow, out of the corner of her eye. At the end of the desk, her D-Ark had lit up in warning.

“Another one?” she breathed, perplexed. This was unheard of. Back when they first started, it was rare if they had to fight twice in the same week. Two in the same day... was frightening.

Stingmon sprang out of bed in an instant, responding to his connection to the device. If he was sleeping off an injury, he hid it well. If he was as concerned as Geea, he hid that well, too.

Geea stood up. “Let’s go”.


Twenty minutes had passed since leaving the house, and the duo were no closer to their target. Geea had jogged aimlessly around the quiet roads, looking and listening for any sign of trouble, carrying Wormmon in that bag over her shoulder, unzipped just enough for him to hear and smell. The sun had long set now, yellow street lamps their only light.

“Can’t you smell them anywhere?” Geea cried to her partner.

“No, I can’t!” he snapped from inside the bag. “And your pressure won’t help! It feels like the scent is coming from two directions!”

Geea’s phone rang in her hand. She answered immediately.

“Pete!” she spat out, panting in exhaustion. “Any luck?”

Yeah, I can see you from here - turn round!”

Geea turned to see the shadow of the tamer waving at the end of the road.

Wizardmon thinks we’re close.”

The road was bathed in blinding light as Wormmon digivolved, and the pair ran to their friends. They stopped when they reached Peter, and found themselves in a car park.

“Shelby’s on her way,” he said as Geea retched and gulped for air, hands on her knees. She’d barely had time to catch her breath, when a low growl ripped through the air. All four heads turned into the darkness down the hill, and made out a quadrupedal form, slinking closer and closer.

“Gryphonmon…” Wizardmon could barely get the name out of his constricted throat. His words were little more than low squeaks. “This one’s a Mega-level, guys.”

Both Peter and Geea did a double-take. A Mega-level? This was new territory. They’d never taken on a Mega before. And they were only two Champions. Geea secretly doubted that even all three together would match this one.

Stingmon leaped in front of Geea, and Wizardmon guarded Peter, as they always did. The two tamers backed down, letting their partner Digimon handle the fight.

Wizardmon assumed a fighting stance, and raised his staff.

“Electro Squall!” he cried.

White energy burst from his staff, casting tall black shadows on their surroundings and making a beeline for the gigantic bird, but as it pounded into him, the Digimon barely flinched. Wizardmon’s large eyes widened in shock. Never in all his seven decades had he not even made a dent.

Gryphonmon leaped at the sorcerer, catching him in his metal beak. He tossed his captive forcefully aside and he slammed hard into a far wall. He didn’t get up.

“Wizardmon!” Peter cried, diving to his partner, visibly trembling. “Come on, wake up mate!” he cried. He shook the small form as hard as he could gently shake him. Still no response.

Gryphonmon turned to Stingmon now, and roared a deafening roar that reverberated in every bone. Geea covered her ears, doubled over once more.

Stingmon readied himself to fight, two purple energy beams illuminating the car park. He dived in without another thought.

“Spiking Strike!” he called, swinging his blades at Gryphonmon’s shins.

The Mega took the blow with ease. Deep slashes began to pour dark blood, cut down to the bone on one leg, but he still stood as though they were papercuts. The insect jumped back quickly as Gryphonmon swiped in anger. Blood flicked from his wounds as he moved, and the gang knew this scene would be impossible to explain in the morning.

“Solo Roar!” he growled. Rings of energy shot at Stingmon, and he staggered back, head held in his hands. Every synapse in the Digimon’s brain was ignited, and he collapsed to the ground, convulsing uncontrollably.

“Stingmon!” Geea sobbed, watching her lover writhe in agony. She made to go to him, the sight making her feel sick.

“Shelby, where ARE YOU?” Peter yelled into a phone held in violently shaking hands, huddled over his unconscious friend. “I’m not gonna lie, we’re kinda fucked here! We NEED YOU!”

Gryphonmon lunged, and barely missed Geea as he swiped the insect aside with his claws, watching with pleasure as he rolled halfway across the cold ground, slamming against the same bricks as Wizardmon, lying only feet away. He used the last of his energy to roll over onto his back once more. He tried to sit up. Stingmon would not give up.

Geea saw data on his shoulder and abdomen flicker like a television screen before her eyes. He couldn’t take any more. She rushed to his side, whole body shaking, as Gryphonmon crept closer, looming over, eyes alight with malice.

“Stingmon, get out of here!” Geea cried to her Digimon. Her eyes were swimming with unshed tears.

Stingmon tried to stand, but Gryphonmon’s attack had taken the last of his strength. He was gryphon food, and they both knew it.

Something burned in the distance. The tamers turned their heads. Meramon was on his way, but it was too late now.

Gryphonmon advanced. Geea started to sob openly. She wouldn’t let Stingmon die. Tears blinding her, Geea knelt between her lover and the foe.

“Geea… get OUT OF HERE!” Stingmon cried with the last of his energy.

Geea was as still as a statue as Gryphomnon raised his talons to kill the girl. It seemed to take him an age.

This was it. They were both finished.


The ground shook as a massive figure landed on the ground, right between Geea and Gryphonmon. Geea wiped away her tears, it had all happened so fast she had no idea what was happening. She saw the tarmac under the figure had cracked with the force of his landing. She saw a long, thick, muscular grey tail, segmented, which her gaze followed up to a perfectly-shaped, leather-clad backside. The figure stood - he was as tall as Stingmon, dressed all in black. Geea noticed a shock of pale blond hair before the figure assumed a fighting stance and whipped out a pair of guns.

“Double Impact!” the Digimon growled in a husky voice.

The gunshots were deafening. They brought Geea back from her stupour but she could barely hear a thing over the ringing in her ears. Gryphonmon roared in pain and fell back as the bullets hit him in the chest. The dark Digimon replaced his weapons, and dived in now.

“Darkness Claw!” he cried, and impaled Gryphonmon’s chest with his massive claws. The foe burst into data, which the newcomer started to absorb. He stopped after absorbing a third of it, and allowed the rest to drift away into the night, defeated.

Meramon had arrived, and Shelby had caught him up. The car park was lit up by the Data’s natural glow.

“Beelzemon…” Meramon gasped. “Another Mega-level!”

The Digimon known as Beelzemon turned around now, facing Stingmon, who lay on the ground, still dangerously close to deletion. Geea stood, no longer placing herself between the two. Was he a friend to them, or had he bio-emerged too? Had he saved Stingmon only to kill him for himself?

Geea stared at the demon. She was lost in his three eyes, her gaze began to molest every inch of his leather-clad body, right down to the tip of that tail, swishing this way and that as he walked, so hypnotic. She couldn’t take her eyes off that streamlined mask, that perfect, undeniably handsome face. Her own face was a picture of undeniable desire as she gawked, but no one noticed as Beelzemon advanced on Stingmon.

He flexed his claws once more.

“Can you stand?” he asked the insect, holding out his right hand.

Everybody sighed in relief. Stingmon took the newcomer’s hand in his gauntlet, and allowed himself to be pulled to his feet. He staggered, but Beelzemon caught him on his own shoulder, supporting all the insect’s weight on himself. He began to walk carefully, leading Stingmon with him as he did.

The pair had reached the exit to the car park, and Beelzemon turned to see the others... only staring. Wizardmon stirred, and all Peter could do was sweep him up in the tightest embrace he could, crying in relief.

“What are you all waitin’ for? Come with me,” Beelzemon urged, and walked away into the night.
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