First Mate Mikey (MikeyxNene ShoutmonxLunamon)
Just an idea I had where Mikey joins Olegmon to save Nene, sorry if this is not the place to post mature fics. If asked, I'll take it down as I don't want to cause any trouble.
Things looked bad for Mikey Kudo and were getting worse by the moment.

To start things off, most of his Digimon had been brainwashed by Olegmon’s chanting and were now part of his pirate army.

Ballistamon had been reverted back to his original programming as DarkVolumon, Olegmon’s most powerful weapon.

And to make things worse, Olegmon was to test DarkVolumon’s power on Nene, who had returned to try and save Mikey, only to wind up captured and now to be the target of DarkVolumon’s field test for destruction.

That was unless Mikey agreed to join Olegmon’s crew.

Currently, Mikey, who was tied against his will, surrounded by Dorulumon, Cutemon, Sparrowmon, Beelzemon Mervamon, Knightmon, Lunamon and Olegmon’s trusted crew mate, Mermaimon, forced to watch as the final preparations for DarkVolumon were about to commence.

“What’s wrong, lass, seasick?” Olegmon asked Nene, who was tied up to a buoy, only to state in a dark tone. “Don’t worry it’ll be over soon.”
“Stop it Olegmon, let her go!” Mikey yelled in demand.

“Not just yet, me bucko.” Olegmon said back, watching on as DarkVolumon took his place on the back of a Dephtmon and stood several feet away from the helpless Nene.

“Alright, show me what I have been missing all these years DarkVolumon. Standby to fire your Doomsday Woofer!” Olegmon commanded.

“Yes Master!” DarkVolumon replied in a dark and loyal tone to his creator, who then commanded. “Fire away!”

“Doomsday Woofer!” DarkVolumon exclaimed, firing a blast of sonic energy that caused the seas to rock back and forth, while Nene cried out from the impact and power of the attack as a horrid voice shouted echoed through her ears.

“Nene!” Mikey called out in concern for her.

“And that was only level one. Imagine the destructive power of that sonic wave multiplied by two or three? Oh, and by the way did yer recognize the voice? I’ll give ya a little hint, it was mine.”

“Stop it Olegmon! That’s enough!” Mikey yelled, making Olegmon turn to face the tied up General of the Fusion Figthers and say. “You can stop it by agreeing to join me and my crew.”

“Don’t do it Mikey! Don’t worry about me!” Nene called out, more concerned for her friend then her own well being, which made Olegmon say. “Well aren’t we the plucky one?”

Pushing Nene further to danger, Olegmon commanded. “Aright, level two!”

With that, DarkVolumon unleashed another blast from his chest speaker, making Nene scream out louder, while the waves around the buoy crashed harder.

“Stop it!” Mikey yelled, but was ignored.

“She can’t take much more.” Mermaimon commented, enjoying Mikey and Nene’s suffering.

“Mikey, you’ve got no choice.” Dorulumon told him, to which Lunamon, who was standing a top the brainwashed wolf Digimon’s head, added. “Yeah. Come on Mikey, you’ll like being a pirate. It’s fun!”

“Well? What’s say ye?” Olegmon asked a final time, wanting to see if Mikey was to save his friend or remain in his torn state of stubbornness and betrayal to his true friends, but received no answer.

This made Olegmon growl in frustration, before the Gold Pirate commented. “Oh, well. Too bad missy, it looks like your boyfriend doesn’t fancy ya after all.”

“You had your chance.” Olegmon told Mikey, before he commanded in a mighty tone. “Alright, DarkVolumon, hit her with level three!”

DarkVolumon nodded in reply, charging his sonic speaker for one final blast.

But then, to Olegmon’s surprise and Nene’s, Mikey suddenly shouted. “Wait!”

"Hold yer fire.” Olegmon called out to DarkVolumon, who did as ordered and remained stationed for further orders.

“I’ll do it.” Mikey said in a defeated tone, too ashamed of himself to look up.

“What be that?” Olegmon asked, before saying. “Speak up Mikey.”

“I’ll do it. I will join you.” Mikey replied, making Olegmon smirk victoriously.

Hearing that made Nene call out to Mikey in a pleading tone. “Mikey, don’t do it!”

“I have to. It’s the only way I can protect you.” Mikey replied, which caused Nene’s eyes to widen from hearing and seeing how concerned he was for her, only for the moment to be interrupted as Olegmon commented with a smile, glad to see Mikey chose to remain loyal to his friends. “It seems your boyfriend does care for ye.”

“Welcome aboard me new first mate.” Olegmon said as he approached Mikey, ready to untie him, before calling out his familiar, and entrancing, chant. “Yo ho ho on the golden sea, a pirate's life be the life for me!”

“Yo ho ho on the golden sea, a pirate's life be the life for me!” The brainwashed Digimon chanted back.

However, the celebrating was cut short when Mikey then said. “But before I do join, I have some requests.”

Olegmon’s curiosity peaked, before he asked. “And what be they?”

“First, you are to free Nene.” Mikey replied.

In reply to Mikey’s request, Olegmon called out to Sparrowmon, pointing to her as he did.

“You. Do as he said.” He commanded.

“Right away.” Sparrowmon replied obediently, flying over to Nene and began to untie her.

With Sparrowmon untying the now safe Nene, Olegmon then asked. “And what be yer other requests?”

“You are not allowed to hurt or use your spell on anymore of my friends.” Mikey replied, a blazing look of determination and protection filled his eyes as he stared up at Olegmon, who stared back down at Mikey, before the Dark General of Gold Land pulled out one of his axes from the giant barrel attached to his arms and slashed down.

On instinct, Mikey closed his eyes tightly, only to open them seconds later to see the ropes that were binding his arms had been cut, making him look up at Olegmon, who laughed loudly in amusement.

“You actually thought I was goin’ back on our deal?” Olegmon asked, before he told Mikey in an honest tone. “I may be a Dark General, but I also be a mon who is true to his word. And one who sees the value of his friends.”

“We have a deal, me first mate.” Olegmon then said, before holding out his right hand, in which Mikey, reluctantly, brought his up and shook hands with the Dark General, sealing the deal.

After breaking from their handshake, Mikey felt a familiar weight now in it and looked to see he was holding his Fusion Loader.

“My Fusion Loader?” Mikey said in a mixture of confusion and surprise.

“A token to show me trust and our new friendship.” Olegmon explained, smiling at his new first mate, only to be interrupted as Sparrowmon landed back aboard, holding Nene’s arms tightly.

“Captain, I brought her back.” Sparrowmon said, which made Mikey call out Nene’s name once more, before turning back at Olegmon and yelled. “I thought we had a deal?”

“Aye, we did.” Olegmon replied, before saying. “You said for yer lass to be freed, you just weren’t specific on what you meant by it.”

Mikey groaned in frustration at Olegmon’s comment and knowing if he had phased his words more carefully, Nene would be safe and no longer aboard Olegmon’s ship.

“So what shall we do with her?” Sparrowmon then asked, adding in a dazed and harsh tone, shoving Nene to the floor, showing she was still brainwashed. “She’s of no use to me.”

“That’s a good question.” Olegmon said in reply as he scratched his chin and thought deeply, knowing releasing or using Nene as a target for DarkVolumon was out of the question as he did value Mikey as his first mate and a potential friend.

“Why not make her his Cabin Girl?” Mermaimon then suggested as she approached Olegmon, moved behind him and then wrapped her arms around the Dark General’s shoulders. “After all you have a lovely lady by your side. It’s only fair your first mate has his.”

A sly smile appeared on Olegmon’s face from Mermaimon idea and bold actions, making the Gold Pirate say. “I like the way you think.”

“Listen up me hearties.” Olegmon called, getting the attention of his entire crew, both his troops and the entranced Fusion Fighters.

“From this day forth Mikey is your new first mate and Nene be his Cabin Girl!” He announced, making the Fusion Fighters and their allies cheer, while Mikey and Nene were left speechless.

“Yo ho ho on the golden sea, a pirate's life be the life for me!” Everyone, excluding Mikey and Nene, cheered.

“But it not be for me!” An aggressive and familiar voice then yelled from the skies.

And before Olegmon could react, a tremendous force struck from above, knocking the Dark general down, revealing Shoutmon had returned.

“Special delivery!” MailBirdramon then called out, in which everyone looked up to see Christopher jump off his Digimon’s back, grab a rope and slide down, landing by Mikey’s side.

“Shoutmon? Christopher? What are you guys doing here?” Mikey asked, for Mikey’s were feelings mixed to see his friends had come back to save him.

“What do you think? We came to rescue you.” Christopher replied, making Shoutmon nod in reply.

“Mikey, quickly Digivolve me so we can beat this guy already.” Shoutmon said in a determined tone as he got into a defensive stance, awaiting Mikey to use his power to Digivolve him to OmniShoutmon, however, Mikey just stood in place with his head down.

“Mikey?” Shoutmon asked in concern.

“What’s going on? Shouldn’t Christopher had carried out the plan by now?” Dracomon asked MailBirdramon, who then replied to his comrade. “I’m not sure but clearly something is wrong.”

“I... I can’t do it.” Mikey replied, continuing to look down.

“What do you mean you can’t?” Christopher asked, making Shoutmon add, as he readied his mic for a fight against Olegmon. “Does that big brute have your Fusion Loader? If so I’ll just have to beat it out of him.”

“No. I can’t Digivolve you because then you’ll just attack my Captain.” Mikey replied, before moving before Olegmon and holding out his arms to protect the Gold Pirate, which shocked Shoutmon and Christopher.

“Mikey, not you too!” Shoutmon called out, thinking Mikey had been brainwashed by Olegmon and made him demand. “Change Mikey back!”

Shoutmon’s demand only made Olegmon laugh at his ignorance, before he replied. “There’s nothing to change. Mikey joined my crew on his own accord.”

“Liar! You messed with his head! Just like you did to me!” Shoutmon snapped back, in which Christopher added. “Shoutmon’s right. Mikey would never team up with the likes of you.”

Hearing their denial, Olegmon replied in a serious tone. “I may be many things, a pirate, a Dark General, a thief and a music enthusiast, but a lair be not one of those things. My spell only works on Digimon. And believe me, it took forever to get Mikey to willingly join my side.”

“Olegmon is telling the truth.” Mikey then said, lifting his head up and showing his saddened eyes. “The Fusion Fighters no more.”

Seeing his eyes, which held no control over him, Christopher grabbed Mikey’s shirt collar and yelled. “Why Mikey? After all you’ve done for this world, why are you working with the enemy?”

“I had to. It was the only way to protect those I care about!” Mikey cried back as tears fell from his eyes at the heartbreaking moment, forced to turn his back on Christopher, Shoutmon and his true friends, while Nene, who had witnessed Mikey’s suffering, thought aloud as she collapsed to her knees. “This is all my fault.”

“You’re right there.” She heard a voice say, making Nene look up to see Mermaimon, and the entranced forms of Beastmon and Lunamon standing beside her.

“You! What do you want?” Nene asked Mermaimon in a vexed tone.

“I came so I can properly train you.” Mermaimon replied, before grabbing Nene’s left arm and pulling her back up to her feet.

“Train me?” Nene had to ask, confused as to what Mermaimon meant by that.

“That’s right. I'm going to train you for the first mate.” Mermaimon replied, before explaining. “Your title may be Cabin Girl, but the truth is you are now Mikey’s slave, and you're going to have to get use to it.”

Hearing that made Nene gasp in shock and say. “You can’t mean that. I refuse!”

"Well, aren’t you the feisty one?" Mermaimon asked, before saying in a dark tone. “But once I’m done that feisty attitude will be nothing more than a memory.”

And unable to defend herself, Mermaimon’s grasp on Nene’s arm tightened before Nene was then dragged away by the she-pirate and the entranced Digimon down to the lower decks, where her slave training was to commence.

“Hands off me first mate.” Olegmon intervened as the plates on his shoulders opened up, allowing Surtr and Jomungangandr to remerge, making Christopher back away in worry.

“I think you best be off.” Olegmon then said. “Surtr, you know what to do!”

“Right away.” Surtr replied with glee, making Jomungangandr comment in a gloom filled reply. “I could get rid of them too, not that I wanted to.”

However, to everyone’s surprise, Shoutmon then stepped forward and approached Olegmon, glaring at the Dark General.

“You aren’t getting rid of me that easily.” Shoutmon stated.

Curious, Olegmon asked. “And why be that?”

“Because I want to rejoin your crew. And you wouldn’t cast off a fellow crew member.” Shoutmon replied, leaving everyone speechless, until Mikey yelled out. “Shoutmon no! I joined to protect you guys, you don’t have to!”

“You’re wrong, Mikey.” Shoutmon replied, confusing Mikey, before he explained. “I have to join so I be by your side. You are still my friend. And friends don’t abandon each other.”

Hearing that made Olegmon smile and reply. “Truly, those be touching words.”

“Thanks. That means a lot coming from you.” Shoutmon replied in a sarcastic tone, before he clenched his fists, closed his eyes and said, awaiting Olegmon’s chant. “Just get it over with already.”

“As much as I’d like too, I did promise me first mate not to use my chant anymore as part of our deal.” Olegmon told Shoutmon, before saying, “And seeing your devotion to your friendship with Mikey, I have decided to do something nice.”

“Greymon, Cyberdramon, come here me hearties.” He ordered.

Doing as they were told Greymon and Cyberdramon approached Olegmon, stood before him.

“Do you wish us to destroy them for you, Captain?“ Greymon asked, glaring down at Christopher, while Cyberdramon readied his Twin Lancer.

“Afraid not.” Olegmon replied, before he stated. “In fact I’m actually releasing ye.”

“We are through. I release you from me crew.” Olegmon chanted, causing the spirals in Greymon and Cyberdramon to fade and return to normal.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Greymon asked, confused.

“What’s going on is as of now ye three be leaving!” Olegmon stated in reply, in which Surtr transformed into a tornado once more, swept up Christopher, Greymon and Cyberdramon and threw them away, making Dracomon call out in worry for his General. “Christopher!”

“No need to panic. We can catch up to them.” MailBirdramon replied, making Dracomon say as they flew off. “Then we can get some answers as to what happened.”

“No!” Mikey yelled out in concern, watching as the three were blown away.

“Don’t worry, Mikey. I’m keeping the promises I made and made sure to cast them safely on one of the islands.” Olegmon reassured in reply.

“And now that those land lubbers have been taken care of, we can get back to celebrating!” Olegmon announced, making his Digimon crew cheer.

“Yo ho ho on the golden sea, a pirate's life be the life for me!” Olegmon’s crew cheered back, excluding Mikey and Shoutmon.

“What’s wrong Mikey, Gatomon got your tongue?” Olegmon asked, making Mikey reply. “Sorry but I don’t really feel up to celebrating anything at the moment.”

“Come now. Don’t let me down. Enjoy yourselves and join us crew in a chant.” Olegmon said, and, reluctantly, Mikey and Shoutmon replied. “Yo ho ho on the golden sea, a pirate's life be the life for me.”

“Oh, come now. I know ye two can do better than that.” Olegmon said.

“Yo ho ho on the golden sea, a pirate's life be the life for me!” Mikey and Shoutmon called out, making Olegmon smile.

“Now that’s a chant.” He commented with a smirk.

As Mikey was taking part as Olegmon’s new first mate, Nene found herself in Mermaimon’s quarters, where the she-pirate threw Nene onto her bed and climbed on top of her.

“What are you planning to do me?” Nene asked in worry.

However, Mermaimon’s answer was surprising to Nene, especially since it was a deep and wet kiss from the she-pirate.

But after breaking from the kiss, Mermaimon then told Nene. “Now, all you need to know, is that you will be doing your Masters chores, ones that he tells you and the ones that will be set for you. But most of all, you're his sex slave; ready to please him at any time with anything, no matter what. And I'm here to train for the 'right set of mind' for it."

“And trust me, it won’t take too long.” Mermaimon then added in a sly tone, moving to the side while remaining on top of Nene and allowing her to see Lunamon, who had been stripped of her gown, had her head in between Beastmon’s legs and was licking at her pussy.

Beastmon moaned from Lunamon’s actions, before the rabbit-like Digimon looked up at her, through her spiral filled eyes, and asked her hypnotized friend. "Do you want me to stop?"

“No, please don't stop. Please don't!" Beastmon moaned as she moved her hands up and began to rub her bare breasts, wanting more pleasure.

Horrified at what she was watching, Nene demanded. "What did you do to them!?"

"I found out that the little one has a thing for that brat who clobbered Olegmon before. So I decided to help prepare her in becoming a good slave for Shoutmon, if he ever figures out she has feelings for him.” Mermaimon replied, making Lunamon say. “Yeah! After what Mermaimon taught us, Shoutmon will love what I can do for him!”

Mermaimon smirked at Lunamon’s enthusiastic attitude compared to her shy and timid one before being brainwashed, before she licked her lips as she gazed upon Beastmon’s naked body and told Nene. “And as for Beastmon, while this ship does have its fair share of handsome males, a girl does have needs that only another female can ‘assist’ with.”

“And speaking of which...” Mermaimon then said, moving her right hand up Nene’s legs, making Nene struggle against Mermaimon as she closed her eyes and replied defiantly. "No, I won't!"

A scowl appeared on Mermaimon from Nene’s lack of cooperation, before she took a deep breath and told the brunette. "You better or we’ll just throw you overboard and say it was an accident!"

“You won’t.” Nene said, calling Mermaimon’s bluff. “If you harm me, then Mikey will hear about it!”

“Then what?” Mermaimon asked, before saying in reply. “If you tell your boyfriend what I did, he’ll just blame himself. And if he does react in anyway that the Captain dislikes, then the deal will be broken and you and Mikey will wind up back on the high seas, in front of DarkVolumon and his Doomsday Woofer.”

Nene knew she was now powerless to do anything, let alone stop Mermaimon from enslaving her, making her eyes water with tears, seeing that she had no choice, before Nene reluctantly nodded in submission and defeat, making Mermaimon smirk.

“Good girl.” Mermaimon said, before kissing Nene’s forehead, the bridge of her nose, and then claiming Nene’s lips once again in another passion filled kiss, which Nene couldn’t help to flush from in excitement, embarrassment and humiliation.

And then Nene gasped loudly in shock as Mermaimon moved her hand up her dress, through the fabric of her panties and massaged her womanhood.

“Well, my slave, does that feel good?” The she-pirate asked.

“I... I don’t know...” Nene could only say, causing Mermaimon to reply in a seductive tone. “You do know, slave. Your body is just aching for your Master to fill it.”

Embarrassed, Nene replied through tearful eyes. “Please, don’t say that.”

“Sorry but it’s true.” Mermaimon told Nene slyly, before calling out to Beastmon and Lunamon. “Let’s train this slave in a way that she will never forget!”

“Right away!” Beastmon and Lunamon replied enthusiastically, before helping Mermaimon strip Nene of her clothing until she was lying on Mermaimon’s bed completely naked, in which the she-pirate then said. “Time for your training.”

All Nene could do was moan out as Mermaimon held her wrists tightly, kissing around her neck, while Beastmon began to massage and fondle her breasts, while Lunamon had climbed up onto the bed, between Nene’s legs and began to lick her vagina, causing Nene to thrash around from the forced pleasure.

“You must be a good and obedient slave if you wish to remain part of Olegmon’s crew.” Mermaimon said, before commanding. “Now, tell us: Please play with me. Please give it to me good Master.”

Nene didn’t know how to respond.

She was completely alone, far away from home and with no chance of being able to stop her training.

However, Nene yelped in pain as Mermaimon ordered Beastmon to twist her nipple, which she obeyed, before the she-pirate then yelled in a demanding tone. “Say it!”

“Please Master, please play with me! Use my body however you want!” Nene cried out, making Mermaimon smirk again.

Back on the upper decks, while Olegmon was glad to see Mikey was starting to get in the spirit of a pirate, watching him try to get into the spirit as he celebrated alongside Shoutmon and his hypnotized friends, the Gold Pirate decided to give his new first mate and new crewmember the tour of his ship.

“Alright, I think it’s time I showed you around my ship.” Olegmon said as he opened the door beside his throne and headed down below decks, followed by Mikey and Shoutmon.

But the second Mikey had reached the last step; Beastmon leapt out of nowhere and wrapped her arms around him.

“Oh, Mikey, my champion. I’m so glad you decided to join us.” Beastmon said happily as she continued embracing him, which she over did and caused her breasts to rub against his head, making Mikey blush.

“Alright Beastmon, that be enough from ye.” Olegmon interrupted as he helped remove Mikey from Beastmon’s embrace.

“We don’t want your girlfriend jealous, do we?” He teased, making Mikey blush again and reply. “Nene isn’t my girlfriend.”

“For now she isn’t, but things have a way of changing.” Olegmon commented in reply, which confused Mikey and Shoutmon what the Dark General meant by that.

But before Mikey could ask what Olegmon meant, the Gold Pirate opened a set of doors, revealing a large room that had a massive table in the centre, covered in plates of various and delicious looking foods, amazing Mikey and Shoutmon at the spread, in which Shoutmon began to think with his stomach, rushed over to a seat and began to feast upon a plate of DigiBytes.

“This be the mess hall where we come and dine. While most Captains tend to dine by themselves, I prefer dining with the crew to get to know them better.” Olegmon said, before commenting as Shoutmon had devoured a second plate’s worth of food. “And it looks like you have quite the appetite.”

“You’ve got that right!” Shoutmon replied as he continued eating, making Olegmon laugh.

“Though as much as I’m sure you’d love to continue stuffing your face, there is more of me ship I want you two to get familiar with if ye are to remain onboard.” Olegmon then said in a serious tone, in which Mikey and Shoutmon nodded, leaving the mess hall and continued the tour of Olegmon’s ship, but not before Shoutmon grabbed a pack of Digibytes.

Continuing to follow Olegmon, seeing the various rooms through his ship, the trio eventually arrived in a room full of hammocks, to which Olegmon said. “This be where the crew sleeps. Well, most of the crew.”

“What do you mean?” Mikey had to ask.

“Since me crew consists of mainly aquatic Digimon, they can sleep beneath me ship rather than inside it, giving more room for those land lubber Digimon.” He replied.

“So does that mean we sleep here too?” Shoutmon asked, finishing off the last of his Digibytes.

“No. A first mate gets the luxuries of his own private cabin.” Olegmon replied, before looking down at Shoutmon and saying. “And since ye be my first mate’s best friend, so do ye.”

With that, Olegmon moved past the crew’s quarters, to another door, which he opened, which left the pair speechless upon seeing the quality of the room, as well as Lunamon standing in the room with the ever-familiar spirals filling her eyes.

“Lunamon?” Shoutmon asked in a mixture of confusion and shock. “What are you doing here?”

In reply, Olegmon smirked and replied slyly. “Since Mikey has a Cabin Girl, I felt it fair that ye have one too.”

Turning to Lunamon, Olegmon then asked her. “Tell me, young lass, who be the one you serve, other than your Captain?”

“Shoutmon!” Lunamon replied in a cheerful and determined tone, before the brainwashed Digimon declared to the red dragon Digimon. “Whatever you say, I shall obey!”

“And this be your quarters.” Olegmon said to Mikey, opening the door beside Shoutmon’s, surprising Mikey and Shoutmon to see not only the elegant standards of the first mate’s room, but from seeing Mermaimon and Nene standing beside the bed, with the brunette dressed in a new ensemble.

Her old outfit thrown away and now replaced by a sleeveless top that showed off her breasts, while her skirt had been replaced with a pair of shorts.

And what looked like a black coloured collar had been placed around her neck.

“What’s going on? Nene, why are you dressed like that.” Mikey asked as a blush formed on his face from seeing Nene’s exposed, and beautiful, body.

“If she’s to be part of this crew, she needs to look the part.” Mermaimon replied, before asking. “Right Nene?”

“Right.” Nene replied, lying to protect Mikey.

“Well that be the tour of me ship. I’ll be taking me leave now.” Olegmon said as he turned around and walked of.

Followed by Mermaimon, adding in a sly tone. “Have fun you two.”

Mikey was a little confused as to what Mermaimon meant by that, however, he had much more on his mind, making the former leader of the Fusion Fighters approach his new be, sit down on the end and let out a sad sigh.

Upon seeing Mikey down, Nene asked. “What’s wrong?”

“Everything is. I let everyone down. I let Shoutmon down. I let Christopher down and I’m sure I let you down.” Mikey replied, saddened, but not as much as Nene.

Upon hearing Mikey blaming himself once more broke Nene’s heart.

‘Mikey’s suffering because of me.’ She thought, before remembering her true duties as Mikey’s Cabin Girl, in which she sat beside Mikey and, to his surprise, kissed him on the lips.

Stunned by Nene’s actions, Mikey quickly regained his composure, pulled away and then asked through his flushed cheeks. “Nene, wha... what are you doing?”

“My duties.” Nene replied; before she unbuttoned her top and let it fall to the floor, revealing she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath, making Mikey’s blush deepen.

“Master, please accept me as your slave.” Nene then said, leaving Mikey speechless at the topless brunette before him, before she added as she slipped off her shorts, leaving her completely naked. “I want to make you happy, not just as your Cabin Girl, but as your slave.”

Mikey was unsure how to react at Nene’s declaration and had to ask her in a highly serious tone. “Are you sure about this?”

“I am. My life and my body are yours’ to do with as you see fit.” Nene replied in an honest tone, making Mikey reply. “In that case I have no right to stop what you want.”

“Oh, Mikey, my Master.” Nene replied breathlessly, kissing him once more.

Only this time, Mikey closed his eyes and returned the kiss, matching the love Nene was giving him.

----Upcoming Lemon----

Breaking from the kiss, Mikey gently pushed Nene down onto the bed, gazing down at her naked body.

“You are so beautiful.” He confessed, making Nene smile in reply, before wrapping her arms around her Master and claiming his lips in a passionate and loving kiss, which he gladly returned, tasting each others mouths, tongues, and sampling each other's saliva.

As the pair continued, Mikey could feel his arousal increase from the feeling of his pants tightening, making him break from the kiss for a moment, as he felt nervous as Mikey was still a virgin and had never done anything like this before.

“It’s alright, Master.” Nene reassured. “Just do what you think is right.”

Mikey smiled, feeling his confidence return, in which he removed his shirt, showing off his well-developed chest and muscles to Nene, before moving his head down to the right side of her neck and began to lash out on the soft skin, causing Nene to giggle and moan in pleasure.

And, being Mikey, he continued to put others ahead of himself as he moved down to Nene’s left breast and did what he hoped would give Nene pleasure.

Mikey started to lick her left nipple, causing it to become fully hard, before the former General of the Fusion Fighters began to suck her nipple, while placing his left hand on her right breast and started to massage and fondle it.

“Master... Oh, Master that... Ah... That feels so good...!” Mikey was rewarded with the sounds of Nene moaning in pleasure, encouraging him to continue his actions.

But then, Nene gently placed her hands on the sides of Mikey’s head, removing his talented mouth and tongue away from her breasts, causing him to wonder why she wanted him to stop, before he asked. "Nene, what’s wrong, don't you like it?"

Nene nodded, before saying in reply. "I... I loved it... I just wanted to return the pleasure you gave me.”

With that, Nene then sat up, her hands roamed down from Mikey’s face to his hips, in which she then relieved Mikey of pants, leaving him in just a pair of fire brick coloured boxers, noting the bulge forming within them.

And before Mikey could reply, Nene slid them off his legs, leaving Mikey completely naked and revealing his eight-inch penis to her, which upon seeing it, made the brunette blush.

‘Oh, my! Master Mikey is so big!’ Nene thought, before she then lowered her head to Mikey’s erect manhood, taking her Master’s cock into her and began to suck him off, causing the former Fusion Fighter’s General to groan out. “Nene... You are... Ah... doing an amazing job... It’s amazing...!”

As Nene continued her blowjob, sucking Mikey off as best she could with as much pleasure she could provide, Mikey could feel he was going to cum soon.

However, before he could warn Nene, he groaned out loudly, causing him to release his load and fill Nene’s mouth with his cum.

Nene was surprised at first, but quickly regained her composure and swallowed her Master's load.

And when Mikey was done, Nene removed her lips off of Mikey's manhood, only for the former General of the Fusion Fighters to quickly say in concern. “I’m sorry, Nene. I didn't mean to...”

However, Nene interrupted her Master’s apology, gently placing her right index and middle fingers on Mikey’s lips, silencing him.

“It's all right, Master. I wanted you to do that. As long you’re happy, I’m happy too.” Nene replied in a loving tone, which made Mikey smile, before he decided to return the pleasure.

Grabbing Nene by her hips and returning them to their original positions, Mikey then lowered his head until he was looking down at Nene's pussy, taking a good whiff from her well-developed chestnut brown pubic hairs.

And then began to move his tongue down Nene's pussy, which was pretty wet with her sexual fluids.

Pleasure ran through Nene's entire body from Mikey’s actions, making her moan out. "Oh, Master, that's so good... Please... oh, please more...!”

Doing as Nene had begged, Mikey then moved his face more closer so that his tongue could get all of Nene's vagina, which caused her moans to get increase. But soon, Nene was unable to take anymore, and just like Mikey, the brunette let out a loud cry of pleasure as she released her sexual fluids into Mikey’s mouth. After Mikey finished licking, he told Nene into as he moved back up. "Nene, you taste great."

“Did you like it?” He then asked, making Nene nod in reply.

"Yeah... I did..." Nene replied, before the brunette then spread her legs apart, revealing her pussy to Mikey once again, waiting for the Red General to enter her.

Seeing this made Mikey ask in concern for Nene. “Are you sure?”

His concern for her made Nene smile that she had such a caring Master, in which she told him honestly. “I am. I love you so much, Master and I want to show it.”

“Please, Master, make love to me.” She begged.

And without needing another word, Mikey nodded in reply, inserted his manhood into Nene’s vagina and began to make love to her, causing her to moan out in pleasure.

“Master... Oh, Master...!” Nene moaned in pleasure as she felt all of Mikey’s cock enter her threshold.

And when he was all the way inside of her, Nene let out a loud moan of pleasure. “Master... Ah... Oh, Master, it feels amazing... Ah... Don’t stop...!” She moaned in pure pleasure, making Mikey then let out his own groan of ecstasy.

“Oh, Nene... You're so wonderful... Ah... It’s great...!” Mikey groaned out in a pleasure filled reply.

As he and Nene continued to make love, thrusting back and forth inside of Nene, feeling the wetness of Nene's vagina and the tightness of her pussy, clamping down on his manhood, as if her body was begging for him to stay inside of her, Nene wrapped her legs around Mikey’s shoulders, while Mikey gently placed his hands on her hips, bringing them up into a sitting position where they shared another loving kiss.

Another hour passed as Mikey and Nene continued to make love, returning to their original positions as Nene’s moans soon turned to pure erotic screams of pleasure as Mikey kept to thrust back and forth into her, his groans turned louder while their surrounding soon turned a blur, as if the rest of the Digital World had faded, leaving only them and their love.

But soon, both of them could feel their climaxes approaching.

And feeling this caused Mikey groan out in warning. Nene, I... I can't... Ah... I can't hold on... I'm going to come soon...!”

“Yes... Ah... Yes, Master... Me too...!” Nene replied in sexual excitement.

Mikey and Nene tried to hold on for a few more minutes, but Nene could felt her peak.

And with one huge erotic scream, Nene had her orgasm and released her cum all over Mikey’s dick, which sent him over the edge and caused the former General of the Fusion Fighters to groan out loudly, filling Nene's womb with his seed. With their lovemaking over, Mikey then collapsed on top of Nene, their bodies demanded oxygen as the pair laid together, before Mikey soon removed his cock from Nene, causing a bit of their sexual fluids to come out, staining Mikey's bed.

“Oh, Master, you were amazing...” Nene could only say from experiencing such pleasure.

And Mikey was about to reply, only to then close his eyes and fall face forward into Nene’s crotch, as he had overdone it again, tiring himself out from trying a little too hard to help satisfy his slave.

And as much as Nene was enjoying the wonderful feeling of her Master’s warm breath on her clit, she gently pulled him up and laid him on his back, wrapped her arms around him and snuggled up on his chest, before closing her eyes and falling asleep.

----End Lemon----

Meanwhile, while Mikey was in his quarters with his new Cabin Girl, so too was Shoutmon with his, Lunamon, who was doing everything in her power to make her master comfortable.

“Is there anything I can get for you?” She asked in a curious tone.

“That’s ok.” Shoutmon replied, standing as he watched her walking around the cabin, cleaning it.

“No, I must. I must be a good slave to make my Master happy.” Lunamon said, causing Shoutmon to say back, as he couldn’t take it. “Lunamon, please, you don’t have to do any of this.”

“You’re wrong.” Lunamon then said, before she explained. “When I first started, I wasn’t too sure I would make a good pirate but your determination kept me going.”

Hearing that was both a surprise and a puzzle to Shoutmon, making him ask. “My determination?”

Lunamon nodded in reply, before turning around, getting on all fours and began to feel under the bed, while Shoutmon couldn’t help but stare at her cute ass.

That was until she turned back to face him and was holding a can of DigiBytes, the same pack Shoutmon had shared with her and autographed back in the Warrior Zone.

“Hey, I recognize those.” Shoutmon said, surprised Lunamon had held onto them.

“Yes. They are the same DigiBytes you gave me, the same DigiBytes that gave me the strength to continue and never give up. And the same DigiBytes to help me get the confidence to say I love you!” Lunamon replied in confession.

Shoutmon was speechless; Lunamon loved him.

Looking in her eyes, behind Olegmon’s control, he could see the truth and that she truly loved him, making a strange and warm feeling spread through his chest.

“Master, are you...?” Lunamon began to say, but was cut off as Shoutmon grabbed her shoulders, moved his head forward and kissed her, making Lunamon’s cheeks flush for a moment, before she gently let go of the DigiBytes, closed her eyes and kissed Shoutmon back.

“I love you too.” Shoutmon said in a loving reply after he broke from the kiss, before apologizing in a shameful tone. “I’m just sorry I didn’t realize your feelings or mine until now.”

“That’s ok. I’m just glad to have you now, my Master.” Lunamon replied in a warm and loving tone, before she kissed Shoutmon, who kissed her back, only to then moan a little as she felt Shoutmon lift her by her buttocks and place her on his bed, while remaining in a passion filled kiss.

----Upcoming Lemon----

Shoutmon and Lunamon had their eyes closed as they kissed each other lovingly, mating their tongues, while tasting and swapping saliva, before Shoutmon soon broke from the kiss and began kissing around Lunamon's neck, causing soft moans to escape from her lips as the red dragon Digimon continued his actions, while the love and lust he held for her was consuming him, making him want to mate with Lunamon more and more.

As Shoutmon continued kissing Lunamon, his kisses moved down, from Lunamon's neck and trailed down to her breasts, causing her to moan in pleasure.

"Master... Oh, Master Shoutmon... Ah... That feels so good...!" Lunamon cried out as his tongue began to lash at her left nipple, while his left hand moved across her body, to her chest and massaged her right breast.

"I'm glad you like that. But it's going to get a whole lot better." Shoutmon told her as he ceased his actions on Lunamon's breasts and lowered his head down to Lunamon's pussy, which was quite wet with her sexual fluids.

And then, without needed another word, Shoutmon began to lash at Lunamon’s vagina, causing the rabbit-like Digimon to moan out in sexual excitement. "Oh, Master, that's so good... Ah... That's so good...!"

As Shoutmon continued to lick Lunamon's pussy, filling his ears with her moans of pleasure, which encouraged him to continue, Lunamon soon started to move around frantically as she could feel her climax was coming.

And unable to contain herself, she moaned out loudly as she came, releasing her sexual fluids into Shoutmon's mouth, which he licked up and then told her. "Lunamon, you taste great."

Lunamon smiled as she gazed at her beloved through her spiral filled eyes, before she decided to pay Shoutmon back after receiving so much pleasure, in which the rabbit-like Digimon then repositioned herself and Shoutmon, so she was on top of him.

Shoutmon was a little surprised at first, but his surprise faded and was replaced by pleasure and arousal as Lunamon began to gently kiss around her Master’s neck.

Continuing to pleasure the Digimon she had admired and fallen in love with, Lunamon then mimicked Shoutmon's actions, kissing her way down his chest, until the she had reached Shoutmon's manhood, which had emerged from its protective sheath, revealing it to be around seven-inches, and caused the rabbit-like Digimon to blush at the sight of it.

“Oh, my Master, you are so big.” Lunamon told Shoutmon as she stared at his, cock, before Lunamon then said in an enthusiastic tone. “And I know how to make you feel really good!”

With that, Lunamon began to gently trace her tongue around the tip of Shoutmon's dick, before increasing Shoutmon’s pleasure as the rabbit-like Digimon wrapped her breasts around Shoutmon’s cock and began to massage it, while she continued licking the tip.

“Lunamon, you... you were right... Ah... That feels great...!” Shoutmon groaned out as Lunamon continued, before taking her Master’s member into her mouth and started to suck him off.

For several more minutes, Lunamon continued, happy to hear Shoutmon’s moans and groans of pleasure and approval, before the red dragon Digimon was soon unable to contain himself and came, releasing his load into Lunamon's mouth, which she continued to suck until Shoutmon was finished.

And when Shoutmon had finished cumming, Lunamon removed her lips from Shoutmon's manhood, went face to face with him and asked in a sweet and curious tone. "Oh, Shoutmon, my Msater, did you like that?"

"Yeah... I did..." Shoutmon replied, short of breath for a moment, while a warm smile appeared on Lunamon's face, knowing she had pleased Shoutmon with her blowjob.

And after Shoutmon had got his energy back, the red dragon Digimon, feeling his urges and instincts as an alpha male take over, grabbed onto Lunamon's hips and flipped them over, so he was on top of her again, the tip of his manhood gently rubbing against her womanhood, before Shoutmon lowered himself and inserted his cock into Lunamon's vagina, causing both her and the red dragon Digimon to moan out loudly in pleasure.

Shoutmon started slow in their mating, but soon quickly picked up the pace, going deeper and deeper into Lunamon's pussy, causing Lunamon's moans to turn into cries and screams of pleasure, as well as providing Shoutmon with great amounts of pleasure.

"Oh... Lunamon, you... You're so tight... Ah... It's great...!" He groaned out, making Lunamon moan and beg in reply. "Yes, Master Shoutmon... Yes... That's so good... Ah... Please more... more...!"

Shoutmon did as Lunamon had begged and continued mating with her, slowing down for a moment so he could turn Lunamon around and reposition her on all fours, before resuming the speed of his thrusts, causing their moaning to become even louder than before.

Shoutmon continued to mate Lunamon, both lovingthe pleasure they were given and giving.

But soon, Shoutmon could feel Lunamon's vagina walls clamping down even harder on his cock, showing that she was close to her climax.

But she wasn't the only one as Shoutmon groaned out. "Ah... Lunamon... Ah... I'm coming... Ah...I'm going to cum soon...!"

Feeling that Shoutmon's pace was really quickening, plus feeling her climax coming, Lunamon yelled out in sexual pleasure. "Me too, Shoutmon... Ah... I'm coming, too...!"

Shoutmon and Lunamon continued mating for as long as they could, until Lunamon was unable to contain herself any longer as the rabbit-like Digimon cried out Shoutmon's name in pure ecstasy as she came, releasing her cum all over Shoutmon's member.

And with her climax, Shoutmon groaned out moments later, before he too came, filling Lunamon's womb with his seed.

After their climaxes wore off, Shoutmon removed his manhood from Lunamon's pussy, before he moved back and laid down, unable to hold back a smile as Lunamon snuggled up to his chest with closed eyes and a satisfied smile on her face.

"Oh, Shoutmon, that was wonderful... I love you." Lunamon said in a loving tone, nuzzling her head against Shoutmon’s chest.

"And I love you, Lunamon.” Shoutmon replied with the same amount of love in his voice, before thinking as he pulled Lunamon close to his chest in a protective embrace. ‘And I will find a way to break you out of this slave mind you’re stuck in. I promise you, my love.’

----End Lemon----

Meanwhile, MailBirdramon was soaring through the skies, searing for any signs of Christopher or the others.

“I see them!” Dracomon called out, pointing to a nearby island, making MailBirdramon nod in reply as he increased his speed, meeting up with the blond, who was sitting on the sand alongside Greymon and Cyberdramon.

“Christopher!” Dracomon called out, glad to see the General of Blue Flare was all right.

However, a second glance told him that something was wrong.

“Christopher, what happened? Why didn’t you carry out the plan?” MailBirdramon had to ask, which seemed to touch a nerve as Christopher’s hands began to shake, before he replied. “I didn’t because... because Mikey is now part of Olegmon’s crew.”

Hearing the news of Mikey’s defection shocked Dracomon and MailBirdramon, making the small dragon Digimon state in reply. “That can’t be. No way would he join the bad guys.”

“I’m afraid it’s true.” Christopher replied, remembering how Mikey stood against him and the words he said when confronted about his choice.

“Why Mikey? After all you’ve done for this world, why are you working with the enemy?”

“I had to. It was the only way to protect those I care about!”

“So what do we do now?” Greymon had to ask, breaking Christopher’s thoughts.

“We come up with a new plan. One to defeat Olegmon and to save Mikey and the others.” Christopher replied, remembering how it was thanks to Mikey he was able to overcome AxeKnightmon’s dark influence over him, which made the blond then say in a determined tone to save his friend. “Mikey may be working on the enemies’ side but he’s still my friend. Mikey has never given up on me, and I’m not going to give up on him!”

“Reload, Deckerdramon!” Christopher then called out, holding out his Fusion Loader and causing the massive cyborg Digimon to appear before the blond.

“Christopher, what of Mikey?” Deckerdramon asked, overhearing everything from within the Fusion Loader.

“When I confronted him, he said something about protecting those he cares about.” Christopher replied, before theorizing. “Plus, I didn’t see Nene when I boarded. I bet they were holding her below decks as a prisoner and that’s how Olegmon got Mikey to join.”

“I knew it! Mikey is the nicest guy I know and would never willingly work for a Dark General!” Dracomon stated, making Christopher nod in reply and agreement.

“Everyone, grab all the branches and shrubs you can find.” Christopher then instructed, before saying. “We’re going to take a page from Mikey’s book and use stealth.”

Back aboard Olegmon’s ship, Nene, after a peaceful sleep, began to stir as she slowly awoke from her rest, before feeling around the bed, only to notice Mikey was no longer in bed with her.

Quickly, Nene opened her eyes to see Mikey, who was wearing nothing but his pants and goggles.

“Master! I’m sorry!” Nene suddenly called out, getting his attention, before the brunette got out of bed and onto her hands and knees, bowing before Mikey.

“I should’ve woken before you. Please forgive me!” Nene begged as she lowered her head in respect, only for Mikey to smile, gently place his right hand under her chin, lift her head up so they were eye to eye, before kissing Nene on the lips.

“So you slept in? Don’t worry about it.” Mikey reassured as he continued to smile at Nene, warming her heart.

“Thank you. I don’t know what I did to deserve you, Master.” Nene replied in a tone of love and gratefulness.

“You’re welcome, I guess.” Mikey said, as he was unsure how to respond to Nene’s reply.

However, Mikey and Nene were then interrupted when they heard knocking on the door, before it opened, revealing Shoutmon.

“Hey Mikey. Sorry to bother you and Nene but Olegmon wants us on the brig.” Shoutmon told Mikey, who nodded in reply and then said. “Alright Shoutmon. Just let us get dressed and we’ll be there.”

“Got ya.” Shoutmon replied, closing the door to give Mikey and Nene some privacy, in which Mikey picked up his shirt and put it back on, along with his socks and shoes, while the naked brunette picked up the clothing given to her and put her outfit back on.

With the pair redressed, Mikey and Nene left his cabin and headed up to the brig where Olegmon, who was sitting upon his throne, was awaiting for them.

“Good to see again, me hearties.” Olegmon said to Mikey and Shoutmon, before asking. “I take it you be well rested, and I trust your young lasses took care of you?”

Olegmon’s comment made Mikey blush, before realizing Olegmon’s question was also aimed at Shoutmon, making the former General of the Fusion Fighters think. ‘Wait. Does that mean Shoutmon and Lunamon...?’

But then looking over, Lunamon had her arms wrapped around the left side of Shoutmon’s chest, while resting her head on Shoutmon’s shoulder.

“Well that answers one question.” Mikey commented, before he turned back to Olemon and had to ask. “So why did you call for us?”

“I called yer back here to prove ye as true pirates.” Olegmon replied, before heading to the front of his ship and saying, pointing out to a nearby island as he spoke. “And that be your test.”

Confused, Mikey said. “I don’t understand.”

“That be an island I have yet to plunder of its loot.” Olegmon replied, before telling Mikey in a proud tone, patting his back as he spoke. “And as my first mate, you get to lead the charge.”

“It’s easy. Steal everything you can carry. And then steal some more!” Lunamon then said cheerfully, making Olegmon laugh, while leaving Mikey and Shoutmon in a state of shock.

But before either could reply, Mermaimon emerged from the waters, landing before her Captain.

“Captain, everything is in preparation.” She told Olegmon, who smiled wickedly.

“Alright then. To start things off I’ll have me secret weapon cause some mayhem.” Olegmon replied, before telling Mikey. “Feel free to take over whenever you wish.”

“DarkVolumon, fire away!” Olegmon then commanded.

“Yes Master. Doomsday Woofer!” DarkVolumon announced, firing a blast of sonic energy right at the island.

“No!” Mikey yelled in shock. “Olegmon, you can’t do this!”

“And way not? I be the Dark General of this land and can do as I wish.” Olegmon replied proudly.

However, the screams of innocent Digimon, as their homes and everything around them were being destroyed by DarkVolumon’s power continued to fill Mikey’s ears, making him fall to his hands and knees.

“Master!” Nene called out in concern, worried as to why Mikey had suddenly collapsed.

But then she, along with Shoutmon, Mermaimon and Olegmon could see droplets of water landing on the floor beneath Mikey’s head.

He was crying.

“Please stop. Those Digimon don’t deserve to be attacked. They are just like you and your crew.” Mikey begged, remaining on his hands and knees. “Please, Captain. They want to live peaceful lives together without fear of being attacked and divided apart.”

Olegmon was surprised to hear Mikey actually call him his Captain, and more surprised Mikey would get so distraught over an attack on Digimon he had never met before, in which the Gold Pirate suddenly called out. “DarkVolumon, cease yer fire!”

DarkVolumon obeyed, stopping his attack, which caused DarkVolumon to ask. “Master, why did you make me stop?”

But Olegmon didn’t reply.

Instead, he walked to the door to the lower decks and was about to enter, but not before turning to face his crew.

“I be retiring to my quarters. And that leaves me first mate in charge.” Olegmon then said, before heading down, leaving Mikey in command.

With Mikey in charge, Shoutmon said. “Mikey, now’s your chance. While Olegmon is down, we can take over his ship!”

“I can’t. I made a promise and I don’t want you, Nene or the others to wind up in trouble.” Mikey replied.

“Are you kidding!?” Shoutmon questioned in shock, before stating. “Mikey, he’s a Dark General!”

“I know Shoutmon, but Olegmon isn’t all bad. He could’ve brainwashed you again but he remained true and kept his promise to me. Olegmon may be a Dark General, but I know there’s some good inside him.” Mikey replied.

Hearing that made Shoutmon nod and say in reply. “If you say so, then I’ll continue to remain part of Olegmon’s crew. I know I can trust you and your judgement, not only as my General, but my friend.”

“Thanks Shoutmon.” Mikey said, smiling at Shoutmon, who smiled back and replied. “No problem. But now that you are acting as Captain, what are you orders?” The red dragon Digimon then had to ask.

With that question now on his mind, Mikey began to think, before flicking his goggles, as an idea came to mind.

Taking the helm, Mikey called out. “Dorulumon, use your Drill Tornado on the mast to increase speed.”

“Right away.” Dorulumon replied in an obedient tone, before he roared out. “Drill Tornado!”

The drill on Dorulumon’s tail began to spin at a rapid pace as the wolf Digimon then fired a tremendous blast of wind right at the sails, increasing the speed of the ship as it sailed through the gold coloured waters, right towards the island and Digimon Mikey had managed to protect.

However, upon seeing Olegmon’s ship caused panic amongst the Digimon, making them run in fear as the ship drew closer and closer.

“They’re coming for us! Run for your lives!” A Rabbitmon cried out.

Once the ship had docked upon the shorelines, a plank was then lowered, before Mermaimon, several MarineDevimon, Scorpiomon, Depthmon and those Olegmon had brainwashed jumped off the ship, ready to pillage and attack what was left standing.

But before anyone was harmed, or caused it, Mikey yelled out. “Hold it!”

Everyone looked up to see Mikey, Nene and Shoutmon standing at the front of the ship, causing a Digitamamon to say in joy. “It’s the Fusion Fighters, they’ve come to stop these dreaded pirates!”

“Actually, we’re kinda on their side.” Mikey replied, quite embarrassed at the awkwardness of the situation.

“But don’t worry, we’re not here to steal or cause harm.” He quickly cleared.

Confused, but having to know, another Rabbitmon asked. “Then why are we here?”

A smile appeared on Mikey’s face at the question, before he, Shoutmon and Nene jumped off the ship.

While Shoutmon landed successfully, Mikey stumbled a bit as he landed, before he quickly arose and caught Nene, bridal style, and then prepared his plan.

Meanwhile, as Mikey had taken to his new position, Olegmon had taken to his room, which had gold coloured walls, massive piles of loot, including jewels of various sizes and ranges, large piles of gold coins and other fine valuables scattered around the room and a large bed that the Gold Pirate was currently lying down upon as his hands rested behind his head.

‘I just don’t get it. I’ve been plundering for ages, so why can’t I stop thinking about what Mikey said?’ Olegmon mentally asked himself, remembering how Mikey’s pleas had caused him to stop his attack.

However, Olegmon’s thoughts were interrupted when Mermarimon entered his quarters, in which the she-pirate then told the Dark General. “Captain. I apologize for disturbing you, however, I thought you might want to see what your new first mate has the crew doing.”

Curious, Olegmon followed Mermarimon back up to the brig and was left in a sate of shock at what his eyes gazed upon.

Before him was his crew, which were helping repair all the damage DarkVolumon had caused.

“That be no way for a pirate to act. A pirate doesn’t help those he’s supposed to steal from.” Olegmon stated in a mixture of shock and anger, making Mermaimon smile slyly and suggest in reply. “Maybe you should teach him then?”

Olegmon smirked at Mermaimon and her idea, in which he was about to jump off of his ship and retake command in a great onslaught of pillaging.

But Olegmon stopped when he saw Mikey was assisting too, lifting some debris with Shoutmon; revealing the injured forms of two Pichimon.

“Cutemon, we have more wounded.” Mikey called out to the new medic of the Gold Pirate Crew.

“I’m on it.” Cutemon called back as he had just finished healing the cracks on a Digitamamon’s shell, before he rushed over and began to treat their wounds.

While Cutemon continued using his Healing Glow technique, Mikey rushed over to the two MarineDevimon, who had hoisted ropes over a large section of wall that had been blasted off the side of an unlucky Digimon’s house, and were currently pulling it back up.

“You two.” Mikey said, getting their attention, before the former Red General then told the duo as he and Shoutmon grabbed a spare rope in the middle of the pair. “Don’t strain yourselves. Here, let us help.”

“Thanks Captain.” One of the MarineDevimon said in an appreciative tone as he continued to hoist the wall back up alongside his shipmates.

“Yeah, thanks a lot. This is a whole lot easier with you guys.” The other MarineDevimon added, just as they managed to get the wall back up, before blasting it with several shots of their Dark Deluge attack, which normally they used to trap enemies, but were using the black ooze as a bonding agent to keep the wall in place.

Grateful, the Rabitmon who owned the once ruined home praised Mikey, Shoutmon and the MarineDevimon.

“Thank you for fixing my home.” She said happily.

“You’re welcome.” Mikey replied, glad to see he was able to help the Digital World despite being on the side of a Dark General, before he then moved on and continued helping the others, leaving Olegmon speechless.

Watching Mikey as he continued to help filled Olegmon with that weird feeling from before.

“Captain?” Mermaimon asked upon seeing Olegmon just standing in place, making her wonder what was on the Dark General’s mind.

“Look at him.” Olegmon said, looking upon Mikey, who had a big smile on his face as he assisted Nene and Mervamon, throwing away some rubble and debris.

“Mikey looks genuinely happy.” The Gold Pirate then commented, causing him to unintentionally smile as he continued watching his crew, the island Digimon and his first mate working as one.

However, the mood then changed when Mikey’s eyes slowly closed and he fell forward, unconscious.

Luckily Nene caught him, before resting her Master’s head on her lap.

“Mikey!” Olegmon yelled out, running down the plank and over to his fallen first mate, where he then asked in concern. “Be he suffering from a case of scurvy?”

Nene shook her head from Olegmon’s question, before she replied, as a warm and gentle smile appeared on her face, while she gently stroked Mikey’s hair. “No. Whenever Master helps others, he always pushes himself too far.”

Glad to hear Mikey was just tired and would be ok, Olegmon shook his head and called out, retaking command. “Listen up, crewmates. Board the ship, we be leaving.”

“And you.” Olegmon then called to Nene, before instructing. “Help Mikey up and back to his quarters, where he can rest properly.”

Following the order of their Captain, the Gold Pirate Crew headed back up the plank and aboard Olegmon’s ship, while Shoutmon assisted Nene, lifting Mikey up as the red dragon Digimon helped place the unconscious form of his friend on Nene’s back, before the brunette carried Mikey back aboard the ship, into Mikey’s room, where she laid him down.

“Sweet dreams Master.” Nene said, kissing Mikey’s forehead before she laid on the bed beside him and watched her beloved rest.

Several hours later, Mikey slowly opened his eyes, his vision greeted by Nene, who was lying beside him and had a gentle smile on her face.

“Hello Master. I hope you slept well.” She said, in which Mikey could only nod in reply.

“How long was I out?” He then asked curiously.

“You were out for most of the afternoon.” Nene confessed, before the brunette told her Master in an honest and assuring tone. “But you deserved all the rest after all your help.”

“Have you been watching me the whole time?” Mikey then asked, making Nene nod her head in reply.

“I have because I never want to leave his side. I love you too much.” Nene replied lovingly, causing a warm smile to appear on Mikey’s face as he then leaned in and claimed Nene’s soft lips in a loving kiss, which Nene gladly returned.

However, their kiss was interrupted when Spadamon opened the door, alerting them to his presence and made them stop to see what Spadamon, or rather, Olegmon, wanted.

“First mate Mikey, Cabin Girl Nene, the Captain of Gold Land summons you to join him for dinner.” Spadamon told the pair, making Mikey and Nene nod in reply as they then followed the entranced Digimon.

After a small trip from his cabin, Mikey, Nene and Spadamon had arrived in Olegmon’s dining room, where Spadamon took a seat beside Shoutmon and Lunamon, while Olegmon stood up.

“Mikey.” He called out in cheer. “It’s good to see yer finally up.”

“Come, you must be starving. Park yer keaster next to yer Captain.” Olegmon said as he held his right arm out, showing an empty seat next to his.

Doing as Olegmon had said, Mikey walked over, taking the seat beside Olegmon’s, while Nene took a seat by her Master’s side, making Olegmon smile as he sat back down.

With Mikey and Nene now present, Shoutmon thought he could finally eat.

He was drooling as he reached for some food, but was stopped when a knife shot forward and was embedded within the table just before Shoutmon’s fingers, making the red dragon pull his hand back, while his face paled.

“Not so fast. We don’t eat until the Captain gets his toast.” Mermeimon explained as she lowered her arm, revealing she was the one who almost cut Shoutmon’s hand off.

“That’s right. As first mate, you get the honour of toasting yer Captain.” Olegmon told Mikey, before he grabbed the cup beside his plate, which was filled with an orange liquid, and held it in the air, followed by the rest of the Gold Pirate Crew.

Being put on the spot, Mikey felt a little nervous trying to think of something to say, fortunately, the toast was interrupted as Coronamon, Olegmon’s new chef, entered the room, holding a trey with a metal lid covering what was inside.

“Dessert is served.” Coronamon said, placing the trey down before Olegmon, before he announced in a proud tone. “A new recipe and crowd favourite from the Sweet Zone. I present to you all the Queen of Desserts’ sweet potato cake!”

Lifting the lid, everyone looked to see a cake that looked like it had been burnt and inedible, but seeing the familiar dessert gave Mikey an idea for his toast.

Raising his glass, Mikey then said. “To Olegmon, our Captain and leader. He may look all hard on the outside but I know that just like this cake, he has a greatness inside of him.”

Everyone remained quiet after Mikey’s toast until Olegmon laughed.

“A fine toast. A fine toast indeed.” Olegmon stated.

“I’ll eat to that!” Shoutmon replied, grabbing the knife before him, which he pulled from the table and used to cut a slice of cake and began eating, encouraging the others to eat, drink and enjoy the meals Coronamon had prepared for his crewmates.
This is the right place to put it and a nice fic. Good job. Keep going.
It's great to see a Digimon Fusion fic! I haven't seen the English dub yet, but you've captured what I imagine it to be like, especially with Olegmon's "voice" and personality. Great job!

Yeah. It's pretty accurate. And I have seen it.
And just to let you know, I have finished it.

And just to let ya know, I have finished it.

And just to let ya know, I have finished it.
You mean it wasn't before? Thanks though. ...Did a few words get cut off at the end?
I put this on a to be continued basis, but now it's all done.