Triad (Digimon Tamers OC fic) - Chapter 4
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- This story is all OCs. No canon tamers appear in this at all, and it's an entirely new story.
- This story is full of graphic sexual content. If you do not wish to read that sort of thing, do not read this story.
- The core format of this story is of Tamers, with egg hatching and the Digivolution lines adhering to the format of the MMORPG Digimon Masters Online. The history and lore of the Digital World adheres mostly to that in Adventure, including the synchronising of time passing.

Triad, Chapter 4 - The Family Dinner


A week or so had passed since the tamers had destroyed Togemon. Since then, the Data-types had continued to push through, more and more of them than they’d ever handled before, and - by the grace of the gods - on all occasions, peace had been restored to their city, their self-designated area. Each time, the Datas had been lost, confused, frightened, and also much more powerful than anything the tamers were used to. The gang had decided that the power of the Datas was so great, they must have inadvertently bio-emerged somehow.

It was once theorised, that during an unexpected leap in power - which went hand-in-hand with a particularly large volume of data gained at once, Digimon can risk tearing holes between the two worlds inadvertently. With this in mind - if this was the case... the clueless gang had one unanimous thought growing at the back of all of their minds, day by day. What, in theory, would cause such massive gains in data - so large that even the otherwise-stable code of the Digimon couldn’t handle it? Ripping so many of them from their world and hurling them into the other?

The only thing that the six could be certain of was that, in these past weeks, the Digimon they faced were much more powerful than anything they were used to, and that they all seemed to be of the Data type. It was only with Stingmon’s type advantage that they had been able to retain control over the situation.


Geea’s family were seated for dinner, once again. The four sat around a large, round wooden table in the middle of the kitchen, with one vacated seat next to Geea while Stingmon served them, spooning out amid clouds of steam radiating from the casserole in the centre.

The refrigerator door opened, then shut, and Stingmon set a bottle of ketchup down in the centre of the table, along with salt and pepper grinders, and took his seat next to Geea, to eat with her family. This was what Stingmon did while he lived in Geea’s world. He helped her and her family - served them. It wasn’t an obligation though. He simply wanted to help around the house as much as was possible while he stayed in the real world. Being housed in complete secrecy, there wasn’t much else he could do without the boredom driving him mad. He had practically become a full-time housekeeper.

Geea’s mother, Elizabeth, was far from complaining. It meant that she came home to a much cleaner house than ever before, and there was far less housework for her and her husband to do at the weekend - if any. For his helpfulness, she was thankful. She knew the… ‘Digimon’, the... thing... did this for no reward, and it was clear to her that he was already well-adjusted to a life of fair work.

He sat there now, on a chair that he was too big for, huddled in next to his ‘tamer’... eating chicken casserole off a fork which was too small for him. She watched him take food into a mouth hidden somewhere behind that shiny green armouring, that she couldn’t see. Every now and then, a long, thin grey tongue poked out, lapping at the fork. He still repulsed her, no matter what he’d done for her. In fact, he downright terrified her. Trevor, too. They never could tell what he was thinking... or how he was feeling... because that face of his had no expression. He always stood so still.

They hated that creature so much.


They both remembered the day that thing came into their lives as though it was yesterday.

Geea was still studying for her A-Levels at the time. Only seventeen. She’d gone away for the weekend, on a camping trip, just outside of Winchester, with Shelby and Peter. All discussed in advance with all the parents. Such nice kids, both her parents thought, they never got in trouble with anyone, never drank, never made Geea do anything she shouldn’t. In retrospect, they hoped that the more time she spent with them, the less she would be influenced by her... other, friends. In retrospect, they were perhaps a little too quick to push her onto them where they could.

Upon her return home, her parents knew right away that something was wrong. It was way more than a feeling. Geea’s typical entry would be to burst through the front door, announcing her arrival, knocking over everything stood or propped up within ten feet of her swinging bags and sacks and whatnot, not setting down any of that luggage until she had greeted her parents, brother, and two dogs, beaming, with tale upon tale of her trip.

This evening, the only signal of her return, was a phonecall.

“Hi Mum,” she’d said, upon hearing her mother’s excited voice down the line. No joy in her tone. She was trying to sound upbeat, but she’d always been so bad at hiding that worrisome edge in her voice. “I’m in the garden. Can you and Dad come out please?”

And with that, herself and Trevor both hurried out the back door of the house, into the garden, where Geea stood in the moonlight - all her bags set down on the grass, except for one.

“Geea…” Elizabeth began. “What’s going on?”

“I have to tell you something important,” Geea began. “I’ll tell you everything, but you have to let me get through it all before-“

“What the hell have you done?” Trevor breathed in a threatening tone. He advanced, snarling.

“Nothing! I haven’t done anything!” Geea assured. She was so careful to keep her voice down. “I’m not in any trouble. Nothing is wrong!”

“Then what is this about?” Elizabeth asked again.

“I need to discuss an... arrangement, with you,” she said. “Something which may or may not happen, depending on whether you say yes or no. But I need to explain everything... before you say a thing. If I can’t get through it all in one go, I don’t think it’s gonna come out right.”

Trevor and Elizabeth stayed silent, hand squeezing hand in fearful anticipation of the worst. What worst they were anticipating, they didn’t know. But they knew, whatever it was, they could trust Geea to fuck it up big time.

“I spent the weekend with Shelby and Pete,” she began. “But we weren’t camping. Well... Not like you’d have thought we were. We went on another trip. See - they both have had a… hobby… for quite some time now. It means that they need to visit a particular place every now and then. I knew about their hobby right from the start. I never got involved, but they didn’t keep it from me, not ever. But this weekend, I knew they were taking that trip again. And I asked to come with them. And... they said I could.

“We went to a place you won’t have heard of. Somewhere I hadn’t heard of before they started on this hobby. You need to believe me... when I say they took me to a place called the Digital World. The world of our computers. The world of... our phones. The world of everything wireless.”

Geea’s parents stared, and finally, exchanged looks of sheer horror. That was it. This was the worst. Not any of the worsts they’d been imagining, but it was definitely the worst. She hadn’t gambled herself into debt, no. She hadn’t been trafficked, no. For whatever reason, Geea had gone completely mad. And in that moment when every connection in their brains fired at once, threatening them to explode, they blamed drugs that they had never seen their daughter take.

“You’re...” Her father began, that animalistic rage returning familiarly to his face. “You’re on drugs... after everything we’ve taught you!”

“Dad, you told me you were gonna listen!” Geea hushed, still wanting to keep quiet. “I’m not on drugs! I’ve never taken drugs!”

“Trevor, we promised her we’d listen!”

“You’re a liar!” Trever shouted, ignoring his wife. He advanced menacingly on Geea, who didn’t budge. “What did you take, you lying bitch!”

“I’m not lying!” Geea reasoned, immovable, louder now. So much for keeping quiet, she thought. “Please, you have to listen to me!”

Geea knew she was in no danger, her father just got angry a lot. But the Rookie hiding away in that one bag she still clung onto, did not. At the threatening tones, he began to fight against his confines, struggling against the nylon to escape.

“Geea, let me out, now!” a male voice called out. “I just want to know you’re okay, just let me out!”

The two parents did a double take. That was a real voice coming from in there.... A real fucking voice.

“Geea, what on earth is in that bag?” Elizabeth cried. “What’s going on?”

“Let’s get inside,” the daughter said, rushing across the small garden through the back door, neglecting those other bags entirely. Her parents followed, more terrified than ever, despite the squirming bag having subsided now that its surroundings were quiet again.

“Where was I at...” Geea struggled for a moment to remember her place. “Oh yeah... The Digital World. I went there with Shelby, and Pete. Their hobby is... they’re friends with- no, it’s something more than that... but that’s not important right now... they’re friends with two of the people from the Digital World.”

Geea held up that bag, as though explaining, though by the look on her parents’ faces, that wasn’t enough.

“They’re called Digimon. That’s short for Digital Monsters. Beings of data. Shelby and Pete’s friends both live with them here, but sometimes they have to go home. I already knew them myself, and this weekend... I wanted to go see this place for myself. Just to see it. And I met more of the Digimon who live there.”

Geea finally unzipped the beach bag. “I met one Digimon in particular. Meet Wormmon.”

The Rookie slowly, timidly, poked his head out of the beach bag.


Elizabeth couldn’t remember much after the shock of seeing that insect for the first time, but Geea started to babble on about a ‘duty’ she had to take on. Because of a ‘bond’ that had been established between her and the creature. She’d been given some sort of toy that seemed to mean a lot to her. She said she was a ‘tamer’ now.

And after all the begging for her mother to stop screaming, Geea had asked if the creature could stay for a while. And maybe the shock messed with their heads, but the two of them eventually agreed. Looking back on it, she figured it was the only thing they could do now that she’d gone so far. No turning back, he was their problem, and they had to hide this thing for her. And on top of that... while Geea said it was up to them whether he stayed or went back home, she just wouldn’t take no for an answer.

And now the entity still sat there with them, just about a year later. Elizabeth had mixed reactions to the news that the Digimon could change form at will, and would spend most of his time in his anthropomorphic form for functionality. Her heart sank as she first saw the Champion - so tall... barely able to stand up under their roof. He would take up so much space!

But at the same time, Elizabeth knew she could make the insect useful. For for the first four months or so, having Stingmon in the house was pretty great, for everyone. He would never miss an opportunity to help Elizabeth with cooking meals, the laundry, anything he could do. He revealed himself to be rather domesticated. And ten year-old Jacob absolutely loved the entity. He was fascinated by that enormous, spiky, strong, weapon-laden beast. Sometimes, when the sun set and neither of them would be seen, Stingmon would play football with Jacob under the moonlight. Maybe it was because of this, that Jacob made the school team. The Digimon seemed to get on with everyone.

But it would seem he got along with some a little too well. Geea had warned her parents that herself and her ‘partner’ would practise conditioning together, but even that didn’t explain the moaning and groaning they'd heard from outside her bedroom those four months in. They knew exactly what they'd heard, right from the start, but they didn’t dare question her about it. Why would they ever do that? If they talked to her about it, their fears would be confirmed. That would make the situation real, and this way, they could pretend this monster wasn’t screwing their daughter. And if that wasn’t enough motivation to bury the thought away, deep in their heads, they didn’t dare stand up to the Digimon. How easily could he snap a human over his knee? They didn’t dare question him when he terrified them so much.

Trevor was more than a little suspicious that Geea had the insect ready to attack him at a moment’s notice. If ever he raised his voice to her, if he ever stood over her like he did - not dangerous, but admittedly not how he wanted to be to her... the thing would be there, around every doorway, around every corner, and even though there was never any expression on his face, Trevor could tell that the gesture was meant as a threat. The act achieved exactly what Geea wanted it to - he’d stop shouting at her after that, for the time being, and it left him feeling utterly, inescapably powerless. Stifled. Ignored.

Trevor had even considered killing the creature when he devolved into his smaller form. Sometimes he would become Wormmon, and stay that way while he slept... to regain energy, if he recalled correctly. He could strike then - maybe he wouldn’t be as strong as when he was Stingmon. But even months after he had the idea, it was still just a wild dream. Geea would never forgive him. She loved the thing so much. Though they wouldn’t accept it, they were well aware that there was a special bond between them. They couldn’t understand the tamer-partner bond for themselves, but imagined it was similar to the bond one has to their own flesh and blood. That was something they couldn’t let themselves get in the way of.

So the insect stayed with them indefinitely, fucking their eighteen year-old daughter, until the two of them decided it was time for him to move on, which showed no god damn sign of happening any time soon. Both Geea’s parents just hoped, with all their energy, that his next fight would be too much for him. Then he wouldn’t darken their door again.

“Thank you so much, Elizabeth,” Stingmon said, snapping both parents out of their reveries. “Your cooking was divine, as always.”

Elizabeth suppressed a scowl. “Oh, you’re very welcome.”

Now, Jacob was the only one still eating, and Stingmon was already on his feet, clearing up the used crockery and cutlery. He wasn’t wearing his gauntlets. This was always strange for all the family to see, especially for Geea. Underneath the massive black, clawed gauntlets, his hands were very much the same as those of a human, but clawed. What looked like large, shiny, wrinkled burns covered the upper side of both his forearms - Geea knew this was where his Spiking Strike came from, but he needed his gauntlets to get them to work. At the upper wrist was some kind of invagination, and an inside part of the gauntlets would fit into these to allow the energy beams to reach the outside world.

Jacob had cleaned his plate now, and had left. Geea excused herself too. She left, undoubtedly getting ready to go see Shelby later on. Stingmon would be staying at home - sometimes he did. As much as Geea’s parents despised him being there, at least he wouldn’t be anywhere near Geea... and his hands would be off her for a few hours.

Now the only ones still seated, Elizabeth and Trevor looked across the table at one another, again. They didn’t talk about it anymore. They just tried not to think about it. They held hands across the table for gods only know how long. The only thing they could do, was try and get on with their lives until fate smiled more kindly on their family.
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