Artist Blitzdrachin
Artist Blitzdrachin draws pokemon, digimon, and dragons in general, usually feral. She's often taking commissions and has a patreon where you can help support her art while getting access to extra stuff.

An album of some of her Digimon and Pokemon work

I was that one who commissioned the Gomamon animation :3 There's a cute Flipnote version of it too!
[spoiler=See in here~][Image: rLdY4RE.gif]

And here's the rough sketch of that pose:
[Image: YRUx6l1.jpg][/spoiler]
The Airdramon/Dolphmon pic was a Patreon request I got last month.
She will also be working on a Guilmon x Agumon [m/m] pic in the future! It was 3rd place in a poll of ideas that Patreon supporters got to vote on~ [I'm a Patreon of hers too X3]
Would recommend commissioning her if you ever get the chance, very nice to work with, and super fast turnaround time for that animation. I'm impatiently waiting to nab another commission lol
Looks to be mostly yaoi. But nice looking.