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Dragon Ball Super
The first Dragon Ball anime since 1997! Super is finally out.

It takes place sometime after Buu was defeated at the end of DBZ. It's written by Akira Toriyama so it's canon with DBZ, unlike GT. Oddly, Battle of the Gods and Resurrection of F will be retold in it instead of being canon, with some twists to their stories it seems. It isn't until after those arcs that it's planned to have an original one.

Only 2 episodes have aired so far. I haven't been that into it yet but I'm sure it'll get more interesting as it gets moving.

There's a manga coming out as well, which is a step ahead in the story and seems to be leaving out filler. There's what looks like a God of Destruction from another universe (it was stated in Battle of the Gods that there are 12 universes, each with their own God of Destruction) but his design is only a little different from Beerus.
Yeah. Fat Beerus. Should be interesting. And make for some interesting episodes.
The Tournament of Power arc has been good so far.
Dragon Ball Super has been pretty great. I like the new villain/opponent designs, the battles are creative, the filler isn't bad, the side characters are getting their own character development, and the world building is excellent.

I theorize that Goku is so calm in the current situation because... (let's check out if the spoiler tag is working:)
Well that makes sense. And seems obvious. If only for Goku.
Well it seems some of the weaker universes were meant to be destroyed originally, so the tournament will give them a fighting chance. The saga is pretty good, it does seem that aliens keep popping up more and more. Yeah, we had Saiyans, Freeza and Babidi's gang arrive on Earth.... but at least all the Androids and Cell were made on Earth. It seems aliens keep visiting Earth every other day now. I think currently Goku and 17 are fighting aliens that are trying to rob a rare species on Earth.
The series sure has fun ideas.