Hello foolish mortals!
Foolish mortals: Hi.

Enjoy the buffet, now that they've been dealt with. Hello again DaD. I'm Shadowknight, you can call me Shadow, Shaun, dark lord, *Speaks in a language that makes some random person's ears bleed*, or just Shadowknight. Assume you all know me, AND IF YE DO NOT YE SHALL BE MADE TO KNOW! With handy pamphlets on who I am and what SDP's goals are.

1. Get pie
2. Eat pie
3. ???

Good to meet everyone again, stop in and say hi, help yourselves to a gift basket, *Points over to large baskets filled with bound and gagged renamon and assorted wines and fruits*
"Stand tall and shake the heavens!" - Xenogears.
Shadow Dragon Pack (SDP)
The Mod Squad
Have you been consorting with Cthulhu again? I told you that ancient language is dangerous. That said, it keeps making pie pop up randomly so... *Hugs baskets of pies*
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Shadow Dragon Pack (SDP)
The Mod Squad
Nice to see you again. Hope you can help out around here.
I can supply the boobies

..also hello :U
I am Nebu
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