Hi everyone
I'm Chaos Knight Matthew. Some may remember me some may not but I am happy this place is being revived. ^^

One thing though... I tried logging in with my old account, Chaotic Phoenix, and despite it saying I was logged in successfully when I got to the main page it was as if I never logged in at all. Has that been an issue currently for older accounts? Just wondering is all.

And I had an issue with posting just now. Figured it out I think but I couldn't delete my test post.
Welcome back! I think that was just an issue with me changing the board url (removing the www) at the same time you were trying to log in. Try again now and you should be able to.
Oh hey. Nice to see you back.
Ah I see. Now I'm back with my old colors lol. Thank you.
Nyaa... Will be around but not very much.
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Welcome. Glad to see you back.
HI~nice to meet you
For me,there is alse something to want.