Reorganizing the board!
Think the digimon section could get a bit more fleshed out, that is the heart of the forum right? Digimon? :b maybe just something like games (video games, card games, v-pets/digivices, fan made games), anime, and maybe a section to discuss the characters themselves (humans and digimon) that could be merged with the fan club section?
*edit* maybe even one for discussing digimon merchandise but I might be the only one constantly posting in there LOL

Also I guess my digimon doujinshi scans still belong in the digi hentai section? XD

And not really sure what to suggest for this exactly but it would be nice for the artists and writers boards to have a subsection for any commission discussion; that is, people looking to buy, artists and writers posting stuff like pricing for their works, where to find/contact them, patreons (I know some people hate these but I don't mind them XD ), artist or artist/author collaborations, theme discounts or sales, and that kind of thing. Good idea, bad idea?
Sounds like an idea. Let's see how it works.
Alright. Done:
  • Merging The Game Room's boards into General Chat.
  • Merging The Den of Inspiration and The Review Team into D-PAW.
  • Merge Issues and Suggestions into one.
  • Merge Homework Help with Testing, HTML and Sig Help into "Help!" under General Chat.
  • I think... having a variety of Digimon boards doesn't seem necessary at the moment. I'll make a section for Digimon News and we'll see what stuff gets talked about the most and make a board for it then.
  • I suppose Donate doesn't need to be a board, we'll just have a thread in it's place.

To figure out:
  • The Love Pad. It might be nice if we could expand this to be about different... subjects in general. Like a section for Rule 34, etc. Suggestions for a new name for it?
  • Commissions in the artists and authors section. I'm not sure what I want to do with that at the moment.
That really works. Thank you.