ALL the Digi-Hentai Links!
Here's all the links to Digihentai-specific places or searches with active results.

Know any more active places? Let me know.

NSFW Digimon Sites of course

Artist Communities *Need to log in to see adult content* *May need to log in and fiddle with settings to see unfiltered results* *Need to log in to see adult content* *Need to log in to see adult content* *Again log in to see adult content* *Yep, log in*

Booru-style boards *Aggregated from other boards*

Chan-style boards
You can often find threads on other notable furry/r34 boards such as fchan, u18chan, etc.

Doujinshi Galleries *Content deleted from e-hentai (to appease advertisers) is moved to Ex-Hentai so you can find more content there, but you have follow directions to log into it, or you just get the sad panda. Search google for how. Moved galleries say "pining for the fjords"*
See also:

On Social Networks *Need to log in and click the padlock. Also try different search terms.* *There's also /r/DigiHentai but at the moment it's idle*

The only I know of are #Digimon and #DigimonYiff on FurNet IRC.

The DHZ Torrent
I appear to be the only seeder right now, others come and go.
View it by opening Site Mirror.html or browse the files in the archive under the directory /DHZ/Site_Mirror_Files/

Some SFW Links