ALL the Digi-Hentai Links!
Here's all the links to digihentai-specific places or searches with active results.

Know any more active places? Let me know.

First off, of course. We've got a ton of history since we were founded in 2001. We especially like to hear from old (or new!) members in the Discord, so come say hi! Hopefully I can find the time to revamp the main site soon™.

Artwork Galleries
These first five I check the most often, they seem to get the most content:
FurAffinity *Login for adult content*
Pixiv *Login for adult content*
InkBunny *Login for adult content*

Hentai-Foundry *Some content hidden, login and change settings to see everything*
NewGrounds *Login for adult content*
SoFurry *Login for adult content*
Weasyl *Login for adult content*
TBIB *Aggregated from other boards*

The DigiArtist's Domain's Discord *Join us!*
Digimon Sky Adventure *A roleplay server with a focus on sfw, but does have a nsfw section*
Let me know if you know any more!

Doujinshi Galleries
Note: Most content deleted from e-hentai (to appease advertisers) is moved to Ex-Hentai. You'll need directions to access it or you just get the sad panda. Search google for how. Moved galleries say "pining for the fjords".

See also, the doujinshi database:
Also see also, sale listings: Mandarake Doujins

On Social Networks
Reddit search
Twitter search
Pillowfort? Not sure, still in semi-closed beta.

The DHZ Archive
[Image: 5qxdV2c.jpg]
The Digimon Hentai Zone was the DaD's sister site many years ago, hosting pics, lemons, and a popular forum just like us. Sonimon decided to close her down in 2006. Many people have fond memories there.
I've uploaded my copy of the archive to Mega below. Let me know if the link doesn't work, I can always find a way to get it to you.
View it by extracting it then opening Site Mirror.html or browse the files in the archive under the directory /DHZ/Site_Mirror_Files/

Some SFW Links
With the Will *The premier digimon fansite and news source*
Wikimon *Best information around, use this as your Digidex*
Official Digimon Twitter (Japanese)
Watch Digimon on CrunchyRoll
The list has been updated!

Man, it says I hadn't updated it for 5 years. Only major change was Tumblr driving itself to ruin by banning nsfw.
I sure was surprised. But yeah. And now Tumblr people have went to twitter and started making it worse. You know how hard that is.