Excuse me.RP = Roleplay ,is it?
I'm lack of ability of drawing even I haven't draw myself a setment..(I don't know how to call it.It's a virtual role maybe like your kita.So I use setment...)
For me,there is alse something to want.
Yes roleplay it is :-) if you wanna do a roleplay let me know I've got too many ideas in my head XD
What kind of RPs do you guys prefer? Long, detailed posts or shorter ones? Ones focused on plot or more free-form?
(05-20-2015 08:40 PM)Jaser Wrote: What kind of RPs do you guys prefer? Long, detailed posts or shorter ones? Ones focused on plot or more free-form?

I like the long detailed one sometimes, I even like the short ones, honestly depends on what mood I'm in for some odd reason. And free from with some type of story line.

What are you into? :-)
Hell, if you're going to do this, maybe I can get in on it. It's been a long while since I've done any real RP'ing, but I've been meaning to shake off the rust.

To answer some previous asked questions: I don't have a problem with either OC or canon characters, I can do either. And I personally prefer more detailed, structured posts to short or one-liners. I also find it easier to have a central story line of sometime to keep things in focus, but allow people to deviate into subplots and whatnot.
I've got an RP idea to run by you guys:

In a universe where events from each Anime all occurred ambiguously in the past (so Digimon are public, you can choose any form of digivolving, DATS exists, etc), access to the Digiworld has been closed for 4 years. When the digital gate finally reopens tamers get to meet their Digimon again and explore how the Digital World has changed during that time.

I imagine Tamers can travel into the Digiworld to wherever their Digimon is or vice-versa. The Digiworld can be in layers like in Tamers but include all the other anime Digiworlds with their own layer. You can travel between them like we saw in Tamers or how we saw in Xros Wars. Any plot can fit into this setting, really.

I'd roleplay as a Strabimon with my girlfriend as my tamer and after finally seeing her again have an... "adventure" with her but she's not up for forum roleplaying at the moment.
I'm really out of the loop after Tamers, I pretty much lost track of what channel each of the series that followed aired on. Really seems like they just jumped around. In any care I don't have a lot of information to work with, but I'm working on fixing that.

In any case, I approve of any idea that is all inclusive to each cast. Such as something like you've explained, or completely going with a new original idea that could include the past cast of characters and original ideas (such as new digivolutions forms), something that makes the RP unique.