Room of humiliation
This lemon by me contains adult concepts from the television show Digimon. Do not proceed if you are under eighteen or the material is illegal in your jurisdiction.

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Character: Kari from 02.

Title: Room of humiliation

The Digimon Emperor was browsing some web pages. “Good work, Wormmon,” he smiled at his Digimon partner, “now we know their port numbers, I’m going to give them a surprise and Tai will be the number 1!”

“But what if his sister…” Wormmon asked.

“Even better,” The Digimon Emperor answered shortly and began to work, Wormmon decided not to disturbed his master, he jumped down from the desk and crawled back to his little bed.


One week later, Kari turned on her PC to play games, “Gatomon, I feel…someone or something…is watching me…”

“Kari, I’ve checked everywhere and didn’t find any hidden camera.”

Kari locked the door and began to change dress. “It’s not…the camera…never mind, anyway, the Digital World suddenly became so calm.”

“May be the Emperor is planning something…BIG…we must be more careful…”

“Gatomon, mail from Patamon…”

“Hmm…I’m going out for a while.”

After Gatomon left the house, Kari closed the door and began to play computer games. Soon, she yawned and closed her eyes. Suddenly there was a Digimon appeared on the LCD monitor, “downloading data…” murmured the Digimon. Later when Kari opened her eyes again, the LCD monitor back to normal again.


One month later, Kari turned on her PC and her Digivice, she entered a port number to open the Digital World gate. After she was sucked into the gate, the LCD monitor showed “changing destination…completed…”


“Hey, wrong destination?” Kari was surprised when she landed on a small room. ”This is not Area 50…” Kari began to operate the PC but suddenly a Digimon appeared on the screen.

“Welcome to the humiliation room!”

Kari looked around but did not see anyone. “Here! In front of you!” Kari was surprised and stared at the screen.

“I’m New-Datamon, you must answer my questions…and if you’ll be punished! First question, have you…kissed…before?”

Kari blushed. “I…I…refuse to answer your question…hey! My skirt!” Her skirt disappeared.

New-Datamon laughed. “Told you…you MUST answer my questions. Now, the size…of your breasts?”

Kari ignored him and began to walk around, trying to find the exit. “NNOOO!!!” Her clothes disappeared, she realized that New-Datamon was not joking, he could hurt her even though he remained inside the screen.

New-Datamon laughed again. “Only bra and underwear left, the size…of your hips?”

Kari threw the LCD monitor away, New-Datamon appeared on the left side of the wall and Kari’s bra disappeared. Kari quickly covered her breasts with both hands.

“I’m everywhere! Next: Are you…a virgin?”

“No…” Kari’s underwear disappeared. “How do you know…”

“I downloaded…everything from your brain…now, pee in front of me.”

Kari began to cry. “Please let me go home…”

Suddenly there was a bright light and Kari was sucked into the Digital gate. When she opened her eyes again, she was standing in front of he own PC, the screen was showing an error message “overloaded…” she quickly turned off the PC.

Gatomon entered the room and was surprised to see Kari. “Wow! Kari, you should lock the door before you…”

“I know.” Kari quickly picked some clothes from the wardrobe and entered the bathroom.


“Overloaded?” Digimon Emperor murmured. “New-Datamon, prepare me a mainframe.”

“Yes Emperor.” Answered New-Datamon and disappeared from the screen.

The end.

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Nice but a bit short. Don't hold your breath on a new site though. It could happen, just not soon.
Interesting story. So Gatomon got a mail from Patamon and she went out. Guess she went to see him n.n

But poor Kari, look how she ended o.o
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PataGato All The Way!!!

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