Triad (Digimon Tamers OC fic) - Chapter 1
Hey guys, I'll just get straight on and post the first chapter of my fic for crits and possible reader enjoyment. This fic mostly uses the Tamers format, but borrows from many other places (see disclaimers).
This is gonna be LONG. I can see this being around 20 chapters at least.

I've written the first 10 chapters, with the exception of one scene in chapter 2 which is preventing me from uploading any more. I'm hoping that the more I post this, the more I'll get motivated to get over that block >.<

- I do NOT own anything of the Digimon franchise, and none of the characters in it, and I make NO money at all from this.
- This story is all OCs. No canon tamers appear in this at all, and it's an entirely new story.
- This story is full of graphic sexual content. If you do not wish to read that sort of thing, do not read this story.
- The core format of this story is of Tamers, with egg hatching and the Digivolution lines adhering to the format of the MMORPG Digimon Masters Online. The history and lore of the Digital World adheres mostly to that in Adventure, including the synchronising of time passing.

With all that, I'll just post then, and I hope you guys like it =)

(I also hope that format-wise, this comes out readable, and also hope that I'm not breaking any rules with any of this posting).


Blackness. And warmth. This was perfect.

“Geea…” cooed a gentle voice somewhere outside the bubble.

Geea heard, but ignored the voice. She didn’t want to wake. “Geea, come on,” the voice persisted. “Get up.”

The girl writhed onto her side.

“Gods’ sake… get UP!”

Strong hands forced themselves onto Geea as she dozed, rolling her over to the edge of her bed. She fell on the floor with a thump, and her eyes snapped open. Her bubble was burst now, all the warmth from her bed dissipated. There was nothing left but to obey her partner, and get up. To make matters worse, Geea was hung over to high heaven.

The room swayed as Geea stood up and met eyes with her partner Digimon, Stingmon. He was clearly agitated, catching his tamer as she stumbled, half asleep and still drunk, into his arms.

“Sorry to interrupt your beauty sleep, but we have to go,” he said sternly. His wings buzzed with restless energy. “Now.”

“Do they need us?” Geea squeaked.

Stingmon gestured to the black and green D-ark on Geea’s bedside table. The screen was glowing white. Geea suddenly stirred, launching herself out of her partner’s arms, stripping from her bedclothes and throwing on boyfriend jeans and halter neck. She bent down to a mirror. She still had last night’s make-up on. Good, not too smudged.

Now for Shelby. Geea grabbed her D-arc and rushed for the door, calling for her friend at the same time on her phone. Stingmon followed her out the bedroom, and down the stairs.

“Hey- hi Shelby,” Geea spoke. “Do you need- okay- sorry Mum!”

Geea ran straight into her mother.

“Geea, are you off out again?” she asked.

Geea nodded. “Tamer stuff.”

“But… I made you tea,” her mother replied.

“I’ll have it, thanks,” Geea said, draining the mug of tea passed to her. “Yeah Shelby, I’m still here. …Okay, we’re on our way.”

Geea turned to her partner.

“Outside town, just past KFC. By the tyre place. I’ll walk us – get in.”

Geea opened up the beach bag slung over her shoulder. A blinding white light enveloped her Digimon partner, lighting up the hallway. His form shrunk to the height of Geea’s shin, and as the light faded, he was Wormmon, and Geea scooped him up into the beach bag and zipped it shut. Geea turned to her mother, who wore a defeated look on her face.

“We’ll be back soon,” Geea assured her.

She opened the door, and was gone.

“Back soon. I hope…” her mother sighed.


“Nearly there…” Geea panted, as she ran through the high street.

“Did they say what it was?” came Wormmon’s muffled voice through the beach bag.

“It’s a Togemon. That’s why they need you. Shelby said their two got her into an alley, but she’s not going down easy.”

“That’s odd… two Champions against one should be quick.”

Geea stumbled to a dizzy halt in a deserted area, listening intently. She unzipped the bag, and Wormmon leaped out, ready for action. Once again, he was consumed by a blinding light, and his form towered. Geea felt the D-Ark strapped to her hip vibrate in unison with the Digimon’s energy.

“Wormmon Digivolve to… Stingmon!!” the beast cried, emerging in his Champion form. The insect stood, focused.

“I can smell them,” he said to his tamer. “They’re not far.”

He led the way, Geea struggling in her condition to catch up. He turned a corner, and hid away in an alley. Geea could hear the fight now, and Stingmon dived straight in.

Wizardmon was halfway through a small beating from Togemon, who showed no signs of defeat. At the other end of the alley, Meramon struggled to get back to his feet to aid his friend, body spitting flames intermittently. Both their tamers watched from the sidelines, helpless. Togemon aimed an uppercut at the defeated Wizardmon, but a roundhouse kick from Stingmon knocked her off her feet. The Data stumbled backward, surveying her new foe, who stood ready for action.

A familiar lashing of fear washed over Geea, seeing her partner offer himself up to danger. Strong as she knew Stingmon was, the tamer could never shake the feeling that his next fight may well be his last. Especially now the Digimon that came through were getting stronger.

“Get behind me,” Stingmon commanded, pushing Geea behind his towering form.

Togemon span where she stood, releasing a barrage of spines. “Needle spray!” she bellowed. Stingmon raised his gauntlets to his face, taking the blow with ease, though Geea saw how he flinched with each needle. He shook off the worst, and moved towards his target. The spikes upon the Virus’ shoulders sprang out. Geea’s heart raced. Two blinding beams of energy burst from his wrists.

Stingmon lunged forwards, in his element. “Spiking strike!” he announced, swinging the blade on his right hand upwards, slicing the cactus in two halves. A black burn traced perfectly down Togemon’s middle, and a last scream, before the Digimon’s form broke up into raw data, and dissipated. Stingmon stood, arms outstretched, and absorbed his reward. His energy beams retracted, and silence fell upon the scene.

Geea sighed in relief. Her partner was okay. Everybody was okay, just like they always were. Meramon was on his feet again, his fiery aura diminished, but still burning as ever. He placed a hand on his tamer’s shoulder, and Shelby smiled up at him. Peter had knelt by his partner Wizardmon’s side, his form frozen waiting for the Data to wake. Wizardmon stirred finally, and Peter relaxed.

Shelby approached Geea. Shelby was a tall, bespectacled girl, eighteen years old - as was Geea. Not unattractive, yet never the head-turner, a face riddled with freckles and a long, wild mane of chestnut hair. She was dressed for the biting cold of the morning, in a thick pullover, unlike Geea, who was shivering in her thin hoodie. Shelby didn’t look as relieved, or uplifted, as their victory would suggest, but Geea knew what she would say.

“Thanks for your help,” she said, more to Stingmon, who had come over now, than to his tamer. “We might not have made it without you.”

“How did you find this one?” Geea asked.

“I saw her from my window, actually,” Shelby replied. “Just like the others, she looked like she’d been dropped in without any warning.”

“Like it was an accident.” Peter suggested, joining in the discussion. The oldest of the tamers, at nineteen. He was the second of the three to become involved with the Digital World. He had a kindly face, and short, dark blond hair. He, too, had covered himself with consideration of the weather, wearing a black woollen trenchcoat, the hem of which reached his knees.

“Yeah,” Shelby said. “None of them are coming through on purpose anymore.”

“They’re getting stronger too,” Meramon said darkly. “We’ve denied that for long enough.”

Shelby gave her partner a look of protest, but Meramon’s glare silenced her before her words even came out.

“Our fights are never easy anymore,” Stingmon told her. “Maybe we’re getting out of our depth.”

“Stingmon, we have a duty,” Geea argued. “It’s not our place to give up protecting this place.”

“Yeah, maybe we’ve just fallen behind since we came to the real world,” Wizardmon suggested. “We need to work harder.”

“You’re right,” Shelby said. “We’ll be prepared next time.”

She looked to Geea.

“Is movie night still happening later?”

“What- oh, yeah, yeah…” Geea replied, distracted, and still feeling like death. “Everybody come over about six…”

“We have booze,” Stingmon interjected. “But none for Geea…”

He held his tamer close in a one-armed embrace, to which Geea didn’t protest in her state.

“We should go,” he said to the others. “She needs rest.”

“And hangover food.”

“And hangover food,” Stingmon repeated soothingly. “Come on, Geea…”

The two turned and left the alleyway, heading home by the most deserted route. All the time, they were unaware that they were being watched from above.


“Thanks a million, Stingmon…”

They were alone now. Both Geea’s parents were at work, and her younger brother Jacob was at school. Geea was slumped in the living room sofa when Stingmon brought her tea, which she drank within the minute. He hoped she would keep it down. The Digimon hadn’t been put through an awful lot in all the times he’d cared for his drunk or hung over tamer, but there had been times he’d had to hold back her hair while she knelt over the toilet, like the morning after she’d first tried absinthe. Today was a good day compared to that.

He was happy to care for her in her times of need, because she was always there to clean his wounds after a particularly nasty fight. There had been times when he’d needed to sleep it off, and she’d sat by him for hours.

“A good night out, I take it?” Stingmon inquired, as Geea let out a fresh groan.

“Ehh… the usual,” she replied. She fiddled briefly with one of her snakebite piercings. “Gods… I could murder a KFC right now.”

But Stingmon knew of her night anyway. Oh, he knew he should keep away and let her live her own life and make her own mistakes, but seeing how dysfunctional she was when she stumbled in, steaming drunk after a glorious night out… every time she went out to drink in her gap year so far, Stingmon was terrified she would come to harm. She couldn’t look after herself after a couple of hours, and her friends were no better. So he’d taken to flittering between rooftops in the dead of night, her stalking shadow, watching her. And if any harm were to befall her, he could be at her side in an instant. And if she were to bring back a man…

“Let’s get you to bed,” Stingmon said, offering Geea his arm. She got to her feet, and they made their way to her bedroom. The door closed behind them.

“Hey,” Stingmon hushed. Geea looked up at him. “You know what today is, right?”

Geea only stared blankly.

“Tell me you know what today is.” Stingmon’s antennae drooped in disappointment.

“No, I do!” Geea cried out. “It’s exactly a year since we met. It’s exactly a year since we became partner and tamer!”

“You did remember!” Stingmon sighed in relief. His free hand came to rest on her waist. “Well then, in a way, happy anniversary, Geea.”

He then bent down and kissed his tamer. Geea returned the kiss, and wrapped her arms around his tight, muscular waist. The angle of their kiss was awkward, with Stingmon’s mouth so out of reach, but they were both well-adjusted by now. His long, insect tongue gently played with Geea’s, sending shivers down her spine to the tips of her fingers. He enjoyed the silky feel of her metal rings against his own lips. Stingmon ran dangerous claws through his tamer’s waist-length, light blonde hair – but carefully… if he broke even a single strand, he would invoke fury to rival that of a Mega level. He stroked the soft skin of her face, so clear and well made-up that it looked airbrushed. They broke the kiss, and Stingmon gazed lovingly into his tamer’s eyes, made up so beautifully.

So much was his temptation to rip every article of clothing from her body, but he must work slower. He pulled off her halter neck, over her head, and she unbuttoned her jeans, her perfect hourglass frame now barely clothed. He was already perfectly hard, entirely ready for her. Geea’s eyes slipped downwards, to the insect’s black nine-inch member, and suppressed a small grin, winding her hands gently around the pounding organ. A groan was lost in Stingmon’s throat, far from audible. His lust was almost paralysing. The beast continued to strip his tamer of her underclothes, leaving her naked before him.

Stingmon backed Geea against the bedroom wall, hands still clad in gauntlets, exploring her gargantuan breasts with undying eagerness. He may have been wearing his gauntlets, but he could feel everything they touched, because they were a part of him. His hands grazed over Geea’s nipples, and she moaned in longing. Any feelings of illness were a distant memory to her now. His touch descended further, caressing her rear, and knelt down to her height. His smooth, sharp face nuzzled gently, lovingly against her breasts, finding her pert nipples with his mouth, that long tongue sending nearly endless sparks of need through Geea’s body as he sucked deeply. She moaned openly, hugging Stingmon’s head tighter to her, fingers flowing through smooth, thick, flame red hair.

The beast gripped her frame tightly and hoisted her up into his arms, kissing her neck and collarbone. He held her with ease, hands under her backside, and she wrapped her legs around his waist, open, exposed, ready for his advance. There was a moment when they looked into each other’s eyes. He wanted to know, even after so long, that this was what she wanted.

And then he thrust forwards, and penetrated his tamer. Geea stifled a grunt of pain, as always, at her lover’s size. She wrapped her hands around him, caressing Stingmon’s muscular arms. His skin had the texture of candle wax. He moaned slowly, further stifling his tamer’s squeaks of pain with a deep, intense kiss as he worked, slowly, his passion un-disguisable.

A sheer pleasure trickled down Geea’s centre of gravity with each of her partner’s thrusts. It took a while, every time, but she got used to Stingmon’s size, and lovemaking was the most intense she had ever experienced. Stingmon raised a hand to Geea’s back, gripping almost painfully tight on the verge of losing control of his movements. He pulled her closer to his own chest in a tight embrace, almost doubled over, hugging her frame into his each time he rocked forwards into her.

He felt the girl tremble. He didn’t stop - on the contrary, this was his cue to take her harder, and faster. His breaths grew deeper, more laboured as ecstasy filled him. He began to tremble along with her. He was so close.

Stingmon wished nothing more than to please Geea first, and he knew his wish was granted as Geea shuddered, moaning heavily as she climaxed, so intensely the orgasm spread to the very tips of her fingers as she gripped hold of Stingmon’s spikes for dear life, and as she felt herself relax, she noticed her D-Ark light up with brilliant white light as her partner issued a deafening whine, and finally came inside her, losing his balance as he stood, staggering to keep standing, as he finished, breathing heavily, only now aware of how tightly he was holding Geea to himself. She unwrapped her legs from around his waist and he set her down on the bedroom floor.

Geea only smiled at Stingmon, still breathing heavily, coming back down from her ecstasy. She assumed he smiled back.

“You feel better now, no?” he asked, rubbing Geea’s bare back lightly with his silver claws.

“A little,” she replied. She could already feel his essence seep down her inner leg. “I’m still tired. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stay up.”

And with those words, she staggered over to the bunk bed on the other side of the bedroom, and slumped into the bottom bunk - Stingmon’s bed. She nestled into the sheets, making herself comfortable, and then the Digimon crept in behind her, wrapping his arms around Geea, spooning her. He had work to do today, but he would stay with Geea for a couple more hours.

She felt his warmth, felt his chest rise and fall as he breathed with his lungs. She felt warm air wash over her as he breathed through his spiracles at the same time. She could never feel so relaxed.

This was perfect.

“I love you,” Stingmon said softly to his tamer.

Geea’s eyes snapped open. She was caught mid-breath. “I… I know.”

“I mean it,” he said, holding her more tightly to him. All she could see was claws. “I’d do anything for you.”

But nothing was to be done that morning - that morning was for rest. As far as Stingmon was concerned, this was perfect. And the pair slept through the morning.
Hey, I hope you return to post more of this story. I really like this kind of fic with original tamer/partner combinations and balance between story and adult scenes.
(05-20-2015 08:53 PM)Jaser Wrote: Hey, I hope you return to post more of this story. I really like this kind of fic with original tamer/partner combinations and balance between story and adult scenes.

I've actually written the next 9 or so chapters out, just the end of the 2nd one is giving me a hard time and I never came back to it. I'll try and make more of an effort to get motivated ^.^