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Favorite Digi-Hentai artists?
Who are the artists you'd like to point out?

Some I can name are Chicago-X, Karabiner, GodOfChaos, and VCampan. There's plenty more I like though.
I'm not sure which I could name. I know pictures but some don't have names.
All I know is that Jace Moore's fan art is what inspired me to start drawing properly when I was 19. Freaking awesome work.
Off the top my head "Aono Rokugou" is a classic while "Tamagoro" is a bit more recent as well as "68" but there are lots of artists that do a pic here and there that are great.
Evil Sprite is the one that comes to my mind at this moment. I´ve seen a dude named FeetyMcfoot but I think he only does sonic stuff. It´d be heavy to see a digi art from him