Poll: Reboot the Digiartist Domain?
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Maybe we go there and ask? Who runs that site anyway?
(12-31-2013 10:55 AM)The Infamous Boss Reo Wrote: Any clue on what webserver or service they use to keep the website going?
As per their news archive HERE:
Quote:The forums are powered by Simple Machines Forum, the Gallery by Ouroboros, the Fics by eFiction, and the Oekaki by Wacintaki.
The home and help pages were hand-coded.

Seems they're self-hosted by Varka. Apparently he's the guy who hosts AGNPH, Rule 34, e621, Herpy.net and is the owner of bad-dragon.com. Huh, the more you know XD No idea if he offers hosting though *shrug*

(12-31-2013 03:26 PM)UnknownH Wrote: Maybe we go there and ask? Who runs that site anyway?
If THIS is accurate there are a few admins, seems HatchlingByHeart is one of the main ones.
Couldn't hurt to ask.
The Infamous Boss Reo

Ok then. Who's the highest ranked person here? They should ask. It's not me. I don't even have the most posts.
Maybe Lord Patamon? He's been able to update the forum and such so that's who I'd guess *shrug* At least there's plenty of contact info in his profile so shouldn't be too hard to reach, in theory XD Good luck and keep us updated! :3
Sorry for being late on this important topic. In regards to the most recent post, I've been trying to contact LP for months. So far he hasn't answered a single message of mine despite the fact that I know he's still active online. I haven't the slightest idea why he's not responding though. I do agree that this site needs a major reboot. I too would like to assist with whatever is needed.
Sounds like a plan. If we can get it to work.
There was a time for a year or two when the DigiArtists' Domain had a full AGNPH-style gallery, where artists could self-upload images, give them titles or captions, and give and receive comments. It was fantastic, but didn't last, for some reason. Maybe it was a lot of behind-the-scenes work, or a lot of expense. The whole reason I have an art page on the site is because I made it myself.

I don't know the name of the person in charge at the time. I think there was a particular individual who acquired and maintained that whole system.

Oh yeah. I remember that. It was useful. I wonder what happened.
Might have had to do with too many artists kept putting up too much non-Digimon artwork and it got to be a hassle. I'm not entirely sure myself, I missed out on that era, as I was halfway out of doing art at the time.
The Infamous Boss Reo