The Deal (Private for Astaroph)
David nodded and texted his their son what was going on so he would know his sisters were coming home on the bus with him. Soon he turned is attention Rebecca and chuckled Okay then this weekend you three can go on a all expense paid shopping spree. Just keep it under two thousand," he suggested. Then he saw the look in her eyes and kissed her on the lips gently and tenderly unlike her former mate would. "I wouldn't taking a nap like this," he commented nuzzled her cheek.
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Shadow Dragon Pack (SDP)
Gabumon Loverz
Rebecca nodded, "Thank you, and I promise not to go over that limit," she tells him. As he kissed her, she kisses back a little, blushing slightly as she does. Taking out her mobile from her pocket she quickly texts Kita to get Sandy and her onto the same bus as Casey, she puts her mobile back into her pocket. "Really?" She asked slightly biting her lip as she looks at him.
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