This interests me
I am interested in the subjects of yaoi and child hentai. Is there anything like that here,or at any other site? in fiction,art,animated flash or video?
Someone can help you with the first but I'm not going to say anything about the second. Due to various laws/opinions.
There are some Yaoi images in the main site, but as far as Lolicon/shota maybe of the main digidestined but not exactly sure how much at the moment. I can't say either which artists do Yaoi artwork in the main area, but if you're willing to look it's there.

And the above is images only, not flash animations but maybe some gifs. Beyond that I can't really say much else as UnknownH stated, some laws and opinions are in conflict with that kind of stuff.

And a little advice, look at your own risk when looking for lolicon/shota artwork elsewhere. Never know what traps if any are set up to snare curious people. >.<' Although torrents still have a few good galleries in the mix if you know where to look for them.
Nyaa... Will be around but not very much.
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And that's how you ask for it. You have to use the right terms.