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naruto,pokemon,digimon who do you like and who do you REALLY LIKE
i have some questions i want answered

1.who here has seen naruto either part one, shippuden, both or some of any

2.thouse who have what do you think whats your fav charecture and jutsu and who do you think is the hottest and who would you umm *ahem* you know if you could lol

for me my fav charecture as of this moment is naruto but has been gaara and sasuke in past my fav jutsu is tailed beast flash bullet the hottest guy in my opinion (im not in too muscle and sweat which counts kiba out) is naruto the hottest girl is hinata due to her shyness and i would proberly do every single main MAIN charecture in naruto givin the chance

3. who here has seen pokemon (i hope a hell of a lot)

4. what do you think of it and preety much similer question to 2. whats your fav pokemon whats your faviorate move and who would you *ahem* you know if you could i really need to sort out this cough *cough*.

for me my fav charecture pokemon wise is lucario but as for trainer wise ash ketchum i mean who elese my faviorte move has to be aura sphere and bolt tackle and if i had the chance to you know have se....*cough* *cough* with.. ahh sorry about that now where was i oh yeah to you know with would be any of the bog digimon but obviously not so big that its impossible and maybe some smaller ones im talking about size not pokemon cuz i dont mind but think of size ranging from charzard to minum.

5.(ik you all seen digimon) which ones your fav what is your fav move (if you know) and which one wou... wait one sec i need to take some cough medicine................ahh thats better now what was i saying oh yeah, and which one would you FUCK.

for me it would have to be this list

and so on so forth i cant think of anymore.

sorry for thread its just i suddenly got really really REALLY horny and ik that a lot of people here do look at digimon not only cuz they is awsome but cuz some are hot and you can imagine *ahem*ing with them god damn it my cough is back

now if you dont mind i am going to look at some digimon hentai
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