A Day Off. (Series)
Another by-product of boredom at work... I decided to write about my fursona this time. You know how there's those times when you feel like you've been going so long without any release that it starts gathering more and more until you're ready to blow? Where here's Mar trying to cope with it by dealing with an explosion of his own!


Mar rumbled deeply as he felt pressure gather at his crotch. It was early in the morning and he was sprawled on his bed. The sun was filtering through the blinds of his open windows, making him groan in slight annoyance. It was a very hot summer morning, and the titan of a blue dragon felt the pain of his pent up needs nag at him from the base of his member. His pouch had long since opened, revealing a thick, meaty log of dragon manhood that was half-hard. He had spent several minutes caressing it, squeezing the plump set of grapefruit sized balls underneath it, letting out soft growls of bliss as he tended to his primal urges.

The large dragon cock throbbed in response to his rough squeezes and pumping. He had woken up half-hard, morning wood. He felt especially horny today, having spent the last month working his ass off behind a register at a beach bar. His muscles felt all cramped, and he suffered from lack of sleep as well as sexual tension. The big lug was used to keeping his hips active, and his dick happy, but work had taken that away from him.

Fortunately, today was a long-awaited day off. He was going to spend the day making up for all he had been skipping in order to make money for the winter. He put a second claw on his massive cock, which had finally reached its full size. The length was three feet and the girth was around a foot in diameter; it wasn't just a penis, it was a monster cock. He was a ten foot tall beast, and his member was nothing to scoff off at. As a result of it being so large, he required to put extra effort in pleasuring it.

"Mrrr... man it feels relaxing to be like this for a change..." the dragon murred, ruminating over the countless sexual encounters he'd had, having forgotten how good it felt to masturbate in the privacy of his own room. He looked down at his member as his claws pumped harder, the red tower of musky meat twitching as pre-seminal juices began dripping down on his chest and abs, making him smirk as it seemed he was already cumming from the sheer amount of liquid dripping off his cumslit yet it was simply precum. He was proud of his balls, large testicles full of semen he would always empty into the hole of someone fortunate enough to be fucked by him. They held so much in them that Mar could, in a single orgasm, maintain ejaculation for nearly seven minutes max, and even then his own vitality and virility would keep his dick hard and ready for another round, he was a stallion, no doubt.

His swelling pride helped his arousal spike, at which point he began jacking off with even more strength, feeling himself near his climax at a rapid, steady pace now. Mar's growls increased in volume as he felt his balls tighten, as if they were getting ready to evacuate. He gripped his meat harder, using all of his strength to pump his gigantic pole up and down, his custom-sized bed groaning under the weight of his body plus his wild movements.

The precum flow grew to an obscene amount of it leaving his cock, drenching his front and dripping over the sides to his bed. He would have to clean up later. "What a pain," he thought, though cared little at the moment. Most of the time only the minimum of jizz would stain his bed, as most of the time, the grand amounts of sperm would become contained into his mates, either into their wombs or stomaches, depending on where he had penetrated them.

The thought of doing that put him into overdrive, arching back with a big groan as he jacked off harder and harder, about to reach that sweet moment after tons of stimulation. The pre flow momentarily came to a stop as he felt his eyes widen, jolts of pure pleasure shooting up his spine. His orgasm hit him like a ton of bricks, his cock throbbing madly out of control before it stopped, his grasp hard enough to keep it from flailing. "RRRRRRRRAAAAWR!" he roared out loud, his bed, room, and probably entire house shaking violently as his maculine growl reverberated all over the building.

He shut his eyes as he felt his balls begin pushing the sperm up the tract of his urethra, the stream of white reaching his cumhole only to gather and come out in an explosion of spooge that shot out with such force it was like a geyser of musky dragon seed that violently hit the ceiling and split into white rain that doused his whole room. "Ahhhh! Ohhh fuck yeah!" he shouted, absored into the moment of lust as his ejaculation continued for minutes. His dick was like a hose working at full capacity, or maybe a fire-hydrant whose cap had been just been kicked off.

In the end, the room was completely soaked with Mar's sperm. He gasped and panted as the flow finally calmed down and he stopped. His muscular arms weakly flailed to the side as his afterglow enveloped him. "Ohhh good... Man that felt so good..." he rumbled deeply to himself, reaching to pat his chiseled chest, feeling his pectorals sticky with his essence. He murred, thinking: "I'll need a shower..." he chuckled, rubbing down past his solid eight-pack to feel his semi-hard cock slowly shrinking down to a more manageable size, whereupon it would disappear into his pouch.

He stood up, quickly recovered, full of energy once more. He grinned, flexing his powerful form to revel on the pleasure he had just felt. But this had just been the beggining... the rest of his day off was still to come.


Expect more to come. I write in my free time during work, so I'm sure more is definitely gonna come!
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A shower scene! :3


Dorothy-Ann, or just Dot, had been resting until now in her own bedroom. She was the twin sister of Mar, and lived with him in the same house. As a result, it had been impossible for her not to hear the deafening roar her dear brother had just released. It didn't cause her to jump on her bed because she was used to it, but no matter how many times something like this happened, the dragoness would never be able to get shut-eye after such a thunderous growl. "He just had to get a day off," she sighed.

The aforementioned dragon was now at the door of his room, looking back at the mess he had made. He chuckled, "Oh well. I opened the windows, just shut the door and..." with a click the door was closed. He hoped the smell wouldn't filter outside. That way he wouldn't need to hear it from his sister. Mar looked down at his massive frame, his cut chest and hard abdominal wall were whiter than normal, they smelled of his essence, now dried onto his scales. Since he felt so hot and messy, it was a good chance to take a good morning shower, so he headed for the bathroom.

Luckily, the twins shared a house with two bathrooms, so they each could take as much time as they wanted under their respective showers. Mar was going exploit that advantage to its fullest now. Slipping into the shower stall, the naked, ten foot tall beast started the shower by turning the knobs, then let out a relaxed, deep murr as the water began soaking his front. He stretched backwards, his chiseled pectorals sticking out as they soaked up the lukewarm liquid. As the temperature raised, Mar quickly regulated it in order to keep it just warm. He liked heat since he was a fire dragon but he wanted to cool off for the moment; a warm shower was perfect.

He started rubbing his large claws along his muscular sides, his flanks developed so much they were testament to his devotion to the gym. He splashed the water over his large thighs, wetted his hips and tight, muscular butt, turned around and let his broad shoulders and ripped back soak up as much water as he could, then finally raised his claws over his head to get his short snow-white hair as wet as the rest of his god-like frame was.

Mar moaned a bit as he stretched, feeling his work-dulled, cramped muscles relax against the showering water. He grinned a bit as it dripped over his snout, the sound of it splashing around his feet relaxing him even more. After he was completely wet, he reached for the soap, rubbed his hands together until they bubbled, and then began cleaning himself.

The blue dragon began by brushing under his armpits, lifting his left arm as his right claw helped. He didn't have any pubic hair, but it was easy to see his enormous triceps bulging powerfully as he stretched his arms, alternating as he washed both his flanks and armpits slowly, making sure to keep himself smelling nice.

He closed his eyes and began rubbing his soapy claws over his chest and abdominal section, murring as he pressed his digits over the eight-pack adorning his front, feeling relief over his mighty tact. Mar bent over, lifting his tail out of commodity- if anybody had been there they would've been able to fully see his exposed, tight, muscular rump in its full splendor, but he merely was getting into position to wash his thighs, legs and shins, his claws playfully giving himself squeezes around the thighs just to feel how incredibly thick they were- he worked his quads everyday, pulling tons of weight with his legs in the pulleys; it was only naturaly his muscles were this developed. With a proud grin, he finished washing his perfect, scaly body. Then, he reached for the shampoo for his hair which he always dearly took care of. What was a stud without good hair after all?

He took his moments washing his hair, using both claws, brushing his short but pretty mane of white through his thick fingers, allowing it to absorb the nutrients the soapy substance provided it. Mar's biceps tensed and flexed just by doing something as basic as arching his forearms to get access to his head, his mighty limbs were so thick that they were at least twice the size of any normal person's, not counting his football sized biceps that would put any bodybuilder to shame.

"Mrrr..." he murred, then turned the water off after he'd finally rinsed his hair clean off the shampoo, feeling it drap over his head. The titan then proceeded to walk out of the stall, his tail shaking some excess water off as he began drying himself with an extra extra large towel. He felt his body had become relaxed after the shower... it was ready for some action at the gym.


Wonder whatever will happen next...? <:3
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Breakfast and a little work out!


But before he would even dare to go outside, Mar needed to put some food in his belly. After slipping into a white muscle shirt and a pair of black work-out shorts, the large dragon quickly went downstairs and headed into their kitchen where he started preparing breakfast.

An incredible number of eggs and bacon were used not to mention an assortment of other ingredients to make a huge breakfast consisting of the aforementioned two plus pancakes and sausages. The table was quickly overrun with plates stacked with pancakes, and the rest of the plates containing the many other yummies the large dragon had prepared.

It was nearly at that point that his sister came down from her own morning shower. Dorothy was quite a contrast to Mar, who was a behemoth of muscle and size. Dot was five feet and six inches tall, barely grazing seven. She was a lithe build, but had defining feminine characteristics such as large, plump breasts and a curvaceous waist that flared considerably down at the hips where her tout, peach-shaped bubblebutt was. Unlike Mar, she was an aquatic dragoness as evidenced by the fin-like tip at the end of her tail. She wore big round glasses to assist her vision since her eyes got tired fast when she didn't; today was no exception.

However, they shared many of the features Mar had, such as the same scale pattern, the same eye and hair color and shape, though whereas Mar's mane was short hers was waist-long and straight. Right now she was donning her workplace's outfit, having to go out and work unlike her brother. She was dressed in a frilly orange and white dress with a short skirt, manager's idea, and a red bow that was tying the ponytail of her hair which she held drapped over her right shoulder. She was about to leave when Mar stopped her.

"Hey there," he said with his mouth full of sausage and pancakes, "Come and sit down to have some!"

"I'd rather not," said Dot with a small yawn that she covered with her palm not to sound rude. "That's so much fatty food Mar..." she said out of concern, "I'll have breakfast at work okay?" she gave him a soft smile, leaned down to peck him on the cheek and proceeded to left.

"Your loss," he frowned slightly, cheeks puffed out full of food. He looked down at the spread and grinned after swallowing, then proceeded to completely devour it all. After the last bit of sausage was gone he fell back against his chair and stretched, then patted his full belly. "Oh man, I shouldn't have eaten that much... was hoping Dot'd eat some too. Oh well, I'll burn it all at the gym!" he grinned, flexing his arms happily, his biceps bulging enormously.

Once he'd cleaned after himself, the dragon then packed extra clothes on his gym bag and left for the establishment.

The gym he liked to assist to was located about five blocks away from his place. It was a very large two-story building with the gym's name: "Hall" in big red letters as a sign post on its front. Mar smiled almost nostalgically as it had been over a month and a half since he'd last come. Work had kept him so busy, he thought.

After entering and paying a daily fee, he dumped his bag on his personal locker and started towards the warm-up area. Curious and desiring eyes followed his black-clad tight rump as he went to grab a mat and sat down on it to begin his warm-up routine.

He started with sit-ups, throwing his burly arms behind his neck while using his abdominal strength to pull his heavy body up then down, up and then down. His muscle shirt clung tightly against his eight-pack, the thick, hard mounds marking the fabric every time he went up. Rep after rep went, he was working at a moderately fast pace, executing the correct exercise for over fifty times before taking a small rest and going for fifty more, then fifty more... he stopped at five hundred, only to flip over and begin with his push-ups.

A pair of early-work-out girls were just passing by, drinking their recovery drinks as they casually chatted. The bunny girl stopped her friend, an alligator chick, to point at the hard-working blue dragon. They both purred in delight at the sight of his rump as it went up and down alongside its owner. They pointed at him and admired him silently as he pushed up and down, using his massive biceps and forearms to carry the exercise out. He did sets of a hundred at a time, and whilst he was focused in doing it right it was as if he couldn't bother to pay attention to the half a dozen on-lookers that were mesmerized by his intense-looking warm-up and incredible body flexing each time he would go down.

By the three hundredth rep, Mar began using only one arm, tying the free one on his back. He pushed up and down with the same arm for 50 reps and changed to the other one for 50 more; he continued this for the next 300 reps until he'd achieved a round six hundred. He pushed himself hard enough to bounce himself back on his feet and took a deep breathe, briefly closing his eyes as he relished the pleasurable feeling of his muscles hot and ready for some REAL work out. He flexed and stretched, making sure he wouldn't cramp himself on the go. This elicited a row of whistles and naughty comments from his recently formed group of admirers behind him.

Mar's eyes opened as he realized those had been intended to him and turned around, looking down at the females of various races and types gathered together, all of their eyes looking directly at his tensed up pectorals, abs or biceps, as if eyeing him hungrily. He flashed them a grin and turned around completely, arching his arms inwards to give them a little display of his hardened arm muscle as a tease. The girls squealed in delight, some more than others.

Satisfied from the reaction, Mar picked one from the group... the alligator girl. She bounced happily Mar's way as the other five let out small sighs or groans from disappointment. "Shall we work out together? What's your name?" asked Mar in his deep, seducing voice.

The alligator girl introduced herself as Lola. She was six foot three and sported a very nice feminine, yet athletic figure. She was a pale shade of green and yellow in the front for scales and had a semi-long mane of red hair. "I'm pleased to meet you," she said, putting emphasis in the last word as she tightly cuddled to his arm.

"Pleasure's all mine," he said, also putting emphasis on his last word. He quickly drew her away from the crowd and over to the weights. "You come here often?" he casually asked as he walked away from her to begin setting his dumbells up.

"I know I should, now," the female reptile flirted, making Mar chuckle, "Hey, that's over five hundred pounds... Isn't that enough already?" she observed with a blink of surprise. Even though he was and looked so massive, was it even possible to lift that much...? Then Lola was even more surprised as Mar nonchalantly continued adding more and more weight, already gathering a ton on each dumbell. "Oh my..."

"Don't worry, I'll be fine. What do you work out with usually?" Mar then asked, snapping Lola back to reality. She smiled at his generosity but decided to go for the five pound dumbells that didn't need to be set up.

"Thanks... So what are we going to do, hmm?" asked Lola, once more making it sure he heard "we". Mar smiled and demonstrated by doing an open fly, when she was able to see his massive shoulders flex powerfully as he worked his delthoids. "O-ooohh.." she oogled, finding his exercising sexy.

Mar winked down at her with a smirk and nodded her way, "Your turn. Let's do it rythmically."

Lola quickly complied and, walking next to Mar, they began working in synch to entertain themselves as they chatted. Lola's attention continued being subverted by her staring at his bulging pectorals, the mounds of muscle stretching his shirt, his biceps bulging out even more as his arms pulled the incredibly heavy dumbells and of course his shoulder muscles working out. "Do you study, or do you work?" the stud asked.

"Waitress at the Cat Cafe, all year. It's my day off today though," Lola grinned a bit, working on her flights very well. Mar observed her intently, assuming she was a regular whenever she wasn't working. But wait, that name was familiar...

"Oh!" the dragon exclaimed, "That's where my sister works. You know her? She's my twin, wears glasses...?"

"Huuuh? She's YOUR sister? Hm... little Dot?" Lola repeated, as if trying to convince herself. She looked up past his pectorals and marveled at the resemblance in their facial features. Both had rounded, soft snouts and deep blue eyes. He smirked a bit, nodding. "Wow, heh. Now I can see the resemblance!" she grinned, "She's a hard worker y'know. We share the same shift, but she's set to have her day off tomorrow... pity huh? We could've all worked out today..."

"She's not the type," Mar chuckled, amused by the conversation, "But hey, am I glad we had our days off the same day. I didn't think I'd find such a beauty today... mark me a lucky dragon," he smirked, making Lola blush slightly. She was obviously attracted to him but seemed to be getting infatuated by his casual way of speaking without reservation. "You free tonight?" he bluntly asked, making her widen her eyes. She looked back at him since her eyes had again fallen to his biceps and smiled wide.

"Mrr..." she purred at him in response, Mar grinned. "I think I can make room in my schedule..." she winked at him, licking her lips.

"Sweet. Gimme your number..." said the large dragon, taking out his phone, a custom-larger model for big people like him. Lola could be seen taking pleasure out of giving Mar her digits, and he knew it. He already had something to do in the night.

The rest of the morning was spent mingling with the alligator girl. She followed him to every work out until she was exhausted. Mar saw her off into the girls' lockers room and remained to finish his own routine. Shoulders, legs, laterals and triceps... he only had his pectorals left.

He went to the bench and prepared his barbell, adding weight after weight until he was satisfied. Mar astonished some onlookers as he finished preparing four tons of weight for himself. The gym was well equipped, the barbells could resist over ten tons, but Mar was being light today; he hadn't come for a while now after all, there was no sense in rushing.

He sat down at the bench and then laid on his muscular back, grabbing the sides of the bar before taking a brief moment to psyche himself. Mar smiled confidently and gripped tightly, the veins on his vascular arms starting to appear and bulge as blood rushed to his muscles, his chest expanding as he lifted the four tons as high as his arms would allow before he allowed it to descend onto his massive pectorals, stopping mere inches from it. He grunted and snorted, pushing it up with a grunt of effort. "I've been lazy, I guess..." he thought to himself, deciding to crank up his strength to do another rep, then pull it back down. He benched the ridiculously heavy barbell again and again, keeping his focus into not messing up his training. He breathed correctly, the world around him disappearing as only the iron he wanted to beat existed for him. He pushed up and pulled down repeatedly, his biceps and pectorals explosively bulging as he put more and more effort into doing the reps.

"Sixty-nine..." he gasped, eyes intently focused. Continuing, he could notice his strength failing him as he approached a hundred. He decided he would stop at ninety, rest, and then do ninety more.

People didn't expect him to stop at ninety, but were even more surprised as he began from scratch again only after a single minute of rest. Mar put all his effort into benching, and his muscles responded by exerting as much force as they could, his body starting to finally sweat from the swell work out. By the end of it, the upper side of his muscle shirt was damp with sweat, testament of the sheer amount of strength he had just exerted. "Mmph..." he gave a last grunt, "Ninety..." and rested the barbell in its place.

Being careful not to knock his head onto the barbell, he skipped off the bench and stretched, eliticing a "Ooooh..." from his watchers, which he ignored. He looked at his cell phone and realized it already was almost 11. Looking down at his claws and sweaty body though he decided it was time for a second shower... This time in the gym locker room.


Naughty time, next time. :3
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And now, for a bit of steamy action...


After a tiring work-out that had pushed him thanks to the months of inactivity, Mar decided to throw his hulking body into the showers.

The second he entered the steamy locker rooms nearly all eyes set on his chiseled, bulky form. He quickly went for his bag at his own locker and stripped his sweat impregnated clothes off. He took note of how much he had sweated, groaning slightly in disgust as he was used to working out like this as mere warmup, yet his muscles were already crying out for some rehydratation as well as adequate stretching. He felt stronger, but all the same the soreness would be felt later. "Gotta be sure to stretch properly before I leave..." he told himself, then winced slightly as he felt his bladder remind him that he hadn't gone to the bathroom since he'd woken up. He looked down at his bulging crotch.

Even though he was naked, neither his balls nor his penis could be clearly seen on his crotch unless one really focused. His protective pouch, a reptilian feature, took care of that. He had to go though, so he made a quick trip to the annex stall rooms and proceeded to relieve himself after pulling his member out. When he was done though, he didn't put it back in. There was no need for that, he could walk with it hanging past his knees since he was in a locker room full of guys.

He grinned, knowing he was probably the biggest at three feet long, the near-one feet diameter most likely making him the thickest for definite. Mar decided to put on a small show at that point. Why not? He had earned some attention after all his hard work earlier. The dragon stood straighter than usual and casually went back to his lockers, claws balled into fists and tail idly swishing above his tight ass as he flaunted his mighty muscular body. However, by this point, all eyes were glued to only one muscle, and it was the one pending from his crotch, its base neatly nestled against two grape-fruit sized orbs that were his ivory white scaled testes. Mar smirked as all their eyes dropped down to his member, and he could feel himself growing harder. It turned him on, they were all worshipping his log of meat as if it was an idol of sorts and he knew it, but above all, he loved it.

When he had reached his locker, he was half-hard, aroused by the attention his manhood had garnered for him. What captivated his crowd the most however was the nonchalance he moved with, as if he didn't care he was flaunting his junk. All the contrary, he knew what he was doing, he knew the more he did it the more their jealousy combined with their lust would make them all taken in with him.

Scales still glossy with sweat, his manly mustk heavy in the air, Mar took his dear time in front of the lockers, preparing the stuff he was going to use in the showers. But he wasn't even messy yet, he thought. He knew he could get even messier. No, he was going to get messy before heading into the showers. He spied his crowd behind him, hoping to see more of his junk, currently delighting themselves with the sight of his powerful back and muscular rump. Some were even attempting to get a better view from different angles to see if they could sneak a peek at his massive dick. Mar chuckled to himself, then thought: "What the heck."

He turned around, flashing all the comparatively smaller guys a big smirk. "Like what you see?" he suddenly asked in a rhetoric manner, briefly and casually giving his cock a small smack, allowing himself a small yet drawn-out moan in order to elicit similar moans of desire from the other males. The massive dragon grinned at this effect, his cock throbbing as it continued erecting until it had reached its full size, the gigantic pole twitching with need, jutting out of his crotch like a baseball bat three times thicker. The tip oozed with pre already, making a small mess on the ground below it.

Mar smirked and got his back against his now closed lockers, threw the large towel he would later use around his neck and then slid down until he was sitting against the wall of lockers. He spread his thick, muscular legs to the side, display equally thick veins running through his unflexed calfs and inner thighs. His balls were so big they jutted out more prominently as they squeezed against the floor, his cock proudly standing its full three feet in front of him. Mar could've easily sucked himself off by that point, but instead he merely rested a paw on the floor as he leaned to the right, rested his other forearm on his knee and then gave his admirers a sexy, inviting grin. "Who wants some?" he simply asked.

And that, simply, was all that was needed in order to get the entire crowd of males kick up a dust cloud as they rushed to the herculean, hyper-endowed dragon. He could hear them begging, some even promising him stuff if he let them have a turn riding his pole, but he didn't care, he wasn't listening. All he cared about was satisfying his current hard-on, fueled by all these lustful stares and moaning, seduced voices. "C'mere..." he beckoned to a small group within the crowd. A couple of wolves and a lizard boy, all with powerful bodies but with nothing on Mar made their way to him, almost as excited as Lola had been either when he'd picked her out from a crowd of similarly sexy girls.

Mar immediately put them to work. He had them kneel before him, to grasp his member and lick it, rub their muzzles on it, to caress his large, plump balls. He wanted them to worship his dick, and it responded by spurting more and more pre. Mar was ecstatic, their touch showing their genuine excitement as they groped his massive testicles, gently nibbled the tight scrotum his balls were stretching on. He moaned as they ran their small tongues over the thick log of his veiny shaft, pressure already gathering at the base of his tail. They were doing a heck of a job, but he didn't have nearly enough yet. He spread his muscular arms and flexed powerfully with a loud growl, ordering: "More!" from the other guys that had to this point been busy jacking themselves off to the sight of the other three guys worshipping the dragon as if he was a god.

Mar certainly felt like one, and his cock and balls weren't the only things he wanted worshipped. He stuck his chest out, his pectorals jutting out even more, looking like thick slabs of meat just begging to be caressed, to be touched. And soon enough, two pairs of paws came to do just that. Too drunk on his own pleasure, Mar didn't even pay attention to who they were, he only reveled in the pathetic squeezes attempted on his chest. He grinned, tensing his front up to bounce their paws away playfully, loving to see him struggling to satisfy a titan like him.

Several more sets of hands, even muzzles joined further below, chaos erupting among the worshippers as they fought for who had the right to blow Mar off, for who would get to lick his chiseled abdominal wall and who would get to feel his mighty, powerful arms. Mar closed his eyes, moaning louder and louder as his orgasm progressively built up.

The head of his cock dripped pre, flowing like a faucet left running on high pressure. He eventually felt one muzzle attempting to drink from his extra-thick meaty straw, he briefly opened one eye to see a wolf's mouth struggling to contain the huge head of his throbbing penis. The wolf looked girly and lanky, but apparently had become so desperate to have Mar's sperm inside of him that he had beaten everyone else up just to be able to straddle his shaft while he blew him off. The little wolf's effort was so great, and everyone else's worshipping of his massive body was so intense that his pleasure peaked, and as his cock's head flared, he threw his head back, bashing it against the lockers. The poor lockers were forced to bend unto themselves, Mar hardly felt the impact. He was so absolutely lost in the sea of bliss that nothing else mattered to his self.

The dragon finally let out a loud roar, louder than the one back at home, so loud in fact that there was no one in the gym that didn't hear it. He growled again, louder and louder, his orgasm having hit him so hard that he slammed both claws on the tiled floor and cracked it under the pressure of his sharp clawed fingers, he shook his worshippers off his body, only the small girly wolf remaining on his pole, attempting to drink the torrent of cum his cock was firing out like there was no tomorrow.

Mar growled still, involuntarily thrusting his hips up and down, causing the wolf to bounce along with his bobbing erection. Everyone had absolutely been knocked off him by now, but the wolf, as he ferverously drank without stop. Mar briefly opened his eyes during his long, drawn-out orgasm to inspect the brave little guy whose efforts were being rewarded with a growing paunchy stomach which was struggling to contain the sheer amount of spooge the studly dragon was producing.

Seconds of bliss turned to minutes, and Mar continued cumming for several of those until the wolf finally couldn't keep up any longer, and fell off his cock with a belly twice the size he'd come with today. The little guy had done a fantastic job though, only a minute more was needed for Mar to finally be done with his ridiculous amounts of release. The dragon was left panting, but with a big smile even as his tongue rolled over his fang-filled mouth as he inspected the end product of his sexual climax.

Everybody who had not been knocked unconscious during Mar's flailing pre-orgasm was too exhausted from the intensive worshipping to do. These all were tired guys after a rough day of working out to begin with, it had been a miracle they'd survived to satisfy the beast of a dragon. The unconscious bodies in front of him had been covered in what the little wolf had not been able to chug down. They smelled of him, of his essence, and they would have wake up smelling that, knowing a big lug like him had coated them, turned them white with his spooge. He licked his lips in satisfaction, then slowly got up to his feet. "Well what do you know, I didn't even get messy," he chuckled sarcastically, only the head of his cock wet with a bit of leftover pre, the rest of the guys having taken the brunt of his mess. He grinned, dusted his claws off and then made his way to the shower. With everyone unable to follow him this time, he would shower alone...

Mar did like his privacy too, like anyone else.


Yay smut! :3
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A short prepration scene for what's to come...


The rest of Mar's day was mostly uneventful. He came back to his place after his fun at the gym, all showered, sparkly clean and smelling nice. He remembered of his date that night on the way home and since there was a lot of time until then, he decided to have lunch and nap through the afternoon. After having worked for a month and a half eleven daily hours without a day off he felt exceptionally exhausted, and he could do with the extra sleep to give his body a well deserved rest.

After a filling home-made meal Mar plummeted down on the living's couch and drifted off, snoring through the afternoon. He was a very heavy sleeper, but he'd set his cell phone to ring the loudest two hours before his date.

When the alarm did go off however, it seemed like a car crash had just happened next to Mar. It startled him and he fell off the couch with a big thud, banging his head on the floor, "Sonuva...!" he groaned, rubbing the sore spot on his head before he seized his cell and deactivated the alarm. "Okay. I'll set it to extra loud only next time," he told himself, making a mental note.

At that point it was six in the the afternoon and Mar stretched. He blinked as it had escaped his notice his muscles didn't hurt at all. Boy, talk about a repairing sleep! He grinned happily as he felt flexed and felt them bulge with snaking veins running across the expanding mounds of his arms. With a pleased sigh he leaned in to smell himself to see if the heat had made him transpire anymore and fortunately he was still fresh. He didn't need another shower, but he was still going to apply dehodorant to smell nice for his girl.

Once at the bathroom, Mar stripped his shirt and, after indulging in a few minutes of self-admiration and more teasing flexing in front of the mirror, he began using the bodyspray to apply a sweet, pleasant scent on his usually musky, manly one. He picked a bottle of cologne and slapped a bit of the liquid on the sides of his thick, muscular neck. His lovers often commented on how nice it was to suck and kiss around it while they cuddled, so it was only a nice gesture to add the pleasure of a sweet smell to it.

Mar was more or less ready. He made sure to comb his short hair only to later mess it back to its usual shape with his own claws. Other than body spray and cologne, he liked going natural. Looking down at his ripped form though he decided to put on a t-shirt this time, thinking he might catch more attention than was necessary during his date if he went too far with tight articles of clothing.

As a result, the dragon finally exited his house wearing a white t-shirt with a Piña Colada motif on its back and a pair of blue jeans that nicely clung to his hips and butt. He made sure to stuff his wallet with some of his hard-earned money and then left the household with his cell to his ear, having dialed Lola's name already. "Hey, I'm calling to offer you a deal on pizza houses and burger joints. Is your mom on the line, young girl?" he joked, making the soft female voice on the other side to giggle.

"You flirt at every chance you get, don't you?" Lola said. The alligator was at her home, her curvy body wrapped in a towel, her hair the same. She'd been doing her nails when Mar called. "Mmhmhm... so, it's almost eight. You got anything planned, dragon boy?"

"You bet. Nothing fancy since I'm sure we don't want to go to a restaurant after the places we've been working in since season began!" he laughed. Lola giggled again.

"Oh yeah. I've enough of restaurants and cafes for a while... Mm, now I wonder where you'll be taking us..."

"Heh, meet me down by Everglade street. You know where the bar is?"

"Yeah... Hmm, a light night out. I didn't expect that from you."

"I'm full of surprises."


"You'll see."

Click. The call ended, and Lola was left wondering about his words. But then again, she was going to go out with a hot stud that could bench tons of weight! Who cared about the details. She was in need to release tension as much as he was.

The red haired gator jumped to her feet after she was done with her nails and proceeded to discard her towel. She stared at herself in the mirror for a bit, looking for any imperfections. Her eyes went from her cute feminine snout to her shoulders, then lower to her large, pert breasts. Lola was especially proud of her chest, at least a double D in cup-size. She often had to struggle to find a bra that would correctly fit around her mounds, but even when she didn't she was so free of sag that her boobs needed only a bit of pressure to form cleavage. She grinned and playfully folded her arms under her hefty chest, pushing her tits into a sexy cleavage she delighted herself with. "Mmm... that's right, you girls scored me another hot stud," she thought with a grin, her tail swishing happily.

She left them go, watching in glee as they bounced and jiggled together. Lola purred softly as she began dragging her paws down her diminute waist, rubbing her digits over her girl abs that she was also very proud of since she was a hard worker at the gym too. Lola smacked her hips before she turned around and then gave her ass a good slap, watching her full buttcheeks jiggle. She grinned, convinced she was going to stun the burly dragon when he saw her.

The first thing she did was to grab a black thong and slip it on, tugging on the strings so it would pleasingly wedge in-between her buttcheeks. She shook her hips for a bit until she was sure it had fit well and comfortably, then she went to put her black bra on. Lola made sure to fit her sizable rack on the cups before she tied the straps together, and was pleased to see the sexy cleavage she was sporting. She winked to herself, practising the sultry expressions she would use on Mar later.

She walked around in underwear for a while, feeling the fresh breeze against her scaly body as she texted her friends about her date. They asked her to get all the juicy details and even to introduce him but she greedily told them hands-off. Grinning, she finally began outfitting herself. She put on a sexy short skirt that stopped, the denim sensually clinging to her ass and hips. She complimented that with a blue blouse cut down the middle to reveal a healthy amount of cleavage. Finally, she did her hair into twin pig tails and slapped on her favorite pieces of jewelry and shinies; a pair of golden bracelets on her right wrist, a couple rings on her fingers and a cute black choker around her neck.

As a finishing touch, Lola grabbed her rouge and applied the lipstick enough to leave her sexy plump lips visibly red. She pressed her lips together and with a 'pop' she made as she leaned forwards in a sexy pose sealed the makeup. The gator slowly ran her tongue over her lips and purred: "Mmm... hope he likes cherry."


Where will Mar take Lola? Is it just going to be a bar? Does he, indeed, like cherry?!

All of the answers to these important questions and more in the next part.
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Boy, typing these every morning at work sure makes time fly! I'm glad I'm doing this mini-series. XD


Mar patiently hung out of the bar, texting back and forth with his sister, telling her about his plans for the night. He didn't want her to worry about him for dinner, as he was going to be out late.

The neon sign of the bar had been lit as it was already night time, Mar could see several customers inside through the windows. He peeked in to see if any familiar faces were in as it was a popular spot for gatherings but didn't find that many, most of his friends were working too. It felt lonely to have a day off when everyone else was working their asses off.

But the lonely feelings began to dissipate as Lola finally showed up. Mar grinned as he saw her. Lola could see him visibly excited about her looks, and she grinned back at him as she said a simple: "Hi" to the dragon.

"You really went all out didn'tcha?" Mar commented, his eyes dancing around her curvy form, appraising her body's shape from her deep cleavage down to her wide hips. Self-conceited as she was, Lola couldn't help but blush since Mar was observing her as if he was a predator ready to pounce on his prey. Finally, he broke the ice and her trance with a single phrase: "You look gorgeous."

Lola felt the unexpected warmth beneath his words and immediately felt relaxed. She smiled and with renewed courage walked up next to the titan and brushed her side against his, smiling up to him. She was still amazed at how she couldn't even come up to his pectorals, but didn't mind it. "Thank you. You're looking good too."

"So, ready to go?" he asked, getting a nod in response. Lola seemed excited. The walked off away from the bar together.

When Lola had heard Mar was planning on taking her out by the bar she had only thought of them spending their date there, so she was all but surprised when they reached their desination.

Even more neon signs adorned the building before them, sounds of feverish clicking, bumping and button pressing echoed from inside, mixed with the sound of children laughter as well as video-game music. Lola blinked as Mar grinned at her. "An arcade?"

"Yeah. Going to bar's overrated," the dragon commented with a shrug, "And we agreed no restaurants or cafes, right?" he chuckled, stepping in with the pretty alligator girl behind him. Lola seemed struck with disbelief.

"Um. I guess this pretty much covers it yeah," she smiled after a while and picked up the pace. She was a bit unnerved by the sheer amount of little ones running amok in the place, Lola wasn't very good with kids. "I didn't take you for a guy that likes video games."

"You kidding?" Mar grinned, looking down at her, "It's like the best invention ever. Plus this is the one joint that has it all. Rail-shooters, fighters, beat-em-ups... Hey, do you have a favorite type of game?" he then asked. Lola looked around and seemed to think. She noticed a Time Crisis 3 machine and pointed to it. Mar blinked, "Hey, good choice! Time Crisis 3's awesome. Plus, I get to co-op with a sexy partner, rawr."

Lola snapped out of her bewilderment there. Mar'd been sounding so uncharacteristically childish until now, but the last sentence reminded her who he was. She thought about it, maybe a big sexy beast like him could have a cute side too. "Hey, I get blue."

"What? No way, I'm blue. I get to be the blue one!" the dragon argued, which made Lola giggle. She was only further testing her theory. In the end, she allowed him the spot and after depositing the quarters the two began playing.

Mar was left utterly amazed by Lola's skill with the lightgun. Only the first round and she was topping him in the score. "Whoa, gonna have to start doing better. Damn, are you used to shooting?"

"I go to the shooting range every so often, it's one of my favorite hobbies," Lola said, sticking her tongue out cutely. "Now, don't get distracted!"

As the stages went on, so did the competition. As a result of the friendly competition, they grew close to each other, even going as far as complimenting their paired up skills and sharing tips with each other. Lola seemed like she was having a lot of fun.

Eventually, the game ended without them losing their last lives. They were amazed to find their scores had roughly been the exact same, differing only in the last three digits by an insignificant amount. "Man, we're good. We topped the high-scores," Mar commented.

"And I topped you," Lola said with a grin, pointing at the difference in scores, her initials above Mar's.

"Hmph, this is the first game of the night. There's many more to come," Mar grinned right back.

As they toured the arcade, Lola grew more curious about the dragon and asked him: "I didn't take you for a gamer guy. Aren't you a bit old for this stuff?"

Mar laughed heartily at the question, it was often asked but he would always reply the same. And this time was no exception: "You're never too old to have fun!"

Lola blinked, but immediately understood and decided to drop the issue. They were having fun, alright. She nodded right back at him as he winked down at her, realizing he hadn't been sarcastic at all.

"Hey, there's Metal Slug 3. Man it's been ages since I've played that! Let's go."

Lola looked at the machine in question. It was a side-scrolling 2D shooter, "Oooh. I've never played this one before. Let's see..."

"It's easy. Here, I'll tutor you as we play."

They chose their characters. Mar went for Tarma, the guy in sunglasses, and Lola picked Eri, the hot blonde girl. "Oooh, good choice. That chick's sexy."

Lola was about to glare in Mar's direction, but he quickly added: "Too bad you make her knockers look like marbles. Let's give this a spin though, shall we?" he grinned, making her chuckle. He was like a kid.

The game went on for easily over half an hour. It was a really long game, and Lola seemed to easily adapt to the controls and learn the game mechanics fast as Mar explained them. They laughed each time their characters would die, as the game difficulty kicked up.

"Wow, that thing just made me explode into coins! ...Wha? Why're you grabbing them?!" Lola complained, not realizing her character had actually died from that. Many deaths and even more enemies destroyed later, they were at the final boss.

"Damn, this game really has it all doesn't it?!" Lola said as her fingers kept mashing the shoot button, "Water, air, space?! Just needed to visit a volcano, heh!"

"Shut up and shoot, my fingers are getting tired!" Mar chuckled as the large alien head kept releasing energy shots in an attempt to finish their characters off but they finally broke it apart from so many shots piercing its brain. "Booyah!" roared the dragon. The loudness of it startled people around, even Lola seemed surprised.

"Wow, you must really like this game," the alligator chuckled, nudging the dragon, who seemed really proud of their accomplishment, even though he sounded like he'd easily finished this game at least twenty times over. Mar nodded, then proudly pointed at the evaluation screen where the amount of rescued prisoners of war were displayed. He hadn't died at least once in the final mission! As a result, his score had gotten an immense boost, and he'd manage to top Lola's by at least a hundred thousand. "Hoo yeah! In your face!" the dragon celebrated. Lola seemed indifferent about the result but she was happy either way.

"Not bad for my first time though was it?" she added. Mar grinned and threw his arm around her, pushing her next to him. She purred in delight to feeling his strong chest and flanks. In her excitement, she reached for his abs and stroked them eagerly, making Mar smirk.

"Are you sure it was your first time?" he joked, making Lola blush but grin at his perverted comment. She smacked him playfully and then they continued their fun night together.

Several games later, the two came out of the video-game parlor exhausted. "I didn't know there was an arcade version of Guitar Hero! Man that was awesome," Lola laughed, already over her initial apprehension of having a date at an arcade. She felt so relaxed after so much together with an equally fun guy.

A growl stopped her in her tracks. She turned around after listening to maybe one of the loudest, angriest growls she'd heard in her life. Uh oh. She had beat Mar at Guitar Hero earlier, and he'd seemed pretty competitive earlier. She wondered if she'd ticked him off... Guys could be so proud when it came to competitions.

She looked at the huge dragon holding a paw over his stomach. "Man I'm hungry."

Lola burst out laughing, making Mar raise his eyebrows in wonder, "Holy crap, you're really a beast, Mar," she giggled, wiping the tears of amusement off her eyes. Mar blinked again, confused, but as he approached her she asked: "Mm, you're right though. I'm hungry too. Let's go eat something out. I'm up for a burger."

"Or ten!" grinned the white-haired muscle dragon.

They left for the nearest burger joint and ate until they couldn't anymore. Mar treated of course, since they'd shared quarters for the games earlier. He tried getting her to eat ice-cream but after a couple of burgers the female was full. They came out to a chilly, breezy night. Time had flown by, and it was nearly 11 o'clock already...

Lola hugged herself for warmth, but then felt Mar's large, muscular arms wrap around her body. "Hey, don't be dumb. You know I can keep you warm. Let's stay close, mrr..." he deeply rumbled, making Lola smile as she felt protected. She looked up at him with a discreet grin this time, her narrowed eyes suggesting something.

Mar wasn't very good with picking hints up, but when it was about this, it didn't take him very long. "Very close," he added, keeping her back up against his front as he finally moved his snout down for a kiss.

Lola moaned as Mar gently groped her sides, as if feeling for her trim flesh. She closed her eyes and allowed their snouts to connect, their lips to meet. Mar was very forward, but so was she. They fought with their tongues to see who would invade whose mouth. Eventually, the dragon's tongue overpowered the alligator's easily and then they began wrestling their slick muscles together into a wet, passionate french kiss.

"Mrr..." they murred in unison, making wet noises as they audibly made out. Meanwhile, Mar roamed her body with his big claws, an arm moving down while the other moved up. He groped her hips, pressing his digits against her thighs while his other claw pushed against her hefty chest, squeezing her left breast which made her moan.

But Lola didn't stay behind and quickly moved her paws to feel Mar's muscled thighs behind her, one of her hands moving down to grope his bulgy crotch, making him moan into the kiss.

The two happily made out while groping each other. Mar moved his paw to her ass and squished her buttcheeks even harder, and this continued until Lola slipped her paw into his jeans and began using a much stronger grip on one of his large balls. They broke the kiss off.

Mar looked down at her with a lustful grin. "Let's go home."

"Let's. Your place?"

"My..." Mar was about to finish the sentence when he remembered what he had done earlier in the morning, he quickly corrected himself, "Mind if it's yours?" he said, making Lola blink, but she quickly nodded.

At her level of horniness, how could she say no?


Yay kissies. <3
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Man this has been a fun ride. One part to the story a day... and now on the seventh day, I present to you the last part of Mar's Day Off!!


The two horny reptiles made their way to Lola's place, eager to take the last step in their relax day. It was time to release all that pent up stress.

Lola opened the door to her apartment building and led Mar to the second floor where her room was. They slipped in anxiously, slamming the door behind themselves. As Lola untied her pigtails and let her hair loose, she smiled and proceeded to turn around slowly only until Mar suddenly lunged forwards and threw his arms around her, tightly pushing her up and off the ground so he could hold her for a wild wet kiss. "Mmrrrpph..."

"Oh what a beast!" Lola thought, her words muffled by the dragon's tongue invading her mouth. Mar walked forwards to where he thought was a room but instead ended up in the kitchen. Lola was too blissed to care, but after Mar bumped his forehead on a hanging frying pan he concluded there probably was no bed here, so he turned back and continued on until he finally, somehow, made it to the room. Fortunately, Lola had a large bed in her room, and Mar took no time in hurling both him and her onto it.

"C-careful stud... you're not exactly on the light side," Lola commented as they briefly broke the kiss off in order to strip their clothes off.

Mar chuckled at her, "Bah, you didn't think I was just packing the muscle for show did you?"

"No, I mean just be a bit more... eeep!" Having taken her blouse off she didn't have time to take her bra off as Mar had slipped his claw around to her back and had instantly taken it off, and now was holding the piece of lingerie in-between his fangs. He was staring at her sensually with a confident smirk. "You've done this before, I get it." She giggled. Mar chuckled and helped her out of her miniskirt, but his attention quickly returned to her voluptuous chest.

"Gimme some of that."

"You want them?" Lola grinned, "Come 'n get them big boy," she said, shaking her chest in front of her face. In response, the burly dragon moved in his snout to nuzzle the heavy mounds, his tongue flicking over her soft pink nipples, feeling them hardening against his slick muscle. His tail swished happily as he enjoyed her tits on his face. He playfully dunked his snout into her cleavage, making her giggle as his breath made her feeling ticklish.

"Oohhh, Mar. You really are like a kid!" she giggled more, though he ignored her and continued brushing his face full of alligator boobage. He kept it for a good while until he finally drew her nipple into his mouth to begin sucking it hard, making Lola moan out of pleasure. As he enjoyed her left tit, his left claw grabbed her right boob and began fondling it with care for a few minutes before he squeezed really hard.

Lola was quickly submerged into a sea of bliss as Mar treated her breasts to his rough but lovable treatments, feeling like her chest really was being worshipped by her musclebound lover. He began alternating breasts after a while, making sure he mixed it up for her. "Ahhh... ohh you tease... nnghh..." she groaned.

When he had had enough, Mar pulled back with a satisfied grin, having left her nipples rock hard and her boobs glossy with his saliva. She was panting, his nose easily able to pick her scent up since she was so aroused her panties were visibly wet. "Had enough yet? Aw..."

"I-I'm just getting started!" said the alligator girl, who was sprawled on the bed, hornier than ever, underneath the massive hunk of a dragon staring at her with that arrogant smirk of his. Lola made an effort to quickly slip away from under him, then as Mar turned around Lola surprised him by tackling him with all her might, somehow bringing the caught-off-guard dragon down with her. "Got'cha! Mmm, now... I've shown you my chest. Your turn," she giggled, making the dragon laugh.

"You got it, baby."

While Lola straddled Mar, he leaned upwards to strip his shirt off, revealing his muscular front to the excited alligator. He could see her big green tail wagging as he threw the shirt off and leaned backwards, exposing his thick pectorals that she was instantly set on grabbing. "Rawr!" she playfully growled, throwing herself against the large dragon while her rump rubbed against his bulging, twitching pouch. Her arms moved up, her claws fondling his large pectorals which she found were harder than rock. "Oh my, so so hard and strong... So defined and well sculpted..." she admired, feeling her palms against his scaly mounds of pure muscle. "Let's see below..."

Mar silently allowed her to indulge, smiling proudly of his body as she roamed down to his abs and then onto his flanks, feeling her fingers bounce against the thick muscle. The dragon growled, feeling her own worshipping technique arousing him, making his arousal grow.

"Mar... you're so hard everywhere... well, almost everywhere," Lola sensually said, rubbing her ass against his crotch, "But. That'll easily be remediated," she grinned, making Mar chuckle.

"Go on," he encouraged. Lola turned around, straddling his neck, giving him a great view of her big butt, eliciting a complimentary whistle while his claws twitched in anticipation. She reached for his jeans and quickly unbuckled them, faster than Mar could do on his own, holding the belt with two fingers in the air without even looking back at him. "I get it, you've done this before," he laughed sarcastically. Lola giggled and unbuttoned his pants, being met by the dangerously stretched fabric of his boxers, threatening to rip apart to free the monster contained within.

She licked her lips in anticipation, reached down and as both her claws felt a semi-hard form she proceeded to pull it out. Lola's eyes widened as suddenly three feet of dragon cock came out to greet her. It was so big she had to hold it in both hands! "M-my... you certainly don't disappoint, do you?!" she squealed in delight, scrubbing it with both claws, eager to see it erected. She squealed again, but this time from sharp pain coming from her rear. Lola looked down to see Mar squeezing her ass cheeks as if she had been fondling her tits before, "Y-you couldn't wait, huh?!"

Mar grinned, "Heh. That's what you get for not disappointing me either!" with that, the dragon quickly got rid of her sexy thong only to run his tongue all over her deep butt crack, his claws squeezing the huge ass cheeks. He smiled happily, sniffing her sweet scent as she moaned from the pleasure. "Mrrr... good 'ol 69?" he proposed.

Lola turned around with her eyes closed, a sensual smirk was the last he saw of her face before she leaned further away from him and, while bringing his cock next to her face, gave the head a kiss.

"Ohhhh! L-let's do it!" the dragon eagerly said. Lola began jacking him off furiously, feeling the weight of his member increase as it became fully hard, her tongue dancing around the head, thinking it was going to be very fun to blow him off. Mar by himself was continuously delighting himself with the sight of her large ass, he loved big butts. But he had compromised to a 69, and he had to go on with it.

That didn't mean he couldn't enjoy some more fondling though. His claws made Lola moan as they strongly squeezed her rump. His snout teasingly brushed against her cunny, sniffing very close to torture her with his teases. She bucked her hips against him in response, and he got his snout all smeared on girl juices. Licking them off his face with a smile, Mar then ran his tongue over her now exposed cunny, proceeding to penetrate the tight entrance with his large prehensile tongue. He invaded her love tunnel with the wet muscle, running it deeper and deeper causing Lola to blush as she moaned louder and louder with each second.

But she never fell behind and caused Mar to growl and grunt in pleasure as her claws squished his tower of meat all the while her tongue flicked over his drooling cock-head. The pre was tasty, his musky scent was hypnotizing, he was making her hornier simply by having her worship his penis. Lola was already tired of teasing him, she wanted that giant dick into her mouth! Opening it wide, she easily drew the fat cock into her maw, sucking it with such strength that Mar spurted an obscene amount of pre-seminal fluid down her throat in one go and caused him to briefly stop licking from a drawn-out moan.

This only made Mar more eager to fondle and eat her out. He put even more effort into licking her, driving his tongue as deep as it would go, licking parts that very few would be able, yet Mar reached them with ease thanks to the size of his tongue. Their moans escalated in volume as both pleased each other without stop. Lola had already deep-throated him and was sucking at least an entire foot of his dick into her mouth.

Eventually, the pleasure for them both was too much. Mar's balls tightened as his seed started being pushed out. Lola screamed, but it was muffled by his dick as she came onto his tongue. Both feasted on each others' juices. Mar drank and scooped more femcum as she squirted him with it, but kept licking even as she was having her orgasm in order to draw it out longer and longer. His own orgasm was giving Lola more than a match to contend with as she drank as fast as she could but it was a losing battle thanks to Mar's sheer amount of spooge being shot out.

Still, Lola did much better than the wolf back at the gym. She lasted much longer, in fact. She had to let go eventually, and as she kept drenching Mar in her sweet juices she popped her maw off his dick, allowing the massive dick to shower her with the thick dragon seed. "Mrrr..." she purred in delight, eyes half-open as she threw her arms back and stuck her prominent chest out, allowing most of the cum to stain her yellowish breasts even though it was splashing most of her front.

"Mmrrrr...!" Mar murred, the vibration of his growls serving as further stimulation for Lola to keep cumming as she sat on his face, relishing on both his and her orgasm.

Eventually, their climaxes waned and they entered a sweet afterglow. Lola turned around with a smirk, tiredly sitting on his pectorals as she turned to look at him with her legs spread, her cunt facing him. But Mar wasn't looking at her dripping pussy, he was looking at her paws, boobs in hand.

Lola grinned down at him, giving him a sultry smile as she pushed her cum-stained breasts up and gave them slow teasing licks to scoop the spooge up and slurp it, making sure the dragon saw it all. Mar murred to the lovely sight, his cock throbbing hard and in need as he watched her showing off. "You like what you see?" she asked hotly, squishing her breasts against her neck while her tongue drapped over the left boob. Mar growled to her.

Unable to resist the temptation, Mar grabbed Lola by the waist and quickly flipped their positions. He loomed over her like before, kicking his pants, no, he was shredding them with his claws, not wanting to wait. Once he was fully naked Lola, in glee from her position, witnessed his god-like frame in all its glory: his muscled thighs, his perfect hips, his well-trained calves... but it all paled in comparison to his immense dick and plump nuts. He quickly got into position, flashed a sexy smirk to her and then announced, "I'm not holding back now."

Then with a swift thrust, Mar penetrated Lola's vagina, his cock drilling deep into her hotbox, elicting a scream of pure pleasure mixed with pain from the gator. Lola had never had such a big cock inside of her, and three feet forcing their way into her was quite near the experience of losing her virginity all over again. His massive pole was stretching her insides violently, it had reached her womb and had filled it as well. Lola was too busy clenching her fangs and shutting her eyes to block the pain out to see, but even the blissed Mar could see part of his cock stretching her stomache from how deep he had gone. It made him growl in pleasure.

Mar waited, even though it made him more anxious. His cock was all the way in, but he knew Lola needed at least a minute to adjust. His thrust had been so violent and poorly announced that it had caught her off guard. His balls were brushing against her ass, they had smacked against her tailhole when he had fully hilted. He murred, feeling more cum producing inside of them, sloshing inside and wanting to come out. "Mrrr... brace yourself, sexy."

With that, Mar began wildly kissing her again, his claws roaming her body, squeezing her sides, hips and breasts to help alleviate the pain. Soon enough Mar broke the kiss off as Lola was moaning from bliss again. Her eyes not shut but simply closed, her fangs not clenched and her tongue drapped over her cheek as she was consumed by pleasure.

Taking that as a sign to continue, Mar began riding Lola like there was no tomorrow. His cock entered and exited violently, causing Lola's body to shake and rattle. She began moaning louder and more frequently now instead of just staying there, frozen by the pleasure. Mar growled as her pussy clamped down on his dick like a vice, the pressure on his organ so great he was already dumping great amounts of pre deep into her womb.

"Rrrgh..." he growled, pumping his cock in and out with each strong hump. "Damn you're tight... Lola... can you feel it? I'm all the way inside..." he growled, slowing his pace to thrust harder into her.

"Ah... ahhh... y-yes... yes you are!" Lola replied, blushing hard as her juices began splattering against his shaft and balls, which kept smacking against her as each time he thrusted. "Fuck me, Mar. Fuck me hard! Don't stop fucking me... ahhh!"

Their moans escalaed in volume as their pleasure did. Their lust built up until it could no more. When it had peaked and torn through the limits, the pair came, and with their orgasm followed a tremendous, building-shaking roar from Mar, who began ejaculating deep into Lola. Fortunately for her, the copious amounts of cum weren't enough to burst her, but she definitely got a swollen belly from the sheer size of his load. Mar humped her throughout their orgasm and stopped at nothing to empty the contents of his massive testicles inside of her.

Eventually, their climaxes ebbed away and Mar collapsed on the side, having to make the effort not to fall on top of the poor exhausted alligator babe. Mar made sure to pull his cock out to prevent hurting her more than had been necessary and seized her by the waist to rest her atop his chiseled form, now resting on her bed. "Mrrawr... now that was nice..." said the pleased dragon. Lola was without words, she was merely panting, but had enough strength to cuddle him back. He teased her by saying: "Had enough yet?"

Lola managed a few words: "Just... gimme a moment..." she said with a smile, making Mar grin. It was 11:30 PM. They still had half an hour to exhaust their Day Off.

The End.


And On The Seventh Part... Mar fucked. :3
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