Lets try this again...The G.D.F. (Slave and Master RP)
My last RP get erased, so let me try again.

The Grand Dimensional Forum is a great and powerful city that sits between all dimensions that exist. Here a myriad of goods are traded and sold from thousands of different dimensions, making it the home of the most profitable and most powerful trading empires in existence.

But one can by more that simple goods at the great forum. The Absence of trading limits of any kind has bred a healthy slave market. Slaves from billions of worlds are sold and trained for various uses from physical labor, to personal pleasure. For the wealthy Citizens of the city, such as the leaders of the prosperous trading companies, pleasure is the preferred slave.

Slaves can be captured from any dimension, and thus can look and be like anything. The age range is grand, allowing for even very young slaves to be sold and trained, and slaves generally come in three Varieties.

Untrained, these slaves are often freshly captured and sold without any formal training. Basic training, which means a slave has been held for awhile and has been trained in the basics of submission and obedience. And lastly, fully trained, which means the slave has been held for months, or even years and is thoroughly trained in the ways of pleasure and servitude.

So, you can be anything from any fictional universe, just not any main characters from anything. For example, you can be a Renamon, but you cant be The Renamon. This applies to both masters and slaves.

The post limit between two people is four each, and then you must stop and wait for others to post.

Character Template
Powers: Optional
Role: Master or Slave
(Master) Source of wealth:
(Master) Preference: Untrained, Basic, or Fully trained?
(Slave) Class of Slave: Untrained, Basic, or Fully trained?
Personal Preference: What do you want in a slave or master
Things to avoid: What arent you interested in?
Brief history: Whats important about your past, if anything
Name: Selventus
Age: 900
Sex: Male
Species: Vampire
Appearance: http://mythicmktg.fileburst.com/war/us/h...sassin.jpg
Powers: Transformation, hypnotism, super strength and speed.
Role: Master
Source of wealth: Powerful assassin that works within the city
Preference: Untrained
Personal Preference: Bondage, control, humiliation, resistance
Things to Avoid: Water Sport, scat, gore, vore, and death.
Brief history: Was once a slave himself, and was taken in by an assassins guild, and trained to be a killer. He is at last free, and thinking about getting a slave of his own.

Name: Angela
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Species: Digimon/Hokomon
Appearance: http://e621.net/post/show/192373/alphina...agoon86-fe
Powers: Electric Digimon attack
Role: Slave
(Slave) Class of Slave: Basic training
Personal Preference: Domination, humiliation, Bondage
Things to avoid: Vore, gore, watersport, scat, death.
Brief history: Was captured by slavers while roaming the digiworld and has been held for three weeks. Her dream was to find a suitable tamer to train her, but instead she was "tamed" by the slaver's training. Although she still holds hope for escape, or finding her tamer, she has mostly broken and is obedient and submissive.
Name: Angel and Lillith
Age: 25 (both)
Sex: Female
Species: Angewomon (Angel) Ladydevimon (Lilith)
Dimension: Digital world
Appearance: Angel and Lilith
Powers: Angel: Can summon a restraining halo as well as a bow and arrow from her hand. Lilith: Releases evil spirits in the form of bats to attack her foe.
Role: Slaves
(Slave) Class of Slave: Both are untrained however Angel is more submissive and so will be easier trained, Lilith is slightly more independant and will be more difficult.
Personal Preference: Bondage (Especially being bound together), domination, slight pain.
Things to avoid: Gore, heavy pain, scat, watersports.
Brief history: Angel was the first captured, Lilith was captured later in an attempt to rescue her. They've been sold seperately in the past but due to complications have always been returned, as a result they are now sold only as a pair.
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Name: Dark Leonheart
Age: 1000
Sex: Male
Species: DarkExVeemon/Vampmon
Dimension: Digital World
Appearance: http://e621.net/data/3e/73/3e73ebe8ad332...94b762.jpg but with the blue being black and the yellow being red along with his wings
Powers: Super strength and speed, vampire trance
Role: Master
Source of wealth: King of a kingdom of vampmon
Preference: Basic
Personal Preference: Bondage, and control
Things to avoid: Vore, gore, watersport, scat, death
Brief history: After capturing a few of the slavers that were in his area, he found out about the Grand Dimensional Forum and decide to pay it a vist.
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OOC: Well, the RP is still open to anyone who wants to throw in. If there arent characters to accommodate your characters then I will make some for you. As for those of us who are already in, let us begin! I will post and introduction, and you guys can post your own intros.

IC: It was a Sunny day in the Grand Dimensional Forum. The golden city that made up half of it spread out like a star across the Desert of the Void, the space between spaces. The other half of the city was the massive sprawling markets. Portals were constantly opening and producing new visitors to the city every moment, and today the Forum was busy.

The Slave Market in particular was busy. A new load of fresh slaves had just arrived and many buyers flooded into the vast, two story building. There were many clerks and salesmen all over the floor, help customers get information on slaves, prices, and to buy the slaves when they had one picked out. Many of the richest members of Society were there to choose their own personal pleasure slave, or slaves as the case may be.

It was for this that Selventus found himself in the very same market he had been sold in as a child. Then he had been recruited to become an assassin, but today he wasnt looking for an apprentice. No, he was looking for a slave that could satiate his sexual appetites, which as a vampire, were vast. He silently moved from cage to cage, inspecting the slaves that caught his eye.

Angela was in her cage on display. She was one of the rare new slaves from the digiworld, and many came to admire her. She wore heavy shackles on her wrists and ankles, and had a heavy steel collar around her neck. she sat obediently, not trying to hide herself as people came to stare at her. She had already been trained for a little while, and knew better than to shy away from customers. So she sat and waited, watching the customers as they passed, wondering which would be her master.
Angel and Lilith were shackled together in a shared cage, their hands cuffed behind the other's backs in a forced embrace as their heads were tied together through a special two-person ball gag. The two had been there for awhile but so far any buyers quickly returned them. When away from Lillith Angel was too shy and skittish to be of any use and anytime Lilith was seperated from Angel she became too violent to control, and so the two were kept together, a condition that under normal circumstances the two would rather enjoy.
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Name: Mai Maria
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Dimension: One populated with humans
Appearance: http://img4.gelbooru.com//images/1205/4a...pg?1416323
Powers: None
Role: Slave
(Master) Source of wealth:
(Master) Preference: Untrained, Basic, or Fully trained?
(Slave) Class of Slave: Basic
Personal Preference: Someone easy...
Things to avoid: Guro, scat, and anything involving too much pain.
Brief history: A thief, who sold her little brother to slavery. This came around to bite her on the ass, because the man who bought her brother came to like his little slave boy, and did him a kind favor. Bring vengeance to Mai. She and her boyfriend, who she liked only for his money and dick, were both sold to slavery, her boyfriend being bought first by someone else. She thinks all she'll have to do is scrub flowers and shit, and she thinks she'll escape soon...
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Sel looked around until he spotted a peculiar sight, two slaves tied together in one cage. He approached to inspecting them, seeing that they were both very beautiful, particularly when chained together as they were.

"Clerk." He said, call the attention of the cage clerk. "Why are they tied together like this?" He asked, and after receiving the reason he would ask what they were to each other. "Are they sisters? Mother and Daughter?..close friends?"
"Lovers, far as we can figure. Been difficult. Names are Angel and Lilith. Can only sell 'em as a pair far as we can figure, still pretty untrained so they aren't expensive if you're interested." the clerk smiled, seeing a chance to get rid of the troublesome slaves.

Lilith's eyes moved to look as best she could at the two voices, unable to move her head with her and Angel tied together.

Angel let out a soft moan, Lilith's movement causing their breasts to rub together, causing her to blush slightly as they did.
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"Hmmm, lovers?" Sel said to himself as he looked at the pair. "I wish to inspect them." He would say, waiting for the cage to be opened so that he could get a good look at them. When he was in there with them he was go to Angel's side and grab her breast, moving it against Litlith's nipple, teasing them both. He wanted to see their reaction, gauge their relationship.
Angel couldn't help but let out an audible moan, closing her eyes as her cheeks flushed a bright red as her nipple hardened and pressed into Lilith's just as her's did the same.

Lilith managed to hide her arousal a bit better, seeming more angry at Sel touching Angel than what he was doing to the two of them, almost growling with what seemed like jealousy.
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