My most formal appologizes
Hey all! How's it going? I appologize for my absense of late. those whom i was rping with before my untimely incapacitation have likely made notice... the fact is that some things have come up lately, and, as you have seen, i have not had much time to check up on the site. To those who ive been rping with: i deeply, deeply appologize. new members since ive been gone: welcome to the DaD. everybody else: ive set myself as "offline" for the most part, cause thats likely how it will be for me. im sry for the inconvinience, but i happened to have time today, so i thought i should formally mention this fact. anyways, hope you are all doing well. thx for reading this for those who have gotten this far xD.
The most dangerous phrase ever uttered in all of minecraftia: "/give honeydew 46 64"

Imaginato disciplinis cognoscere modum; sciam quid et ingenii?
My learning and imagination know no bounds; why should my knowledge and abilities?

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Alchemy: [from the Moon to] Scorpio to man to eagle to the phoenix (female) [to the sun] back to Her consciousness outside the box she created.
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Well, stop apologizing, start to post... we need more active menders...