Young Hunters Hentai Thread
Giggity Has he finished the first part? This could be a very long process. He has a lot to draw.
(10-31-2011 11:27 AM)CloneWarrior Wrote: Eh, I really hope someone with more skill

Ouch -_-;

anywho just an ecchi pic for today.

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Nice. Great work there. It's ecchi alright. Not porny but pretty close.
Those edits where not so bad, and nice drawing, but I prefer if her breasts where more close to the show style (Think of certain serpent lady, only this ones should be smaller)
I presume you mean the breasts of the Nene edit? but I'm sorry I'm drawing a blank at serpant lady :P
(11-06-2011 02:20 AM)Darkoak8 Wrote: I presume you mean the breasts of the Nene edit? but I'm sorry I'm drawing a blank at serpant lady :P

Yes the Nene edit, and Serpent lady is Mervamon, please, like it was that hard, she has a giant snake for an arm and the biggest breasts we have seen in a Digimon in a long time!
Pfft yah Stupid me, but in my defense it was like 7 am were I am when I read that XD
Yah she's so hot and mega-underdue for hentai, stupid Renamon and her favoritism =P
Okay, noted ^^
Yeah. The sheer amount of Renamon is actually a bit annoying. But I won't say who most would say is the the reason why we have that...
Well. simple put, she was a girl, and she was a fox, and she was a Digimon. And Tamers was the season with the biggest amount of teen fans. Frontier had Ranamon but Frontier didn't do so good. Savers was kind of a Failure (Even Frontier aired in more countries that Savers did and Savers was greatly censored by Disney, the anime destroyer) and the only decent Digimon girl was introduced quite late, Rosemon. Since Rosemon was not a new Digimon, there was already some hentai of her, mostly thanks to her appearance in Digimon V-tamer. Savers was also the shortest season (only 48 episodes) and any anime that lasts more than 26 episodes and less than 50 is considered as "cancelled" or "failure" in Japan.
Yah but Savers also had: Lilamon, Yoshino, Nanami/Bio-Lotusmon, and Chika, not to mention a personal favorite of mine who (Like Ruka) has no porn of them whatsover and thats Rhythm.

EDIT: And to keep on topic, to anyone who has the Flash Game Super Deap Throat, an Airu skin was made for the game. A quick google image search with filters off of Airu Suzaki should'nt make it to hard to find, the game is also easy to find. I'll provide links though if someone needs them.