What Happens on Dragon Mountain...
There stood a mountain, tall, fierce, and home to only the strongest of pokemon. Dragon types. This powerful stone mountain has been around longer than the dragon types themselves, however it is now their nesting ground. The farther up you go, the more agile the pokemon, at the base, however, the fiercer they are. Clouds hung in a halo over the sacred grounds, almost completely untouched by humans, aside from young and foolhardy pokemon trainers who think they're good enough to really take on such formidable competition and capture one.
Those trainers leave disappointed.

Across the valley laid a small river feeding into a pristine lake, now ablaze with orange as the sun sets. Looking farther up, the orange turns to red, to violet, and finally to purple. The fiery river is a very popular spot for the citizens nearby, but it's far away enough that dragon pokemon only go there for water. Especially now, you could see a few trainers there. Couples that may become lovers...maybe less, maybe more.
The mixed breed sighed, seeing these enamored humans. "Where's my love?" he asked the powerful yet romantic sun. His head shift, and he vanishes into the bleak darkness of the cave behind him. Cool, damp, and a home to many hundred creatures. The perfect place for a warm-blooded dragon-type. Lucaite, a half lucario, half dragonite breed, slept, more seemingly in a trance due to the dangers of true rest.

A muffled sound rings through the caves, Luca's eyes shoot open. His hawk-like eyes scan the cave, though nothing seems out of the ordinary.
The caves ring again, and Lucaite stands, "It's coming from outside." he thought, and began stalking towards the cave entrance, careful not to be seen, only to see. Finally, he hides against the mouth of the cave and views a strange Shaymin barely holding up. Its flight pattern seemed so much like a baby tripping over itself. The poor thing seemed tired, until finally it dropped from the sky, making an emergency landing right before the entrance of his cave, tripping over her front legs at full speed.
Lucaite dashed out to help the poor thing, stopped just in front of her, "Are you okay?!" he yelled worriedly.
"Owww..." she responded, tears running from her eyes. As she tries to get up, she only falls back down, looking up to him. "It hurts..." she whimpers, half audibly.
Luca lifted her up, his arms swung around her like a baby, as he walked her silently into the cave, in spite of her pained groans. As Luca took a step on soft dirt, he took a step back and rested her down on it. "Are they broken?" he asks her, setting her down.
"No....I think I just need some rest, thank you." she murmured, somewhat embarrassed by being helped.

"Give me a sec," he states vaguely and leaves the cave.
About half an hour later, he returned, the sky now a purple and black, no more orange blazing across the horizon. "Here you go," he whispers softly, leaning down on one knee and handing her some berries. "There's a pond behind you," he added, setting some large leaves under her to make sure she's comfortable.
"Thank you." she utters gratefully, beet red from all the attention.
He stares at her for a moment before a shock of realization crosses his feral eyes, "Oh, by the way, I'm Luca."
The shaymin just giggled, her beady eyes reflecting his, "I'm Skye."
Feeling a pang of pain in her stomach, and a loud growl, she started eating at the berries in such an adorable way, her muzzle twisted into a smile the whole time.
Luca twisted his own into a smile and sat down, "So, what happened?"
"Huh?" Skye just stared at him bewildered, "what do you mean?"
"Well," he stopped for a moment to gather his words, "why were you flying in such a poor state?" he elaborated, trying to be as sincere and careful with it as possible.
'I was attacked by a charizard and barely made it out, it was horrible, he just...wouldn't...he tried to..." she started sobbing a little, her sentence completely fragmented, lost in thought.
Luca's head hung for a moment before finally responding, "Yeah, the pokemon here are dangerous."
He didn't really know what to say, yes, they were dangerous, but usually only if something was trying to take their territory, not really if they were just flying by. It didn't make much sense to him, but if she's lying, it's probably for a good reason.
The shaymin finally finished the berries, and did drink a little from the pool, before asking, "You've done so much for me, how can I ever repay you?"

Luca presses his muzzle to her's, with a slight twist, tangling his teeth with her own. Her eyes open, shocked. "I want you to keep me company." he breathed into her muzzle. Her stomach feeling funny, her body warming up, her face burning up in a crimson blush.
"Make me warm," he pleaded, "make me feel good." he begged, his impassioned words sliding down her throat.
Her fuzzy butt began raising as she deepened the kiss, accepting him.
She never really had a problem doing that.
Luca pulled his muzzle from Skye's, feeling his member grown enough for more. Skye nuzzled at it affectionately, rubbing her fur against it. Poor Luca moaned as he just couldn't help himself, bringing his paws over to her nethers and rubbing her butt and vagina, making her moan with him. Her wet nosed pushed against it until finally a bit of precum splashed out, landing on her nose and making her smile. Oh how his wonderful smell intoxicated her; she just could wait.
She wrapped her muzzle around his cock and went down on him, beinf rewarded with his wonderful taste sliding down her throat. Her eyes looked up at his, caring, loving, and clearly pleased eyes, before she shut her own and focused on the intense heat.
She started swirling her head in sync with her with rough tongue against his soft penis, going up and down on it and making the poor Luca moan. His own delicate paws rubbing her just the right way, spreading her lips to let her embarassing juices spill all over the already damp cave floor. He slide her clit between his paws and squeezed his paws together, making her scream and moan into his cock.
Luca let out his own overwhelmed cry for pleasure as more precum streamed down her throat. Her pussy dripped in anticipation and her pants only made her rub against his cock with both her tongue and her mouth, and she drooled all over it, making it as slippery as possible.
"Oh god..." he moaned as his knot began swelling, "your mouth feels great!"
She winked at him, prickling his hardon with her rough tongue, "Well you taste good," her muffled response only vibrated him more. Finally, she went down on him all the way, one final burst of precum seducing her before his knot began swelling all the way into her muzzle, forcing her to open up for him.
"It's so big..." she thought, "this is gonna hurt."
Luca's wings wrapped around her, his hands grasped her, forcing her harder onto his knot, and the feelers on his head straightened. He could feel it cumming. The knot forced it's way further into her throat, choking her, as though it was in a vagina. Her stifled pleads drowned out as cum overflowed her throat and her closed eyes shot open again. Any straining she gave faded away as her muzzle and tongue eased all over the knot inside her muzzle, forcing it wide and feeding her all she ever wanted. Luca merely grunted as he continued to force her all the way onto it, not letting up. Finally, it started to soften and he pulled his three inch knot out.

Skye coughed up enough cum to cover her, the bridge of semen still there, mixed with the drool, and a small river of it stained her bottom lip. She could only take so much...
"er...sorry" Luca said before blushing and turning away a little.
She took a few breaths to get back to pace and stretched her neck a little, giving his head a few tips.
He moaned and petted her head lightly with his delicate pads.
"Put it in me..." she begged, looking up at him with her ass raised as high as it can go and dripping constantly wetting her pussy. Her pants hot with hormones, and her tongue sticking out, letting more fluids drip to the ground.
Luca rubbed his 9 inch boner between her lips, making her moan and plead for more, "Don't tease me!" she added scornfully.
Luca smirked, just what he wanted to hear.
Luca gave off a low growl as he pressed into her, slamming against her womb and forcing her to cry out in pleasure. She took a sharp breath and squealed, "what the hell?!...ohhhhh..."
Luca said nothing as he slid he length out of her and rammed it back in, all the way. Another squeal escaped her muzzle as her hindlegs shook as she loosened. Luca started pumping into her as hard as she could, making her throw out sharp pants and moans, her butt trying to go ever higher.
"I love you..." he whispered, and bent over her, surrounding and protecting her with his wings before giving a long lick across her spine and up to the back of her neck. Skype closed her eyes and shivered, pleasuring his cock slightly as he let his sticky precum loose inside of her.
Her pussy started really dripping as he relentlessly hammered into her, his knot starting to bulge and make her shake in sheer delight, every inch of her body flaring in heat. He finally pressed into her, spreading wide the canal into her womb, his knot swelling immensely and forcing her vagina wider. Skye shut her eyes hard in the pain and started to even cry, she'd never felt anything this big. Still, her slutty body just couldn't help but enjoy every agonizing moment of his dick torturing her. Finally, it pumped and released, everything spilling into her at once. She yelled his name to the heavens, his bewitching tongue at her ear, his paws laid firmly against her soft, sensitive nipples, his penis squirting into her! It was all just too much!
She felt so weak, so much at his command, liquids dripped from between her hindlegs like never before... was he actually making her...
"Oh god..." her mind yelled, "this is amazing!"
"More..." she half-heartedly pleaded as her ass fell to the cave ground, covering itself in mud, the bulging knot not yet released, following suit.
Luca laid down on top of her, panting. "Ohhh..." he moaned, feeling her heat against his own hot chest.
There they slept, in their own little mud-puddle, made with their liquids.

Cracks of light beamed through Luca's wings, Skye's eyes slowly opened the morning bright. The smell of dew filled her muzzle. What felt like such a hot cave last night was now so... cold, and damp, and miserable. What's worse, her fur was covered in mud; she felt like crap.
Skype groggily got up, purposely throwing Luca off. She repaid him, time to move on...
"Where you going?" Luca asked, rubbing his paws against his eyes, "Are you leaving?"
She turned back, 'Yeah, my front legs feel great thanks to you, I really appreciate everything you've done for me."
Luca thought for a moment, as Skype figured the conversation was done, she took another step, interrupted.
"Wait..." Luca sleepily pleaded.
Skye just stared back at him, waiting for what he wanted to say.
"I want to be with you." he said, sounding as though he was still mulling it over.
Skye shook her head, "I'm going as far away from here as possible..." her tone apologetic to the poor thing.
"No!....No...that's not what I mean."
"Then what do you mean?!" she yelled, increasingly infuriated with his vagueness.
"I want to go with you, wherever you go...I want to... I don't want to be alone, and I...I know I love you." he pleaded, not all that coherent.
'What..." she said, dumbfounded.
"I would never limit you! I want to protect you!" he yelled, finally shocking awake, shocking her with him. He found his purpose. He won't give it up. Not now, not ever.
A Dark Angel is set on fire
With burning love and desire
This feeling she never knew before
Yet her mind is asking for more
Rotten and dark she is inside
A fallen angel of the night
She curses for the feeling she calls Love
It makes her like an Angel from above
Yet her heart holds it light
Because that's what comforts her through the night
This fallen that you see
Is the soul that hides inside me.
XD again nice story there Emir ^.^
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