Mass Effect: Precursor (Invite only- DrakeZero, Shadow, DMX, Crimson)
Back Story:

The war with the rachini is over. With the aid of the Krogan people, the last of the queen and drones are wiped out, however there are new problems that rise from this victory. Once heros to the galaxy, concerns form around the Krogan people due to the high population growth and large war potential the large species presents to the galaxy. Orders to disarm by the galactic council are meet with resistance by the Krogans and eventual lead to a conflict only to be known in history as the Krogan Rebellion......

Years later, with the aid of salarian scientists, the Turian release the genophage onto the Korgan's, and slow down their birthing of children. It is a great success causing the war to sway drastically. It has been a year since the deployment, and now the Turian military is slowly taking down the Korgan war machine....

OOC: Kind of like star wars eh?

So every person will have one main character that you should make a full profile, and it can be any species in the mass effect universe except for humans as they haven't discovered the mass relays yet. You may have more then one characters but beside your main character you don't have to make a profile for them. Myself and Shadow will GM the general storyline and provide minor supporting characters whenever needed. Sound good everyone?

Main Profile:

Basic appearance:

Short bio: (background and history of character)
Shadow Dragon Pack (SDP)
Name: Septimus Talon
Codename: Shadow
Species: Turian
Age: 26
Profession: Soldier, specializing in infiltration and assassination.
Weaponry: Sniper rifle, assault rifles

Basic appearance: Rougly 6' tall with a dark gray skin tone. His armor is black and gray to go with his normal espionage missions. He wears a special visor over one eye that provides telescopic assistance as well as other visors to see in low light or hazardous enviroments.

Short bio: A soldier currently working under General Grevis, the same person that handled his training while at the military base. He excelled in covert operations, infiltrating and taking out targets without anyone knowing he was ever there. With a good vantage point and his sniper rifle he can take on an entire army single handed.
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Shadow Dragon Pack (SDP)
The Mod Squad
Name: Miraya Gerris.
Species: Turian. (Female)
Age: 21
Profession: Assassin.
Weaponry: Omni-blades (Melee), hand cannon and sniper rifle.
Basic appearance: Six foot one athletic built female with gray and pale yellow skin complexion. Amber eyes. Chest size equivalent to human D cups, curvy hips with shapely rump. Usually wears a skin-tight, full-body exoskeletal suit designed to provide her with several functions such as cloaking or amplifying her tech powers. The suit is colorless or transparent while she's not using it, but it will take upon a very dark blue color when active, the mask of her face will show a horizontal red visor to provide her with heat-vision.

Short bio: A natural born fighter trained for assassination and stealth, but with a very acknowledgeable prowess for hand-to-hand combat. Bears a very big grudge to the Krogan race as a whole since she lost her younger brother to one of the warlords responsible for mobilizing an anti-scout movement. She's been known to take on an overconfident Krogan and literally beat him into submission, though she's more methodical when engaging more powerful foes such as warlords.

All in all, a well-rounded soldier with hatred for her current enemy.

Edit: Although it is stated her chest is pronounced, her size does not mean she possesses actual breasts.
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Shadow Dragon Pack (SDP)
The Mod Squad
Name: Raddia Spensus
Species: Asari (Turian/Asari mix)
Age: 102
Profession: Biotic Commando (Great with weaponry and biotics, master of neither)
Weaponry: Assault Rifles, Heavy Weapons, Omni-Blade (it's going to be a weapon in Mass Effect 3, shut up :P)
Basic appearance: She's a rather tall Asari (6'03") with dark blue skin, with white markings along her crest, similar to her father's. Trained in her father's heavy weapons training courses, she developed a lovely, yet powerful athletic body, giving her a fit, curvy figure. She typically dresses in a green camoflauge armor with black flexible plating around her joints.

Short bio: Trained at an early age by her father's unit in the arts of heavy weapons and direct combat, she became a fine soldier, while her mother took time to teach her the more advanced techniques of biotics, allowing her to combine her knowledge for devastating results. With her homeworld of Lusia being the first planet grabbed by the Krogans' planet grab, Raddia has a personal stake in stopping the war as soon as possible and helping her people reclaim their world.
Renamon's Army
Shadow Dragon Pack (SDP)
Lady Devimon's Minions
Name: Zevia Malontiva vas Neema
Age: 22

Species: Quarian

Profession: Quarian engineer/commando

Weaponry: Omni-tool (hacking), twin heavy pistols.(holstered around her hips) 2 hidden knife blades. (One in her right leg restraint and the other tucked into her front belt.)

Basic Appearance: Standing at a height of 5'8" and wearing a tight fitting quarian suit to mark her maturity. Her hood is black with a white trim line while her main garments are colored with white and black trimmings. Her face shield has a silver shade to it while still allowing her white glowing eyes to be seen through the mask while still obscuring the rest of her face. Unlike most quarians, she is larger in the chest department to the equivalent of a humans DD cups, and with wide hips.

Short Bio:

While young, Zevia completed her pilgrimage at the age of 20 earning her full adult hood quarian status and a new suit.Extremely adaptive and high knowledge of engineering, like most quarians, makes Zevia an excellent engineer for any ship. She also served time with the Quarian commandos to gain the knowledge of basic weaponry and combat. She wields two heavy pistols as her main weapon finding heavier weapons like assualt rifles or shotguns too "problematic" in fast moving combat situations. She is exiled from the Quarian fleet for using a ships food supplies to trade with a batarain merchant for medical supplies without her captians permission. It was later found the medpacks were fakes and useless.

However, there is speculation that this story is false and in fact she is a Quarian spy sent to gather data on the progress of the Krogan rebellion, and information on the genophage. This is all speculation, and can only be verified by Zevia herself.

She is flirtatious by nature using her unusual large breasts and sensual hips to tease and or seduce others to do what she needs them to you.

Name: Mesa Tritop

Species: Krogan

Age: 500 years

Profession: A veteran Battlemaster

Weaponry: A large shotgun is his primary weapon, but also carries a massive gatling laser gun on his back.

Basic Appearance: Standing at a massive size of 7'-5" and weighing at nearly a ton, and covered in a thick red plated armor which is covered in scratches and dents from battles years before. He also lost his right eye and covers it with a piece of armor. He also has a battle mask when entering areas with no air.

Short Bio: A member of Clan Mesa, Tritop is a veteran Battlemaster with a high knowledge of convergence squad tactics and weaponry. He often plays mind tactics against his enemy as "an angry enemy is a stupid opponent." He has been fighting in the rebellion since it first started 200 years ago, and had great success in the battle field till the genophage was released making his clan dwindle to low numbers. He continues to fight on, but knows the battle will be hard to win if the numbers keep falling for the krogan.

He is the commander of a Krogan outpost on Korlus.

(Alright lets start)

*Orbiting Korlus*

"Alright you meat bags, gear up!" Commander Nila shouted as he walked down the line of the many men and soliders. "We are going to be entering hostile Korgan territory, and I don't want no mistakes understand me?"
"Ooo ha!" the soldiers shouted.
"I can't hear you!"
'That's better, now get ready, the General will be coming down to have a few words for you shortly and I except you to be proper as always." he moved down the line and spotted two familiar soldiers. "Sergent Talon, Sergent Gerris, the General wants to speak to you two personally. Follow me to his quarters." he said sternly.

Shadow Dragon Pack (SDP)
Gerris quietly nodded as the orders were relayed. She had been enthusiastic so far, knowing the current mission would have them in the enemy's lines, which would immediately translate to a righteous massacre of those brutish hostiles. What was nagging her at a corner of her mind however was the lack of broadly communicated information on their upcoming operation, which no doubt would be filled in to them by the General if things kept going the way they seemed to be going.

The female turian was one of the few of her type around the base, as it appeared that they weren't as recurrent as their counterparts for military operations. Gerris wasn't the type to push papers in an office, and she certainly had not been trained to use a pen if not to stab someone's jugular with it. This mission was just another step in her career as a provider of perfect assassinations, and another step in eliminating the superfluous plague that were the Krogan.

With her mentality set, and hopeful to finally be briefed at the General's quarters, Gerris began following Nila as per orders.
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Shadow Dragon Pack (SDP)
The Mod Squad
"Hmph, this should be interesting." Septimus muttered under his breath as he saluted and fell in line behind the Commander, adjusting his assault rifle on his hip a bit as he did, resting his hand on in as an old habit of his anytime he was moving around which tended to make others around him a bit nervous given the way he was constantly looking around anywhere he went all while holding onto his weapon, looking for any indication of trouble even in what most people would consider a safe area.
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Shadow Dragon Pack (SDP)
The Mod Squad
The three turians walked into a lift as it took them to the bridge level. The doors opening up showing the command deck and it's many crew members that were working hard. Nila lead the two around to the rear of the deck where the General's quarters resided.

The doors opened to a large observation window that overlooked the planet Korlus as the General was sitting in his chair seemingly sipping a drink softly. Sitting nearby appeared to be an Asari dressed in battle armor.

"General, I've brought the Sergent Talon, and Sergent Gerris."
The chair turned to face them allowing the two to see the older Turian look them over. His scales were dull and cracked slightly due to his age, but his eyes looked sharp as ever.

"Thank you Commander Nila, you may go." Grevis said as he watched the commander give a bow before leaving.

Grevis stood up from his chair, and smiled. "It's always good to see old students of mine. Mr. Talon, the last time I saw you were graduating from the academy with full honors. And full training in assualt and sniper rifles. Even rocket launcher training. Very impressive." he smiled as he turned to Miraya. "Miss Gerris, you certainly look different from that time when I saw you attempt to strangle a fellow student over a argument. Now trained in the art of assassination and stealth with honors."

He closed the data pad, and placed it on his desk. "Just what I would expect from my students, and perfect for this mission."
Shadow Dragon Pack (SDP)
Talon seemed to grin a bit at the last sentence, the day to day life in the squad had become somewhat boring, especially since few if any of the previous assaults called for any tactical skill and were mostly just hunkering down and holding position for hours on end, "So what's the mission? Hopefully something better than some escort mission or something." He hoped aloud.
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Shadow Dragon Pack (SDP)
The Mod Squad
"Hmph, I've matured," was the only trivial phrase Gerris said, then she pushed on: "I'm interested in the details. Why hasn't it been shared with the rest of the squad?" she demanded. It was typical of her to be blunt and direct, even to her superiors, which had earned her both fame and infame at the same time.
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Shadow Dragon Pack (SDP)
The Mod Squad