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Thundercats Revival
I think next week has a hour long Clone wars ep so new ep in two weeks.
So, how this ended?
Nope. New ep coming next Friday. Berbils.
Also Palcomix has a new pron comic involving the kids. And two others.
As long as they pay them to make them I say.
Well, I was kind of disapointed by their pony comic, but this Thundercats are anthro and they don't seem to have so much trouble drawing those...
The people working there aren't bad people. Plus they do take these as commissions so it's all to blame on whoever wants to wank to it.

But I agree on the pony comic comment.
I picked up the DVD as I'm not usually around to watch it when it airs (I work till midnight :P), and it's impressive thus far. I like Cheetara, Lion-O, and the rest of the cast. I like the "Betrayal" arc so far, and the whole "magic vs. technology" theme they got going.
[Image: Ikuto_Peckmon4_Ever.jpg]
"I'll keep you safe...forever."
Great. Glad you like it. It's a very interesting change from the past series.