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Thundercats Revival
It seems like Cartoon Network have been talking about reviving the old 80's season for a while, but it's only since last month when we got the green light and the official trailer for their plan;

The animation is provided by Studio4°C, those responsible for the works behind Kid's Story in The Animatrix, Transformers: Animated, Halo:Legends and Batman - Gotham Knight.

Though I dread this is going to give me the same idea as the reboot of He:Man, it seems at least promising. Obviously there are a few storyline changes; such as Thundara actually being a city/civilization on Third Earth, and not it's own planet. Lion-O is actually a young kid and grows up facing his challenges, rather then his capsule failing in the original series causing him to be just as old as the rest of the cast.

Other then that, obviously the character designs have changed. Panthro actually looks like a walking tank, Snarf looks even more like a Pokemon (promised also to be less annoying then in the original series), and the design for Cheetara is simply fantastic. For those wondering, Lion-O's voice actor will be in the series, but as his father rather then being Lion-O.

What are people's thoughts? A successful revive, or another shoddy reboot?
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*Flexes hands* *ahem*

Where have you been? People known about this for a good while.
Now then, as I'm sure, the biggest Thundercats fan on the board, I will explain the series.

First though, I have the entire series on DVD, this was The Show for me as a child, and I have a wiki for this series. And the 03 He-Man was great. Not so many damn gay jokes.

This is a new version of the series. Not connected to the past.
The character designs are very nice now. And Snarf does not talk.
As this is done by the people who were related the Transformers Animated, the 3rd best TF series ever!, this will be awesome. There is no other way around it.

And that is the truth. The biggest fan of this series here has spoken.

And no, I don't have an ego. heh heh
well it looks decent but i dont think they will do good by it but there is always the original so meh.
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People might have said that about the 03 TMNT and that got a bunch of seasons. So I don't see why this wouldn't work.
well you got me on the ninja turtle thing so i guess i cant argue with ya there oh but btw there was a mini marathon of the original thundercats on cartoon network today i watch it all although there was only like 8 episodes shown
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I hated transformers animated, a lot, if this is going to be like this, then no thank you!
XD there was another marathon today but i missed it T.T
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(07-25-2011 06:16 AM)BlackVeedramon Wrote: I hated transformers animated, a lot, if this is going to be like this, then no thank you!

Who hates Animated! That's like hating Beast Wars! You're hating the 3rd best season of Transformers. I hope you're not a GEEWUN person. But, sadly, that would be the easiest answer maybe.

And of course, if you can, look on eBay and Amazon for the season boxsets.
I got mine a few years ago.
Beast wars did not have a Mary sue girl who ended being a robot, or the most hated Bumblebee or an almost immortal Starscream (Ok that its debatable, as Starscream in Beast Wars was a ghost that could possessed other transformers). Personally, I liked Armada way better than Animated, sure it starts being a bit dumb, but it gets better about the haft of the series.

My list goes like this:

1- Beast wars
2- UK transformers comics
3- Armada
Compare Sari to almost every other human.

Daniel from G1 is as "close" to Arcee and Sari was to Bumblebee. And in the comics, he blew himself up with Wheelie to destroy a horde that Ninja robot from G1. (comics) His dad, not much of anything, he's our starting point.
Rad from Armada wants to tell you about the Transformers.
Kicker has a goofy nickname.
Koji from RiD was as noteworthy as the show (not by much).
Coby and his group weren't anything to say. Regular humans like Spike.
Prime's humans aren't much. Just TV sidekicks. Not bad at all.

So... She's one of the most active human(oid)s. Besides, it would have been better in the next season they never made.

And, BW Sourcebook says Starscream (G1) was in Beast Wars. In Transmetal Waspinator. They argued about it. Not a very good book though but he was also in the N64 Fighting game.

And as I used the TF wiki to find proof of what I said, is there proof to what you say about everyone hating Animated Bumblebee?