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The Game Playas Series
And now we make sexy time. Good work.
[Image: th_55263_playas1_18_123_10lo.jpg][Image: th_55265_playas1_19_123_198lo.jpg][Image: th_55266_playas1_20_123_852lo.jpg][Image: th_55267_playas1_21_123_398lo.jpg]
[Image: th_55269_playas1_22_123_1196lo.jpg]
Huh. Interesting. So... Using pictures of themselves as portals are they?
And good porn. Interesting use of a non-fighting game character though.
Yep, more like pictures of their games. And yeah, I wanna kinda mix it up a little and not make it fighting characters all the time.
That makes sense. But why a GSC character? A favorite of yours?
If by GSC you mean Pokemon... more like a favorite of Empty. This time around I'm catering more to the favorites of my friends, regardless if they're from SF/KOF or not. I also wanna avoid 'Playas VS SF' type stories where the whole story is focused on girls from one particular game. I'd like add more variety this time around. The first story was KOF centered because it was the first story and it's always been my favorite series. From here on out, it'll be like game girl mega-mix in each 'episode'.
Ok, that does make some sense. How is Empty by the way. Or I guess where is he I should say. heh heh
[Image: th_74609_playas1_23_123_493lo.jpg] [Image: th_74610_playas1_24_123_141lo.jpg] [Image: th_12441_playas1_25_123_138lo.jpg] [Image: th_12444_playas1_26_123_440lo.jpg]

Empty's fine but his real life doesn't give him time to draw anymore. Anyway, these will be the last updates for a while. These were the last pages I drew before buying the scanner and my life got busier, so it'll take time to draw new pages.
Ok then. Thanks. Always wondered about him.
Huh. So, RES4 girl and Guilty Gear. Nice ideas.
I-No is a good choice. ...I kind of like Dizzy.
Thanks, but again, Ashley and I-No are favorites of Brian and Kamino... so.... lol