Panty & Stocking Folder
over a half a gig of angelic (and devilish) naughtiness:

It is pretty awesome.

And if someone here hasn't seen the show, Go watch it now!
Try and have the music get stuck in your head.
Because it is so F-ing catchy!
Great find. It's going to take me good while to go through them all. Has a few junk files thou, but can get around those.

Just watch the first episode and I'm hooked. At first I only found them in manga form. Stocking has to be my favorite. I got something for her sweet tooth. Also, Check looks a lot like GIR from "Invader Zim".
[Image: Wolves-183.jpg]
I agree with you on the first part.
Wait until you get to ep 6 before you pick a favorite.
And it's Chuck. And everyone knows he looks like it. Even JV.