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Persona 4 Anime?
Well, after seeing something like this;

I think it's going to be either coming now, or possible. Your thoughts?
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Played the game myself, and I do welcome this development. Hopefully the humor of the game will also make a fine transition to the anime. Though we can perhaps also expect some differences between the video game and anime version's plotline.
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Has it's own site now. It's supposed to have all the latest info on it, site's in Japanese though.
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I am intrigued, I'm also interested to see how a dungeon crawling game translates as an anime. Loved the game so hopefully this gets a dub somewhere so I can watch it.
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So, to this date there apparently are 19-20 eps out. I've found and watched 5-6 of those... Anyone know where I can find the rest, subbed?

Been interested in watching it ever since I started my Max Social Link playthrough for P4, lol.
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