The Cross Deception chapter 1 (needs a Review)
All right guys, I'm back with some new stories. I need a review real quick, since I haven't written anything in like... a year and a half. I'm open to any constructive criticism, so go ahead, and let me know if anything bothers you, and I'll see how I can fix that. thanks in advance.

This one's based off a dream I had, so bear with me on any inconsistencies. I figured I'd do an "Ed, Edd, Eddy" parent set-up where you never see or hear the adults, except in reference.

By the way, this story is about cross-dressers, so there will be yaoi, and other smutty stuff later...

"So... Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Of course it is! Now hold still..."

"I dunno, this is like, really really weird."

"Oh, quit bitchin'. We aren't even finished yet, and you're already acting the part."

"Hey, this isn't your pride on the line, here-"

"There, all done! Now put these on!"

"Wait- why do I have to put a thong on?!"

"Because, you're gonna wear a skirt, and a big plus- guys love thongs."

Chapter 1 The Lovely Boy

So let me tell you a little about myself. I was never always a girl before- or at least, thats the closest thing I can relate myself to. I was once a boy, you know.
Anyways, my life took a sharp left turn once, when I was a teen. What started out as a little prank to entertain me and my best friend suddenly became a major turning point in my life. Up until then, if you had told me that I would have become the person I am today, I probably would have looked at you crazy.

All in all, though, I am glad things happened the way they did. I wouldn't have wanted to change any of it. I'm proud of my choices, I have no regrets. So here's my life story, every single bit of it, including all the smutty stuff you perves are all probably dying to hear. It all started during summer break. I had just graduated from middle school, no talents or anything special that made me stand out, except for my white, glistening dragon-scales. I did, however, manage to net myself the infamous nick-name "Snowy".

So there I was one summer afternoon laying on my bed in just a pair of boxers, staring at the ceiling very much like a zombie. I think I was trying to draw mental pictures out of the textures on the ceiling. I laid there for about 10 minutes, going over what I did over the last few days. School had just ended two weeks prior, and sofar this summer was pretty lame. I mean sure, I managed to beat Fatal Fantasy 9. and 12 in just about a week, and yeah me and a few friends had gone to thrillzone, the local theme park, twice in a row yet still this summer felt... LAME. All of a sudden, my cell-phone went off on the nightstand next to me, startling me for a moment. I reached for it rather lazily, letting it ring just once more before I answered it. "Hello?" I asked, in a rather higher-than-usual-for-my-age voice. For only being thirteen, I must've either hit puberty late, or the testosterone fairy never payed me a visit, since I had yet to notice anything different about myself. But anyways, back to the phone call. My Girl friend- or best friend... a friend who happens to be a girl, whatever, happened to call me.

"Hey Anzel, you said you were gonna come over today for movie night!" she stated, her tone somewhat fierce, but not demanding. Her voice rang in my ear for a moment, as I tried to recall our earlier engagement.

"Oh, yeah" I muttered, as I blinked for a few moments. She had asked me yesterday to come over, since her mom managed to rent some scary movie for her to watch, but she wanted me to watch it with her. Unfortunately, at the time I was over at a friend’s B-day party, so I had asked if we could watch it tomorrow. I guess she never forgot about it.

"Well?" she said, bringing me back to our conversation. "It's 2pm! and you're still at home, probably jerking off to porn again!" Oi... it was just that one time, she walked in on me, as I was ahem, "browsing" through the net.

"I told you, Jazz, that was the ONLY time I looked, I swear! Anyways, the movie isn't until tonight, right?"

"Yeah, but we still have to make popcorn, and other snacks."

"All right, all right, I'll head over soon."

"Now, Anzel, c'mon!"

"'Kay I'm getting ready then. Bye"

"Buh-bye!" she said rather energetically. She was always happy whenever she managed to win it her way.

I sighed, as I put my cell-phone down. There was never any winning against her. She's the kind of person who is stubborn half of the time, yet the other half she's an awesome friend who's got your back no matter what. I passed over to my dresser, to get a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was small, and scrawny, Only 5'0 tall, which was obviously short for a guy my age. I lifted my arms slightly and twirled lazily, amused by how my scales shone in the afternoon sunlight like platinum. I took a look at my back, which was still bare. Not a good sign. Most dragons grew their wings after they hit puberty. For those who already had their own set of wings, it meant that they were "mature" enough to make their own decisions. I had yet to grow mine, I mean I haven't even seen the "knubs" for my wing joints grow in yet. Oh well, I sighed, as I finished turning, and stared once again at my front. Better get dressed now, before Jasmine calls me again. Sure enough, halfway through getting dressed, my phone was bombarded by calls and texts from her. I ignored every single one of them.

"SNOOOWY!" Jasmine shrieked, as her foxy self bum-rushed out of her front door, tackling me with enough force that I toppled over my bike, and bumped my head on the back tire. She apologized, though, after rubbing my head a little. Suffice to say, I made it all the way to the rest of her house without any other harm, which was a record. "Anzy, didn't you get my message?" she asked me, as I closed the door to her pink and frilly room.

"No, I didn't." I said, as I looked around. I hadn't been inside her room since spring break. She looked at me crazy for a moment.

"Oh, you're hopeless..." she mumbled, as she shook her head. "I asked if you could bring an extra pillow, and blanket. All of ours are being washed, so I don't have an extra set for you."

"Oh, uhh... your mom still cool with me spending the night with you?" I asked. I had slept over at her house many times before, since before we were in kindergarten. Yeah, I know, that's kinda weird, but when her mom used to babysit me, I kinda got used to it.

"Of course, she's okay with it. Besides, considering your luck streak, I'm sure you just might hook up with my pillow for a one-night stand." She joked.

"Yeah, hardy har harr... When are you gonna redecorate? 'cuz aren't you like 300 years too old to be having this kinda decor?" Not really, but I couldn't help taking a jab at her myself.

"I'm barely any older than you." she grumbled, as she tossed herself onto her plush bed. "I dunno when I will change it, though... I'm too lazy to change anything."

"Eh, maybe one day, right?" I said, as I sat down next to her bed, and swatted at her fluffy tail. She tucked it around her dexterously after a few swats. We sat in silence for a moment, as I waited for a response from her, but after the moment seemed to draw out for far too long, I spoke up again. "So, should we prep for the movie?"

Jasmine cursed, as we sat in silence in her room once again. We had spent an hour or so prepping food for the movie. Once we had everything set up, we were ultimately disappointed, once we attempted to turn the DVD player on. Unfortunately, the DVD player had chosen today of all days to kick the bucket on us. We had to spend the rest of the afternoon on into the evening eating snacks, with no movie to accompany them. Once again, another boring afternoon to strike out my summer. "Oh well," I muttered, "Guess the movie wasn't supposed to be."

"Ehh..." she sighed, as she pulled out the latest copy of the "teen" newspaper. It was actually made by the same group of kids that worked on the school newspaper during the school year, except instead of focusing on school projects and things, the summer paper was focused on what big events were going on to keep all the school students up to date on everything. I didn't really pay attention to that kind of "news" because all it was really made for was an excuse for older teens to throw wild parties, and invite the whole neighborhood.

I pulled out Jasmines laptop, and quickly logged into one of my favorite browsing games. I immediately began to slay hundreds of cyber-orcs using my gigantic sword with just a push of the button. Jasmine quickly piped up, as she hopped out of bed. "Hey! I found something! Looks like that retro diner off Miliken blvd. is throwing a small '80's-inspired teen-night! We could go there y'know!"

"Ehh, I'm not into dancing, and the 80's Jazz..." I said, as I killed a few more orcs.

She gave me her worst (or should I say her best?) pouty face, as she closed her laptop on me. "No fair. You get to play your games to entertain yourself, yet when I ask you to spend one evening with me, you won't even come with me so I can enjoy myself, too?" she said, with her paws firmly on her hips.

I sat in silence for a moment. I guess it couldn't hurt to go, especially since I haven't hung with her all summer, and our original plan was shot to the ground. "Okay, I'll go. But please, let's not stay there all night, okay?" I said, tossing her a friendly smile, before quickly adding, "You know I'll get bored, and I'll probably get too whiny for you."

"Sure" she agreed, clutching the newspaper in paw, as she looked at me for a moment. It was kind of awkward, as she continued to stare, before a grin slowly spread across her face. I was about to ask her what was up, before she spoke up. "Hey, Anzel.... you like pranks, right?"

Her question caught me off guard for a moment. "Uh, yeah, they can be fun why?"

A wicked smile crossed her face, as one of her arms slid to her side. She looked me up and down for a moment, before continuing. "I kinda have an idea, a bit of a crazy one though. We should play a trick on some of the guys who show up."

"Okay? how're we gonna do that?" I asked skeptically. I figured she was up to no good, but I was curious. Her plans were down-right far-fetched, but were absolutely hysterical.

"Easy. We're gonna get you a disguise, and trick a guy into thinking you're someone else." she said rather deviously.I was confused, I wasn't sure where she was going with this idea. "I don't get it. Why do I need a disguise, and who do I have to look like."

"Jeeze Anzel, that's why it's a prank... we're gonna trick them, and I've got an awesome idea for how we're gonna do it!" she stated, as she unfolded the magazine, and showed me the section about the dance. The picture for the section was this 80's chick wearing a studded suit, and a whole bunch of make-up. "The 80’s were all about androgyny- looking like a boy and girl! We’re gonna dress you like a girl, and trick some guys into believing you are!" She was smiling the whole time, as she jabbed at the image. Now I wasn't sure if that was a guy, or a girl in the photo. The person’s neck did seem kinda big for a girl.

I looked at her crazily for a moment. I was... speechless. Of all the crazy ideas she had, this one takes the cake. No way was she gonna put a dress on me! No way in hell! She continued to look at me, as her smiled waned for a moment. She knew I wasn't gonna do it, but at that exact same moment, her eye sparkled. She was up to something devious. "I know, I know, this is a crazy idea. But if you do it, I promise- I PINKY promise I'll buy you that game you wanted, Fatal Fantasy XIII" she offered, as she extended her paw towards me, pinky out. Argh, she got me. I whined inside, because I really wanted that game, but it was too expensive and my mom wouldn't buy it for me. Unless I went along with it, I'd never play that game ever. Oh, what the hell, I figure I'll go along, and get it over with. It's only going to be one night.

I took her pinky in mine, and we swore to the deal. "All right, Jazz, but how are we gonna make me look like a girl? I don't have any clothes..."

She smiled, as she trotted off to her closet, and slid the doors apart. "That's not a problem! I have some clothes I could lend you. You still a size Small?" she asked me, as she began rifling through her closet.

I sighed softly as I nodded. "Yeah, I do."

"Good!" she smiled, as she began taking out several pieces, laying them out side by side on her bed. "These should fit you no problem." she said, as she headed out the door. She came back into her room holding an entire makeup kit. "Okay now! We gotta decide if we should make you a nice, sweet girl, or a fierce, naughty girl?"

"Uhm..." I stuttered nervously. "I think I should stick with nice girl. Too slutty, and I might get more than I bargained for..."

"Aww, but that's the point! You WANT to get their attention! You want to rile up their hormones, drive 'em crazy and make them want you." she countered. "Besides, the nice girls don't get any dick anyways."

"Yeah, but I already have one, and one's enough for me." I gulped. Jeeze, I thought she was a more modest girl. I'm starting to doubt she's a virgin anymore.

"Whatever then, means more attention for me." She muttered, as she reached for my shirt, and pulled it over my head, without my consent. "Now, then..." she said, as she rummaged through her make-up utensils. She pulled out a long ebony pencil, and shuffled her way towards me. "Open your eyes as wide as you can, try not to blink or anything, 'cuz this eyeliner will sting if it gets in your eye." she instructed. I did as she said, and opened my eye wide. She brought a lamp close to me, tilting it towards my face as much as possible. I shivered nervously, as she placed one paw against my face, mostly to brace my eye-lid open, while she brought the pencil up to my eye-lid. On reflex my eye attempted to close, but her paw held it open. "Ah, ah... I said to keep it open" she said rather calmly, as she continued to apply the eyeliner. I groaned inside a little, as I felt the make-up cake the outline of my eyes. She finished that eye, and quickly hopped to the other eye. "Now don't rub it off, okay? let it sit for a moment, and you'll get used to it." ugh, easy for her to say, I was resisting the urge to wipe it all off. It felt like my eyelids were sticking. Soon enough, she finished the other eye. I stood up to head to the mirror to see, but she kept her paw on my shoulder forcing me down. "You'll see when I’m finished."

She put the pencil away, and pulled out a plastic case, and pulled out a small brush. "And now you'll close your eyes. Good, smooth your brow for me, like you're relaxing your face. there we go." and she started applying something to my eyelids. I guess it was eye shadow. all I know is that I felt weird, just sitting there, letting her apply makeup all over me, knowing she was transforming me into a girl. Now I know how Cinderella felt, before the ball. Nervous, and sick to the stomach on what the guys would think of her metamorphosis. Soon afterwards, she finished applying the eye shadow, and moved onto a nice blush for my cheek-scales. After what felt like half an hour, my face was caked in make-up. "Now for the finishing touch~!" she said, as she looked through her makeup, and pulled out a couple of lipstick capsules. "Hmm... Luscious Red? Pretty Pink... or, oh! Deep Purple!" she said rather ecstatically, as she quickly, but accurately smeared the lipstick across my lips. I groaned inside. I knew I must look like a clown by now. She finished, replacing the lid on the capsule, and tossing it back into her box, as she took a few steps back and looked at me.

"Hmm... Awwww.... you look so pretty!" she gasped, as she helped me up off the floor. I rushed to the mirror, both dreading yet curious to know the result of my transformation. Soon as I rushed into the bathroom, I froze, unable to find words to express how I felt. I saw the prettiest girl I had ever seen in my life, yet it didn't feel like a surge of emotion, or even hormones. I felt as if I had suddenly found a long lost sister. My sister stared at me, her lovely lips parted slowly. She looked confused, yet somewhat happy. She smiled at me softly, as I reached a hand for her, and she reach back. Our fingers collided against the cold glass, a barrier forever separating us from each other. I turned away, before I could cry, before my tears had a chance to ruin the illusion. Slowly I headed back into her room, and smiled at her.

"I look beautiful." was all I could say, before she nodded at me, smiling as well.

"Yes, hon. You look gorgeous! Wait until we get you fully dressed and no-one would ever guess you're a guy!" With her last words, I felt an odd shock, as my momentary delusion wore off. I was still a guy in makeup. That still hadn't changed.

“Right….” I sighed. She began pulling up different shirts, and holding them against my chest. She hummed to herself, keeping whatever silent opinion she had to herself, until she found a shirt she obviously liked.

“This shirt definitely looks good on you! It’s a deep-V neck, so it’ll show some of your chest. We’ll have to put a bra on you, and stuff it with some socks to give you “boobies”, so the guys’ll have something to stare at.” She said with confidence, as she pulled out a few bras. “Oh, don’t worry, these are clean.” She said, as she noted my baffled look.

“But still, Jazz, a bra?” I complained, as she lifted my arms, and slid the bra on me, and deftly strapped it on me. It felt very embarrassing, yet oddly comforting to have the bra on, like being hugged by a stuffed animal.

“Yeah, how else are we gonna get “boobies” to stay in place on you?” she stuffed a pair of socks into both bra cups, and began “perking” them up. I couldn’t help but stare at her own boobs. I mean, sure she had hit puberty a while back, and she had developed a decent set of boobs for her age. But the socks she stuffed my bra with were bigger than hers. Before I could get another look, she shoved the shirt over me. Once I managed to adjust both bra and shirt to align more symmetrically, I looked down into the gap the shirt had. It looked like I had cleavage, but a closer look, and one would be able to see the socks. I lifted the shirt higher to mask the deception a little better.

Meanwhile, Jazz had managed to find a brush to comb my hair. She had mentioned she was gonna style it, to make it look more feminine. “So…” I began, as she started to put a few hairpins here and there. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” I asked, wincing every time she poked me with one of the bobby pins.

“Of course it is!” she assured me, as she pulled out a small, fake flower, “Now hold still.” She began to place the flower into my hair, attaching it via hairpins and clips.

“I dunno, this is like, really really weird.” I muttered. I was beginning to have doubts about the whole idea. I almost regretted going along with it. I was shifting nervously, as she continued to do my hair. I felt almost sick, and nauseous.

“Oh, quit bitchin’. We aren’t even finished yet, and you’re acting the part.”

“Hey, this isn’t your pride on the line here-“ I was about to retort, when she stood up, and beamed at me.

“There, All done!” she said, as she rushed towards her dresser, and pulled something out. “Now put these on!” She tossed a thong into my lap, as she closed her drawer.

“Wait- why do I have to put a thong on?!” I groaned, as I lifted it up to get a better view of it. I mean, the idea that I’d have to wear a thong seemed kind of degrading, but these were still Jazz’s panties.

“Because,” she began, as she went to her bed, and lifted a black-and-white plaid skirt. “You’re gonna wear a skirt, and a big plus- guys love thongs.” She stated, as she offered me the skirt. “So go ahead, and get dressed.

“Okay” I muttered embarrassedly, as I took both articles, and headed to the restroom. I quickly took off both my pants, and boxers off, and stood in the middle of the bathroom naked from the waist down. I took one awkward breath, as I slipped one leg through the thong leg-hole, and my other leg through the next. I left the there between my shins, as I stood there, bent over. Suddenly, I heard the bathroom door creak open, and I jumped quickly into the shower stall, and covered myself. “Jazz! Some privacy, please?!”

“Oh, come on, Anzel. We’ve both dressed and undressed naked around each other before. Heck, we’ve even taken showers together.” She said, as she walked right in, as if she belonged in there with me.

“Yeah, but that was when we were younger!” I stood there, still trying to cover what I could.

“So what’s the difference then? Not like I don’t know what you have, and it’s not like I haven’t seen yours before.” She said, as she leaned against the wall opposite of me. She did bring up a good point, she has already seen my balls before, and IF she did see anything that one night, she could already seen my full boner.

I sighed at her, knowing there’s no way I could get out of this situation, so I just tried my best to pretend she wasn’t watching. I pulled the thong up past my knees across my thighs slowly, as I felt the fabric begin to tug against my scales. Soon enough, the thin end of the thong was riding smoothly into my asscrack. A few moments later, the thong was snuggly fitted over most of my privates. My balls, however prepubescent they were, still didn’t fit into the entire thong.

Jasmine giggled to herself, reminding me that her voyeuristic self was still in the room with me. “Looks like you need some help tucking your balls in?” she said, as she made a move towards me. Instinctively I turned around to hide myself from her. “Relax, Snowy, lemme help you.” She said, as she reached around my waist, and under the waistband of my thong. Reluctantly, I spread my legs slight, and felt her warm hand press against my testicles. God, how I wished her hand could have been down there under different circumstances. She groped them for a moment, as I heard her murr softly. I couldn’t help but moan softly. She laughed softly, as she began pushing my balls between my legs. “Easy, Anzel…. I’m only fixing your panties for you, no need to get excited.” And just like that, she slipped her paw out as if nothing happened. I know I was going to treasure those few seconds, for a long while, as I still felt my balls tingle with her residual touch. I looked down, and saw how smooth my crotch seemed. It did look like I had a vagina, with my balls tucked in to look something like a set of full lips. It felt ecstatic, and yet uncomfortable, but hopefully I’d get used to it for a while.

Jasmine helped me put the skirt on, before shooing me out of the bathroom, so she could put her makeup on. I crept back into the room, trying hard to keep my balls in place. I found a pair of shoes and knee-high socks on her bed, which I figured were mine, so I slipped the socks on, pulling them up above my knee. I took a moment to admire myself in her closet mirror, and realized how much like a girl I looked, and as my eyes played across my own feminine reflection, I noticed just how narrow the skirt really was. It barely covered anything down there! One false move and my balls could be exposed. Apparently Jasmine really did want me to get all the attention. I just hope nothing crazy will happen. I slipped my shoes on, and took a few awkward steps in them. My feet were bigger, so it was a bit of a tight fit, and even though Jazz didn’t have any real high heels, this pair certainly had heels that I’d have to get used to. No sooner had I taken a quick lap around her room, did Jasmine walk in.

“All settled? Looking good, Snowy.” She smiled, and walked up to me slowly, her makeup fully applied, she looked almost as beautiful as I did. “Now comes the tricky part. I’m gonna have to teach you how to talk like a woman, and walk like one. But first, we need to give you a girl name…”
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"Oh! Oh! How about Whorina Slutskovsky McSwallowhard?" A voice called out from beneath Jazz's bed.

XD Nah, just kidding! I'm loving this. X3 Girly bois are adorable. It looks pretty good so far, and I like how you describe the emotions Anzel's going through. X3 Anzel's a pretty girly name in itself though, yes?
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