Detergent (Bleach rape parady)
This a Bleach RP, but with several yiffy twists.

This RP takes place in Soul Society. Specifically in a far off abandoned area, far from anything and everything.

Known as Area 37, it is an abandoned research facility at the bottom of a mile-deep pit (one mile long and wide), which was formerly under the jurisdiction of the 12th Division of Shinigami. The facility housed a Hollow augmentation project, headed by Mayuri Kurotsuchi. The purpose of the project was to find a way to change hollows in a way that they could no longer consume human souls. The project ultimately failed.

A thousand low-level hollows were used in the project, each one of them kept imprisoned inside the facility... a hundred years passed to the present day. The Hollows have broken out of their cells, and are roaming about the facility... The facility was built to keep the hollows in even if they escaped from their cells. (same stuff that made up the old execution pits to keep anyone from climbing out.)

Soul Society was informed automatically, and a team of Shinigami was formed to deal with this threat. the team was made up of several low-level shinigami, who had just exited training, and were on the verge of learning the names of their zanpakto, or had learned them just recently. None of them had any field experience.

The thousand hollows were of low level, and the captains thought that this would be a good way to train the relatively new shinigami and prepare them for duties in the real world. Little did they know, but Mayuri Kurotsuchi did not completely fail in his research. He did manage to change the hollows so that they could not consume human souls, but they needed to consume something in exchange. Sexual energy was what they now fed off of, and that is what killed the project...

The hollows did not weaken, or remain stagnant in power-level once they left their cells. during the past week, they had been participating in orgies, which increased their power, putting most hollows on the same or higher in level then the shinigami sent to kill them... this will be a difficult fight...

-Standard combat RP etiquette. No auto-hits or god-modding. No death without permission.
-Minimal drama. Nothing big. this is a yiff roleplay, and sex is the name of the game.
-No Bankai. You heard me.
-no flash-stepping, or high-jumping. this place is meant to suppress that stuff.
-You can use Kidou and binding spells. can't be too powerful, though.

Shinigami Guidelines:
If you are playing a shinigami, Use this standard profile chart.
Bio: (brief)

Zanpaktou Name:
Default Desc:
Shikai From:
Shikai Ability:(does not need to be sexually based)

Don't make your character too powerful. If someone plays a tentacle monster Hollow, you are probably going to get reaped. these hollows no longer kill, but do sex their victims until they are unconscious.

Hollow Guidelines:
If you play a Hollow, use the following chart.
Power: (ability to grow large number of tentacles, paralyzing slime, be creative. Must be sex-based)
Description: (Describe their appearance)

Player-controlled hollows are more powerful then normal (a little more powerful then shinigami). they are also self-aware. They have harvested all possible potential energy from their fellow hollows, and crave for more. Shinigami are filled with so much potential energy, that they appear as water would to a man who hasn't had a drink in three days. In short, the hollows are super horny.

These Sex-hollows no longer kill, sexing their victims until they are unconscious. But that is not all. player-controlled hollows have the ability to 'enslave' the shinigami that they capture. each player-controlled hollow has a set of chains, shackles, and collars, enough to bind ONE shinigmi. Shinigami beware: expect to get turned into a sex-toy.
hollows are not required to make sex toys of fallen shinigami, and shinigami are not required to become sex-toys once they fall. a hollow has the option to simply discard a shinigami and go for another fresh one, and a shinigami has the option to refuse to become a hollow's sex toy in OOC, and will be discarded after the reap.

consensual sex is allowed, although there won't bee too many opportunities for that. if the opportunity arises, no one is stopping you. ^_^

Area 37 is located at the bottom of a mile deep square pit. the pit itself is once mile wide, and one mile long. there is one non-descript cubic building in the center made up of three floors. A broken tower used to stand at the center, being the staircase to a bridge up top.
-The basement: It has 1 thousand small cells, each one identical to the last. chains hanging from the walls and ceiling.
-The first floor: Research facility. has a bunch of cages and large glass tubes to hold hollows for examination and 'genetic' manipulation.
-The second floor: sleeping quarters, cafeteria, and the exit to the tower.
-The tower: the tower is broken half a mile to the top. the rest has collapsed, the bridge destroyed and cut loose.
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