Poll: The DaD and the DHZ are planning to merge within the next few weeks. Do you think that should happen?
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DaD / DHZ-Merge: What's your opinion?
The Digiartistsdomain and the Digimonhentaizone are planning to merge and become the "DigiHentai Network" (DHN). I'm not sure how many of you know this already, considering the fact that a lot of people don't seem to be sure what the DHZ is. But it's a fact. I found out about it a couple of hours ago when browsing through the DHZ message board. At first I thought it was a great idea, all cool, but then I started reading the reactions of the DHZ-users and quickly changed my mind. Sonimon explained how the new site would be run: "Basically like a big DHZ with Togashi paying for it". He also added: "If any of the DaD-Mods behave like dicks, they'll be de-modded." Add to that the fact that they all seem to hate the DaD for some reason -- don't know why, it surprised me -- and you've got trouble.

Now, personally, I've never felt very "at home" at the DHZ. I like how it's run, it's very efficient, really quite cool, but I never enjoyed reading stuff on the message board there. Don't know why, but it's all sorta dull. This page, on the other hand, I more or less love. I've been visiting it for years, so it's got tradition for me, and it was always the right place to go to for a wank and a laugh. Loads of free pr0n on the site itself and funny people on the board. Now I'm afraid that, with the merging of the two pages, all this will be lost. Personally, I think it's a bad idea. Personally, I don't want a giant DHZ. I want the DaD. And, judging from the posts at the DHZ board, they don't want anything to do with the DaD either. Most of them more or less seem to hate us. I mean, I know that the DaD is in trouble, not having been updated in months 'n stuff, but there are other ways to solve these problems.

Surprisingly, there seems to have been very little reaction on the merging plans here. That's why I created this post: To find out what you guys think. Am I on my own with my opinion? Am I making an idiot with myself with this post?

Something else I just spotted: The DHZ news page says that Togashi is having second thoughts and will make his decision on Sunday. I take that as a good sign.

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