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- Misty - 12-27-2006

Omg...you knew exactly what I needed....

Capsule contains a waterfall

- Kurtz - 12-27-2006

Of pain. Joy. *gets crushed by it*

The capsule contains a drawing.

- Misty - 12-27-2006

Another one of Saphire?! PReeeeeetttttttttyyyyyy

Capsule contains an award

- Disturbed - 12-27-2006

*gives it to Nath* beautifal

The capsule contains orange juice

- DragonMasterX - 12-27-2006

Don't drink it! It'll kill you!

Capsule contains Morte.

- Disturbed - 12-27-2006

I dont know who that is..but...*points magnum revovler and fires*

The capsule contains and M-16 with lazer scope

- Gol22 - 12-27-2006


Capsule contains a razor blade

- Disturbed - 12-27-2006

Hey!! *puts his razor back in his bathroom cupboard*

The capsule contains a gun magazine

- Misty - 12-27-2006

Ooh. *gives it to Gol* There...enjoy! ^_^

Capsule contains a wolf

- Disturbed - 12-27-2006

Hey cuz what up

The capsule contains a dinosaur