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- Gol22 - 12-26-2006


Capsule contains a sexy lookin girl

- Misty - 12-26-2006

Misty: *pops out and gives Gol a lapdance*

Capsule contains blushing

- Gol22 - 12-26-2006

Gol: *blushes* wow...nice! *giggle*

Capsule contains someone who I truely love.

- Misty - 12-26-2006

Misty: Weee that's me...I looove you lots

Capsule contains lots of love

- Disturbed - 12-26-2006

Saphire: Oh gosh...I give it all to Nath *smiles*

The capsule contains Home Depot

- Misty - 12-27-2006

*blows up Home Depot* I hate that store

Capsule contains a never before seen album of Disturbed

- Disturbed - 12-27-2006

MINE!!!! *steals and runs* Thanks!!

The capsule contains pajamas

- Misty - 12-27-2006

*gasp* MINE *takes and runs* ^_^ Flannel

Capsule contains a hug

- Disturbed - 12-27-2006

*hugs Misty*

The capsule contains a warm hug and back rub

- DragonMasterX - 12-27-2006

*Kicks Capsule away* That's what I do.

Capsule contains a tail.