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- Disturbed - 12-25-2006

Blythe: *a soft blush appears on his cheeks as the deep passionate kiss persued and sat both of them down on the comfy couch murring quietly before breaking the kiss* You know...*looks away*..you dont think anyone would mind if....

The capsule contains a hard question

- Crimson Fox - 12-25-2006

Ada: Hmmm, what is it, Blythe. Go ahead, I'm listening. *murrs softly as she nuzzles him on that comfy couch*

The capsule contains the response of a grey wolf.

- Disturbed - 12-25-2006

Blythe: *sighs softly and looks at her deeply* Ada...ever since I've came to this world you are the only person to show me any sign of kindness or even a nice gesture towards me...and....*looks deeply into Ada's green eyes* I've grown to like you...a lot...enough to even..dare I say...love you..

The capsule contains shock?

- Crimson Fox - 12-25-2006

Ada: *gasps a little before looking through the window at the snow falling* Blythe...I don't know what to say... When I was a little younger, I lost Mar to all that fighting and I wasn't sure I'd find another.... But when I look into your eyes...*looks right at him again and deep into his eyes*...I see a sweet and kindred soul, someone who actually cares about me with every fiber of their being...Blythe, I love you as well... *blushes a little from actually saying that before hugging him tightly*

The capsule contains true love.

- Disturbed - 12-25-2006

Disturbed: *drops to his knees and cries like a blubbering fool*

Saphire: D-Disturbed?

Blythe: *a big smiles appears on his face as he embraces her tightly* Ada...I will love you untill the sun burns up and dies...

The capsule contains a very happy and heart lifted Blythe.

- Crimson Fox - 12-25-2006

Ada: And I will love you until the cosmos rain down upon this crazy world... *embraces him warmly and nuzzles him some more*

The capsule contains Christmas joy between a wolf and a vixen.

- Disturbed - 12-25-2006

Disturbed: *flat on the ground crying his eyes out*

Saphire: Okay this is getting silly

Blythe: *holds Ada tightly to his furry chest and gives her a soft lick on the cheek*

The capsule contains a love struck wolf

- Kurtz - 12-25-2006

Kurtz: So wait, why's my brother crying? *eyes go red*

The capsule contains irony.

- Disturbed - 12-25-2006

Saphire: Well he saw Blythe and Ada and well he just fell to pieces

Disturbed: *on the ground blubbering like a baby*

The capsule contains some tissues Disturbed's gonna need them

- Kurtz - 12-25-2006

Kurtz: So what.... *sighs deeply* ....He wasn't bothering at all, he was too busy with Sally. So I guess he's gone and hurt himself. *throws tissues at Disturbed*

The capsule contains reason.