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- DragonMasterX - 11-12-2006

Reno: *Kicks capsule to an unaware lawyer * Funny!

Lawyer: THIS CAN BE USED AGAINST YOU! *Grabs the capsule* Evidence, heh heh *opens capsule*

Capsule contains aliens.

- Disturbed - 11-12-2006

Grimlock: *opens the capsule* I'm already dead sorry..

The capsule contains a piece of the moon

- Casey the furry one - 11-12-2006

Blaze: *Bats piece of the moon back into orbit*

The capsole contains a condon

- Disturbed - 11-12-2006

We dont need that. STDs doesnt exist in the DaD

The capsule contains a Bi-sexual threesome featuring 2 guilmon and 1 Renamon. One Guilmon is fucking the Renamon and the second guilmon is ramming the first guilmon up the ass.

- Casey the furry one - 11-12-2006

Blaze *Stuffs the two yiffy guilmon back into the capsole and yiff the renamon* Your so tight renamon

the capsole cantains the two yiffy guilmons

- Disturbed - 11-12-2006

*opens the capsule and tosses a grenade inside and shuts it*

The capsule contains a football

- Casey the furry one - 11-12-2006

*Pops foot ball* I don't like foot ball guys

The capsule contains a nuke

- Disturbed - 11-12-2006

*takes the nuke and puts it into a football* Fuck yeah!! Fumble this bitch and the game ends.

The capsule contains a basketball

- Crimson Fox - 11-12-2006

Crimson: *spins it on his finger*

The capsule contains the strangling Renamon.

- Disturbed - 11-12-2006

*gasp, quickly unties the poor Renamon* You okay?

The capsule contains jewelry