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- Kurtz - 12-22-2006

Kurtz: The main fear is losing you~ *blushes darkly and frowns* I... It's just that, I can't resist her... I've loved her all this time, and this is the break I need to be with her properly like this... *sighs deeply*

The capsule contains darkness.

- Disturbed - 12-22-2006

I'll take dat..*absorbs darkness*

Blythe:If its..not too much trouble..just..spend time with you? I dont really see people that often...none that I really like anyway.

The capsule contains Godsmack

- Crimson Fox - 12-22-2006

Crimson: *puts the speaker on max and brings the house down literally* Ah, the musically induced destruction.

Monica: I...I don't want to lose you either, our friendship means a lot to me, Kurtzy... *kisses him on the nose before breaking free of the cuddle* ...but I don't want to get between you two... *a tear rolls down her cheek*

Ada: Of course, that sounds just fine. *her tail brush against him*

The capsule contains words of wisdom.

- Kurtz - 12-22-2006

Kurtz: Mon... *he winces at the breaking of the cuddle, and shakes his head, before cuddling her again* ..Y-You won't get between us two... Please... we can still be close friends! *his lip starts quivering, as he cuddles her close* I still think highly of you!~

The capsule contains an injection of no need.

- Disturbed - 12-22-2006

*injects self* Noooo!!!

Blythe:*looks up at Ada and smiles slightly before giving her a soft kiss on the cheek* You're..too good to me..

The capsule contains my newer Saphy avy X3

- Kurtz - 12-22-2006

Ah! Cute....

The capsule contains moi.

- DragonMasterX - 12-22-2006

*Fires growth ray*

Capsule contains Macro Kurtz n_n

- Kurtz - 12-22-2006

Kurtz: *waves his arms from up top* YOU LOVE SEEING ME HUGE, DON'T YOU?!

Capsule contains DMX, somehow enlarged to Kurtz's size.

- DragonMasterX - 12-22-2006

K-DMX: Yup! You look funny! *Grins*

Capsule contains two giantesses.

- Kurtz - 12-22-2006

Erika: *licking Rosa's cunt eagerly, while glancing up at her*

Rosa: *with a hard blush across her face - and her legs spread apart, she moans loudly, staring down at Erika with lust* Ah... a-ah!

Capsule contains drool.