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- Kurtz - 12-22-2006

Kurtz: Why do you torment me with such... *blushes darkly, and, after Dot finishes, he kisses her lightly on the nose* Thanks... say, wanna go do something?

Capsule contains obviousness, not.

- Disturbed - 12-22-2006

Yeah I know its raining

The capsule contains a box of chocolate

- DragonMasterX - 12-22-2006

Dot: Aww! I like chocolates! Strawberry filling! Awwwww! *Gives Disturbed a smooch in the cheek, then eats the chocolate*

Capsule contains a big smooch from two soft and tender lips of a pretty girl.

- Kurtz - 12-22-2006


Capsule contains a wave of vampire bodies.

- Disturbed - 12-22-2006

Silver: *runs at the Vampires* I can kill vampires!!

Disturbed: Thankies *smiles*

The capsule contains Silver acting as a silver bullet

- DragonMasterX - 12-22-2006

If they were alive at least.

Vampire: Who said we weren't?

DMX: I repeat, *Opens window, letting sunlight in, burning all the vampires to dust* If they were alive at least.

Capsule contains Dot in a santa claus outfit.

- Kurtz - 12-22-2006

Kurtz: *POUNCE* She looks three things. Cute, beautiful, sexy. *licking Dot's face*

Capsule contains Rosa.

- Disturbed - 12-22-2006

Hey Rosa whats up..

The capsule contains a sauna

- DragonMasterX - 12-22-2006

DMX: *Gets in* Ahhh... after a tiring day of yiffing, there's nothing better but to rest-

*Horde of horny girls jump in the sauna*

HOH: WE WERE SEARCHING FOR YOU! *All of them pounce DMX*


Capsule contains irony.

- Kurtz - 12-22-2006

Kurtz: You mean like this?

*waves to a pair of Aquarivamon*

*both Aquarivamon run over to him and tackle him to the wall*

Kurtz: AH! NOT GOOD~

Capsule contains another bottle of coke.