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- DragonMasterX - 12-22-2006

DMX: I wasn't the one who said that! *Waves arms in defense*

Capsule contains an apology followed by a basket with fruits and flowers.

- Kurtz - 12-22-2006

Tieya: Oh, do I care about apologies. *grins and pounces DMX* Come on, I missed yah~

Capsule contains blood.

- Shadowknight - 12-22-2006

Slashmon: Good, I was getting hungry.

The capsul contains Dante's two handguns.

- Kurtz - 12-22-2006

Kurtz: *picks them up, evil grin* Ohhhh... fun is on the way. *the Psycho Siren music starts playing*

The capsule contains the Alastor.... heh.

- Disturbed - 12-22-2006

Gimme!!! *takes handguns and puts them in his holsters*

The capsule contains Dante's coat

- Shadowknight - 12-22-2006

*Swings the coat around himself and puts it on just like Dante does* Oh yeah, I'm cool. *Walks off and slips on a icecube*

The capsule contains nitroglycerin.

- Disturbed - 12-22-2006

Muwahahahaa....*blows up a mailbox with it*

The capsule contains a lawsuit

- DragonMasterX - 12-22-2006

DMX: Good, I was about to have lunch, I don't mean a drink *Drinks the liquid nitro*

Capsule contains a nuclear explosion.

- Kurtz - 12-22-2006

Kurtz: *doesn't open the capsule* Best left not opene~

Raviel: What's this do. *opens the capsule*


Capsule contains a black-soot Kurtz.

- DragonMasterX - 12-22-2006

Dot: Here, let me help you *Grabs a soft tissue and licks it a bit to wet it with her saliva, then runs it softly against Kurtz's face to clean the soot off him*

Capsule contains pure horniness.