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- DragonMasterX - 11-12-2006

I'm already a dragon god, I shouldn't- Oh hell *Gets bitten by the tarantula*

*Next day*

DMX: *With his left arm green* Right mental note- check if bugs are radioactive first and not poisonous.

Capsule contains a balloon.

- Lonely Werewolf - 11-12-2006

Faiz :*Took the tarantula and eats it directly together with a chili sauce* Mrrrr...Taste nice..

The capsule contain lots of DVD PC game

- Crimson Fox - 11-12-2006

Crimson: Nice. *grins as he carries the games off*

The capsule contains the secret of the universe.

- DragonMasterX - 11-12-2006

DMX: *Opens and there comes out a bubble with a note inside saying: "Secret of the Universal Food"*

Capsule contains a bra and panties.

- Shadowknight - 11-12-2006

Katt: What are these? *Looks at the bra and panties* Never heard of them, *Throws them away and continues walking around naked*

The capsule contains any type of weapon you can imagine.

- Crimson Fox - 11-12-2006

Crimson: *swings around the Enchanted Golf Club of Swinging +5* Fore! *smacks a monster of the head*

The capsule contains a keg of beer.

- Shadowknight - 11-12-2006

Shadow: WHOOOTT!!! *Grabs for the beer but misses*

Mindy: Ladies first, *Chugs the keg* Alright... who wants to party!!

The capsule contains a party.

- DragonMasterX - 11-12-2006

*Building's window explodes with beer* Yeah, party. Heh heh heh.

Capsule contains a Ra-Seru egg.

- Disturbed - 11-12-2006

Damn that eggs big enough for an omellte

The capsule contains Dante

- Kurtz - 11-12-2006

Tieya: DANTE-SANN!!!!!! *huggles him tightly*

Dante: *sweat-drops big time*

The capsule contains death to the opener or swallower.