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- Misty - 12-21-2006

Misty: *tries it on* OMG...perfect fit... O_O

Capsule contains a man thong.

- Gol22 - 12-21-2006

Gol: *eye twitches and quickly burns it* phew...

Capsule contains sexy bikini

- Disturbed - 12-21-2006

Disturbed: Huh...*holds it up*..theres no way that'll hold all of me...

The capsule contains Disturbed wearing the male thong

- Misty - 12-21-2006

Misty: *puts the bikini on* You like Gol??

Capsule contains $3000

- Disturbed - 12-21-2006

*buys and Xbox 360* Woot

The capsule contains Gears of War

- Misty - 12-21-2006

Misty: *gives it to Disturbed*

Capsule contains a mouse

- Disturbed - 12-21-2006

Hey I needed a new one

The capsule contains a keyboard

- Misty - 12-21-2006

Yes! I needed one of those..

Capsule contains a flat panel monitor.

- Disturbed - 12-21-2006

Already have one *gives it to Misty*

The capsule contains a warm blanket

- Misty - 12-21-2006

Misty: *gasp* WARMNESS!! *covers up with it* Now only if Gol was here...he got bitched at by his mom and won't be on tonight...*tear*